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2005-09-15, 01:10 AM
Something I've noticed of late...there have been times when i want to quote an old thread in a new active one for various reasons....or I want to find out if people have discussed a topic before and answered my questions.....in both cases i was able to do it but only because i searched back 15 pages in FB and 30odd pages in gameing....I was wondering if there is any way to "find" threads without going out and looking at every thread that has been posted on since i arrived in Febuary to find something....a search engine for threads type...if it is not currently avalible is there an easy "click in" option with YABB programming?...if so can a recommend we see it sometime?...it would also be useful in hunting down some of the less active games in the PbP forums
SK Tarq

2005-09-15, 01:15 AM
There is a search option, and it has options for what forum you want to search and how far back you want to search.


2005-09-15, 01:21 AM
Welll I have been using the stubborn way.... :-[

Gorbash Kazdar
2005-09-15, 09:36 AM
Also, the Search function is in the links on the forum header, in the brown space below where you can get to your PMs.