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2008-09-26, 09:01 PM
I'm currently working on a personal project of creating a new system. Now I want to know what you think is cool in a game.

On my side, I think that options and flexibility are essentials part of good games.

I also think that the setting is the starting point of a game. The rules and mechanics should depends on the system. What kind of setting that have never been released would you like to see?

2008-09-26, 09:40 PM
Well it depends on what you want mostly. Are you more interested in science fiction or fantasy? Realism or lunacy? I could probably help more then.

2008-09-27, 08:14 AM
On my side I was thinking of a high fantasy futuristic game high powered. I like the races, but I would prefer a Clan system or a Bloodline or anything else. For the setting, should I start by creating the Clans?

2008-09-27, 09:50 AM

i think you should set up the "world" first.

where is it on a fantasy/scifi level.

what is common? (like what kind of magic/technology/skill)

magic: does everyone know about magic? (in some worlds magic is kinda secret) what does an average man know about magic? what does an "average hero" know about magic? what do the MAGES know about magic? what is the truth about magic?

technology: carts+horses? cars? flying cars? interstellar travel? hyperspace? you must set all those up. if you are in strong scifi enviroment then you have make up "technology".

clans:what is the history of the clans? how do the clans relate to eachother? does the clans have secrets from eachother? is there a kind of clan monopoly going on (unique biological features/unique magics/unique equipment)?

usually a world is based on ONLY ONE of the following magic, sci-fi, bloodline. bringing more than one into play multiplies the work tenfold OR it ends in a disaster.

2008-09-27, 10:42 AM
I agree with Rigon.

You should also set up a quick rough draft of what the world will be like. Isolation can change relations of large groups of people. It can also be used to explain said differences you plan.

Since your going with high future fantasy you need to go with either stereotypical "everythings chrome" type society or a slightly more future.

Return of Lanky
2008-09-27, 11:34 AM
Here (http://www.3rdedition.org/articles/viewer.asp?ID=50) is a pretty good article on world creation.