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Winged One
2005-07-23, 06:06 PM
Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
Please contact the server administrator to inform of the time the error occurred and of anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Web Server at giantitp.com

That's an error message I got when I was trying to post something over in the OOC board. It's probably nothing, but I figured somebody should know, and I'm not at all trusting of our PMs at the moment.

2005-07-23, 08:16 PM
For me the site was acting really slowly for a while, and sometimes it just stopped working altogether. It was also acting slow yesterday, but now it seems to be fixed. I'm not sure if what I had is the same thing that you had, but it could be.

2005-07-23, 09:10 PM
Yeah, the same thing happened to me this morning and yesterday, I think it's because a ton people are heading over to the message board when they see the filler posted in Comics.

2005-07-23, 10:33 PM
Ok, good to know that it wasn't just me having problems.

2005-07-23, 11:23 PM
You people do realize it's because of the overflow of guests we've had to the forums due to RB sending them to the forums for updates on Rich's condition?

No offense, RawBear...just telling them why it's been so slow...

2005-07-24, 07:45 AM
Yeah, the same thing happened to me this morning and yesterday, I think it's because a ton people are heading over to the message board when they see the filler posted in Comics.

Uh, yes Wukei, we do realize that, that's basically exactly what the King said.

2005-07-24, 11:12 AM
Man you've been getting cheeky, lately, Sneak. I'm sorry I gave you my cookie.

I had a bad night last night and haven't read anything correctly. And now I'm sick! Woo!

2005-07-24, 12:13 PM
Sorry. I thought your original post wasn't exactly nice, but I guess you lose some of the context through the internet.

This isn't related at all to that post, because I posted that before this happened (I think), but I'm not really having a good day. At first I couldn't eject my WoW installation CD and it wasn't appearing on the desktop, then I realize that my processor isn't as fast as the recommended for WoW...sigh.

Oh, and you can have your cookie back anyway. I don't really like most cookies that much. *gives cookie back to Wukei*

2005-07-24, 12:50 PM
That's why I gave you the cookie...

*gives it to Winged One* here

Anyway, yea, sorry about the confusion. It wasn't meant to be vicious, just to point out why things were happening.

2005-07-26, 08:32 AM
But now it seems to be working perfectly. Is it going to stay like that? Can I stop waiting for the server to crash again?

2005-07-26, 09:56 AM
The Giant himself writes:

Thus, if everyone could stop hitting Refresh on the Comic page every 10 seconds, that would be keen. My bandwidth bill is going to rival my hospital bill! If only I could get Bandwidth Insurance...wait, if only I could get Medical Insurance...ummm....yeah.

So, I'm guessing til either a) Rich gets on an exact schedule (ha!) or b) his fans become a little more patient (double ha!), it may just happen every time the comic is late, especially if it is very late and we have no idea what's up with Rich and there is no ETA for the new comic.

2005-07-26, 10:20 AM
Actually, the comic isn't the problem, the message boards is.

The comic strip uses a technology called mod_perl that doesn't require starting the perl interpreter for every request. Unfortunately, the version of YaBB that we're using won't function using mod_perl. So, the server load, when people check the message boards goes up quite a bit.

I made a mistake when I posted that filler strip telling everyone to check for details on the message board. I didn't realize how many readers of the comics there were that never came to these boards. It was the 150K views of the "Rich is in the Hospital" thread that caused so many problems.

Tho, it would really be helpful if people didn't obsessively refresh the comic page.

2005-07-26, 10:55 AM
Wow, RB, I had no idea. I am not really guilty of refreshing the comic page, but it's good to know that. :) Thanks!!