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2008-10-01, 04:13 PM
My brother suggested an idea for a RPG campaign based loosely on the anime melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. (Let me know if it's already being done.) in D20 Modern, and I've been trying to develop it and could use some feedback.

Each PC will start at 4th level and with one level in an advanced class. The advanced classes we came up with are:
Time Traveler,Android (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=92505), Card Duelist, Magical Girl, Telepath*, Martial Artist* and (Undercover) Soldier* (Ala Full Metal Panic).
Classes with * next to the name are ones are already in the SRD.

Here is the time traveler, the second class in the series. My main basis of this is the character Mikuru Asahina from MoHS. This is very incomplete. My bro suggested the dopppleganger idea, and it's a neat idea though I'm not entirely sure how to work out the possible conterdictions that can happen. The D20 SRD does have some stuff on time travel, though it's hardly detailed. One suggestion was that crazy random things can happen when one messes with time and mixes something up (For example monsters appearing and having to be fought off.). I'm not sure what other abilities this class might have. Ideas are very welcome.

Time Traveler Class (http://d20toolbox.pbwiki.com/Time-Traveler)

Here's the D20 SRD (http://www.dominion-x.net/d20-msrd/)

(I know posting here would be easier, but I'd have to redo the table by hand, since copy-paste isn't working. Also this makes updating easier for me since I don't have to do it in two places.)

2008-10-01, 04:24 PM
This is silly.

But awesome.

The Time Traveler AdC itself is somewhat blah...only two abilities? And one's just a way to get overpowered equipment? I mean, you're still more useful than Miss Moe-blob, but for a class in an RPG, you're going to want to take a slightly different tack.

I like access to PL 7 weapons, although there should certainly be some sort of regulations for using them, like not allowing the populace of the present to become aware of them (keeps you from selling them, taking over the world, etc.)

Doppelganger is...extremely useful, but too rare to be a really good class feature. And if you upped the frequency at all, it'd be too powerful. Perhaps a 1/week version would make a good capstone? There's a few high-level D&D spells that do something similar.

Concepts for other class features to fill in all those other levels:

Knowing the future: you should have access to future history to know limited amounts about events in the near future or potentially history-book-worthy people. Likely you'd get this data from your superiors on a need-to-know basis (making a check of some kind).

Tactical time travel: simple things that are useful, but don't necessarily mess with causality too much: traveling forward one round in time to avoid an attack/hazard would be a low-level ability, regressing time one round to have a do-over for that round would be a high level ability.

Long story short, go for a wider variety of class abilities.

2008-10-01, 04:26 PM
This is going to be a pretty silly campaign. :smallbiggrin:

Yeah, the class as posted is wildely unfinished, your suggestions are the kinds of things I should have thought of, and were exactly the kinds of things I was looking for. Thanks!

I like the idea of something kind of like the paladin code that prevents you from taking further levels and loose some abilities (acquiring weapons) in the case of letting the populace see high tech weapons. You would probably also be chased down by other time travelers who are trying to arrest you if you went too far.

Knowledge of the future is tricky. I can't guarantee that any even WILL happen, except for maybe events that cannot be prevented (natural disasters) unless I go the whole "possible future" route, which then just takes away the effectiveness of the ability. Interesting idea though, and if you have ideas on how to make this work I'd love to hear it (I'm going to see if the D&D SRD says anything on future sensing abilities as well.)h

I'm still open to suggestions from other people as well.

Edit: Updated the class. Now every level has some ability. Not really much in way of choices for this class though. I still need to do research on future-telling abilities.