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Duke of URL
2008-09-24, 01:51 PM

(A not-so-serious d8, yes I said d8, RPG system loosely based on the classic kids' board game)

This is a massively in-progress work... nothing is even close to final... or tested... or anything other than a working draft of initial thoughts...


In the classic board game, there are six colors: blue, red, green, yellow, purple, and orange. There are also eight candies mentioned: plums (gingerbread in modern versions), candy canes, gumdrops, licorice, peanut brittle (peanut), lollipops, ice cream, and molasses (chocolate).

The colors correspond to an action type and the candies correspond to power sources. The player may use a power he knows of the appropriate action type and power source to augment his actions on his current turn.


There are four action types: offensive, defensive, movement, and tactical. Roll d8 and reference the table below; the color rolled determines which choices the player has regarding what type of action boost to use.

{table] d8 Roll | Color | Result / Action Options
1 | Red | Offesnive or defensive
2 | Purple | Offensive or movement
3 | Yellow | Offensive or tactical
4 | Blue | Defensive or movement
5 | Orange | Defensive or tactical
6 | Green | Movement or tactical
7 | Rainbow | Offensive, defensive, movement, or tactical
8 | Double | Roll d6 and treat the result as "and" rather than "or"[/table]

Offensive powers tend to increase the amount of damage from an attack or impose negative effects (debuffs) on an enemy. Defensive powers generally provide additional resistance to attacks. Movement powers increase movement speed, allow attacks while moving, or force an enemy to move into a different position. Tactical powers provide healing, boosts to allies (buffs), and create or remove obstacles on the battle map.


A second d8 indicates the power source that can be used for the action boost. The table below lists these sources, along with a vague description of the nature of powers from that source.

Power Sources
{table] d8 Roll | Power Source | Power Source Properties
1 | Plum | (TBD)
2 | Candy Cane | (TBD)
3 | Gumdrop | (TBD)
4 | Licorice | (TBD)
5 | Peanut Brittle | (TBD)
6 | Lollipop | (TBD)
7 | Ice Cream | (TBD)
8 | Molasses | Movement[/table]
TODO: Define nature of remaining power sources

Unless refreshed (see below), each power may only be used once per encounter.

The player is not required to use a matching power; if he does not have an avaialble matching power, or elects not to use one that does match, he may either:

Use a "default" power of the appropriate action type, or
Refresh all used powers from the source indicated by the power die

Duke of URL
2008-09-24, 01:52 PM

A combat turn consist of the following steps:

Roll a d8 and add your move bonus to determine the maximum number of squares you may move
Roll two d8 dice to determine the actions and power source you may use as a boost
Select appropriate power(s) or refresh powers from the specified source
Move -OR- move, then attack -OR- attack, then move (exception: some powers let you attack during a move)

You do not have to attack; you may chose to move only.

In general, powers used to boost yourself last until the start of your next turn. Powers used to boost an ally or "debuff" an opponent last until the end of their next turn. Tactical powers tend to either be instant effects or last the duration of the encounter.

Attacks, Damage, and Resistance

All attacks automatically hit. An attack does d8 damage plus the creature's attack value, plus any modifiers, reduced by the target's resistance value (which may have special modifiers based on the attack type), to a minimum of 0. Any attack dealing no damage also deals no additional effects from power boosts. The amount of damage is subtracted from the target's health.

Any creature reduced to a health of 0 or less is incapacitated (think: diabetic coma); when all members of one side of an encounter are all incapacitated, the encounter ends ("game over" if this is the players' side). Healing effects may restore a creature from incapacitated state during an encounter, if the amount of healing brings the creature to a health of 1 or higher.

If they win the encounter, players are restored to maximum health.

Duke of URL
2008-09-24, 01:53 PM

Each character has a class and a home location. His choice of class defines his health, attack power, resistance, and number of powers known. His home location provides a boost to powers used in that location and other benefits when involved in an encounter within that location.


Max Health: 20
Attack: 3
Resistance: 5
Move Bonus: 0
Powers Known At Level 1: 5
Powers gained Per level: 3

Max Health: 17
Attack: 2
Resistance: 3
Move Bonus: 1
Powers Known At Level 1: 10
Powers gained Per level: 5

Max Health: 14
Attack: 1
Resistance: 1
Move Bonus: 2
Powers Known At Level 1: 15
Powers gained Per level: 7




TBD. At this time, thinking that generally, the only thing that character advancement really does is to increase the number of powers known.

Duke of URL
2008-09-24, 01:54 PM

Offensive: +1 attack this turn
Defensive: +1 resistance this turn
Movement: +2 squares of movement this turn
Tactical: Gain 1 health, up to your maximum


Offensive Powers
Defensive Powers
Movement Powers
Tactical Powers


Offensive Powers
Defensive Powers
Movement Powers
Tactical Powers


Offensive Powers
Defensive Powers
Movement Powers
Tactical Powers


Offensive Powers
Defensive Powers
Movement Powers
Tactical Powers


Offensive Powers
Defensive Powers
Movement Powers
Tactical Powers


Offensive Powers
Defensive Powers
Movement Powers
Tactical Powers


Offensive Powers
Defensive Powers
Movement Powers
Tactical Powers


Offensive Powers
Defensive Powers
Movement Powers
Tactical Powers

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2008-09-24, 03:06 PM
Would you prefer discussion of fluff (and, obviously, of the system itself) in this new thread, or are would you prefer this thread be solely for discussion of mechanics and the other thread be used for fluff? Personally, I'd rather have everything here in one place, but that's just me. Your call.

2008-09-24, 07:30 PM
How about we let each of the powers be geared towards a specific type, so Ice cream powers would allow you tohamper movements and stuff?

Uncle Festy
2008-09-25, 07:01 PM
Ooooo, shiney.
This looks cool.

2008-09-25, 07:03 PM
This sounds cute! D'aaaaaw!

(I apologize if this is the most hardcore grimdark RPG in development here, but the impression of cute little candy faeries is what I'm getting from this. >_>)

2008-09-25, 07:08 PM
Its going to be so hard core emo, with really creepy licorice whips, molasses EVERYWHERE, and all that bad stuff, but it will be adorable. But yeah, lets get the rules down first.

2008-09-30, 02:07 PM
I hope this hasn't fallen through already. Plus, you forget to add in any of the elements! Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry :smallbiggrin:

Duke of URL
2008-09-30, 02:34 PM
Not fallen through... just not my highest priority at the moment... :smallamused: