View Full Version : Unsuitable Avatar in use! Someone Smite this evil!

2005-05-26, 05:24 PM
During my campaign along the boards, I noticed that cow-crusader was using a quite unsuitable avatar image! >:(
It is my duty to raise this to your attentions, I believe maybe in breach of the terms and condition
I will leave him in your very capable hands owh mighty admins/moderators of the boards.


2005-05-26, 05:52 PM
Agreed. Very unsuitable, especially because some younger people go to this board.

Now back to you, Mods...

2005-05-26, 06:25 PM
Just FYI The Paladin,

This message is one that is best sent via Private Message to a Mod (specifically either RawBear or The Giant). Now, everyone will go try and track down the offending avatar, thus spreading its viewing over a larger base.

Knowing is 1/2 the battle.

Gorbash Kazdar
2005-05-26, 06:30 PM
Comrade Gorby: Yikes. Cow-Crusader has been sent a PM in regards to this. Thank you for alerting us to this. Unfortunately, only Rich or RAWBear can change user avatars, so until they're available or until cow-crusader changes the image himself (as the PM requires he do), we're stuck with it.

Just as something to make it easier for us mods, please link to the profile when you report stuff like this. His username and forum name weren't the same, so it took me a while to find the profile. Also, this is the sort of thing best handled via private message, for various reasons.

Edit: Among them what WampaX said, and to avoid having more than one mod jumping all over this :P