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2005-07-20, 04:44 PM
Would it be acceptable to use an OOTS avatar on, say, wizards.com boards as long as we attributed the source and had a link to the page?

I only ask because everyone else has really neat and cool avatars, and I have nothing, nothing...nothing!

I would completely understand if the answer was no. Copyright, etc, but think of the publicity!

2005-07-20, 06:00 PM
Well, if you are talking about the standard avatars, then no. But you can ask an avatar artist (such as myself) to make you an avatar. Usually they will let you use it on another board. But you don't have to, just telling you.

2005-07-20, 06:07 PM
Thanks, I figured the answer was no.

Take care.

2005-07-21, 03:05 PM
...But you don't have to, just telling you.

Well I say you that you have to. Or else. >:(