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I havn't yet played a game of D:tF, but I'd really like to. I've read through a bunch of material and from what I know, I came up with this.


"I said 'what are you?'!"

I couldn't tell her. I wasn't even sure... I was desperate for a body for so long, so much did I want to escape that void, that Hell made for me and my kind. I found a weak, erratic soul. He was a mental patient, a particularly bad one at that. Inches away from a state of comatose brought on by mental disruption. I took over, and suddenly Gregory Tobias Wilk made a miraculous recovery. Oh sure, now and then he'd have fits of mental instability... Nothing to worry about, right? Well... It was new for me.
The funny thing was, Gregory always thought demons were possessing him and telling him what to do, and only would his mental illness be diminished once one actually did possess him, well... replaced him.

I was the one who told fire to burn hot, because I wanted to warm Eve and Adam, and so they could cook their meals. I told it to burn other things so it could grow large, and I told the humans that I loved how to control it so it did not consume everything. I gave them burning, and I taught them how to tame it. My name is Mihtrial, and I fell into Hell because I showed myself to Eve and Adam, because I loved them. I lead battles against The Maker, I was a beacon of fire on a pillar of light, radiance and holiness guiding my allies. I was so many things at once, sound, sight, emotion, matter, element... perfect and divine, but punished for defiance. Then I spent countless eternities in the blackness, the nothingness, a void marred by nothing but the fact that I was aware of it and that I experienced it. I loved, and for it I was punished with an utter lack of love. I am a Namaru, a devil.

He was on his floor, naked and screaming when I took him out and he was gone. I stepped in and he slowly stopped, he felt clearer, he felt better. It was his brain and body taken over by a soul belonging to the divine, but also the profane. Moments before I felt bleakness and sadness, but I felt my own magnificence, my own power. I took his body and I felt... human. Thinking on but a single level, and a broken mind no less... all his thoughts were chaotic and random, many of them felt disjointed and malign. I swelled up inside of him and I destroyed them with my own inner fire and radiance.

"It is my belief, that due to evidence suggesting a recovery from severe schizophrenia, dimensia and a mild split personality disorder, that Gregory T. Wilk is sane enough to live as a functional member of society, after a trial period of one year of parole." An uptight looking, but attractive hispanic woman was the doctor that was the head of a small council which determined my sanity. I wouldn't fight it, I wanted out and technically, I was sane now. The mind of Gregory Tobias Wilk was under the control of the soul of Mihtrial, the Flame-bearer.

Gregory was once a student of law at the University of California, and was well on his way to becoming an excellent attourney. It is unfortunate that mental defects like the one he suffered from all happen to spring up at the age of your average college student. It ran in his family it seems, and Gregory had suffered the worst case of it in his family since 1709. That ancestor was exorcised of all the demons that weren't even inside him, which of course... did not work. He was killed.
I still felt the urge... I don't even know if it's mine or Gregory's urge, to study and practice the law. I was once a creature of order and form, and these functions filtered down to humanity, where they fight for and against it, tooth and nail. I went back to the university for as long as I needed to, and the council from a year ago had decided I no longer needed to be on probation. Gregory's mother was so proud on the day I graduated, she embraced me and I embraced her back. I felt love again for the first time in millennia. It was a crude, singular form of love, that looks like dirt in the face of love felt by the divine... but this compared to Hell, was Paradise again.

"N-NO!! STOPPIT!! STOP SCREAMING!!" I was alone, it looks like Gregory's demons can recover better than I thought, and I was caught off guard and without practice. I wasn't able to knock the voices down like I did so easily so many years ago. My mother had to move in with me, along with her nurse. It looked like cancer also ran in our family. She only had 8 months left, or so the doctor told her. She was concerned because I was screaming at the top of my lungs at nothing, but she was too weak to get up herself, so her nurse... Victoria Collins, but she liked to be called Vicky, was knocking on my door and asking me if I was okay. I gave my mental state a push of strength and I stopped screaming because the voices stopped screaming. "I'm... I'm okay, I'm fine. Just feeling stressed from... work."
There was a sick, cold pause. "...Alright."
She cares for me, but not like I find I care for her. The love I felt for my mother was soft and warm, but the love I felt for Vicky was incredible. It was burning hot, intense. If it didn't make my heart burst with joy, I would say it's vicious. I've never told her that I loved her, but I think she knows. At my demon's heart I am of fire and radiance, subtleties are not easy to achieve... at least when I'm not in front of the judge, prosecuting. Then my tongue is as silver as moonlight.
I came out of my room looking haggard, it was around 11 at night, Vicky looked tired too, but she still looked soft and sweet... but I could see the worry in her eyes. Worry for me, and that put my heart in my throat. I smiled at her and she smiled back.
"I can take care of my mom if you feel like going home."
"'Kay. Goodnight Greg... See you in the morning."
There was more screaming in my head, but it was Gregory and Mihtrial together, screaming with one voice. And it screamed a word, a word that made my heart skip a beat: "VICTORIA!!" This was love far less than what I felt for Adam, Eve and the Maker... but it was with infinitely more passion.

Again and again... these attacks were becoming all too powerful. I could suppress it on my own sometimes, but I needed a prescription of anti-psychotics and I was put back on probation. I'm trying hard, I'm even taking less work to take away from stress. It's helping, but I'm far from normal... even in spite of the fact that I'm not entirely human. This time, though, I couldn't handle it. I couldn't find my pills last night, and this attack was the biggest one yet. I felt malice... malice I hadn't felt since I was in the pit itself. Malice that was not quite balanced by guilt for feeling such hatred for nothing in particular. I screamed my lungs out just once and Vicky came to my door.
It was a little earlier this time, about 9:30 pm. She had to slam on the door to even get my attention, but I wouldn't let her in. I was scaring her so much she actually took the hinges off my door... Looking at it now, it overwhelms Gregory at it's strangeness. She looked in and I was clutching my head and I'd ripped most of my shirt off and left trails of blood over my skin. "Oh, god! Greg!" ...She said 'god'. She'd told me many times that she is an atheist, she believed fully in science. I did too, but only because I helped create science, and for a time I was science. She said god, not capitalized like I would have spelled it... 'Oh my god' just as an exclamation to fill any verbal silence. This was too much for Mihtrial the Flame-bearer to handle with the assault of Gregory T. Wilk's own mind.
I then released my true shape. I left Gregory behind, long ago in soul, and now in body. I retook my own shape. I stood seven or eight feet tall, I was like a man of perfect shape with great feathered wings, and covered in fire, with the radiance of a hundred suns. My facial features were not distinct, because I was not distinct. I was too many things, fire, light, radiance, matter, nothing, and everything all at once.
She couldn't even scream in fear.
Moments later I came back, I took back Gregory's body... I can't believe I let myself go like that... I stood on the charred ground of my room, all my clothes burnt off of my body. I was clean and naked on the ground with a look of horror on my face. I looked up at her. I was so scared, she would run, she would scream, she would never want to come back again, not even to care for my mother. She didn't run, but she screamed, she screamed a question.
"What are you!?"
"I said 'what are you?'!"
I couldn't tell her, but the answer came out all on it's own almost...
"Vicky... I'm a demon."

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if this is just a story, wouldn't it go into arts and crafts? No offense

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