View Full Version : Summoning another PC

2008-09-29, 03:39 AM
Hi there, my DM allowed me to play a Warforged Artificier, and we were wondering how magic item creation could be easier for us during travels. I though using an extradimensionnal space to put my lab in, so I could slip in during the downtimes.

But then, if they need me for battle quickly, I was wondering how I could come back, and I though (stupidly) about Pokemon. How about using a teleportation-ball that teleports me at that location?

But then.. I am on another plane completely. Okay then, I have a better idea! How about using a summoning spell, set to summon ME (and only me)? How high level would that summoning spell be? If I die while summoned, do I simply get back to my original location? What are the rules for a summoned creature?

2008-09-29, 01:47 PM
Or perhaps you could use the Refuge spell, though I don't know how it interacts with plane-travelling...

2008-09-29, 01:51 PM
A good trick is to have your lab in a portable hole and use your Craft Homunculi ability to create a dedicated wright (EbCS I think). You start the process, then adventure and he continues your work for you so you can fight and play instead of working. Ding! Sword's done! You pop your bag open and it's there waiting.