View Full Version : 2 suggestions for the 'comic' section

2005-05-30, 08:52 AM
1. I think the OotS comments should be in a weekly thread, not a monthly as now. With three comics a week a monthly thread gets IMO far too long - the current one is over 50 pages. With a thread so long its hard to keep track of discussion, and people often repeat things already said.

2. The current 'comics' descrition indicates the section is for discussin all comics - not jus OotS. Wouldn't 'friendly banter' be better place to discuss comics other than OotS, since OotS discussion would just drown any other possible topics? 'Freindly banter' already discussion about literature, movies etc., so comics in general would be in home there.

Just my infamous 2 cents...

2005-05-30, 09:05 PM
I quite agree with you on the first point, the comments threads are starting to get absolutely massive. But as for number two....I think its fine where it is. But it isn't my choice to make.

2005-05-30, 09:39 PM
As usual, I think the 1st has already been addressed.

However, unusually, I don't know where, or I would link to it, as I usually do. I'll take a couple of minutes & look around, but if I don't find it, I suggest you check about.