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2008-10-01, 09:14 PM
Sentient Weapon

Creature Type: Construct (Living)

+4 Constitution, -2 Dexterity

Base Land Speed of 0 when unattended; When Wielded, it is equal to the speed of a human with the same class levels.

The Sentient Weapon has immunity to magical sleep, blindness, and deafness effects, and does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe.

When not wielded, the Sentient Weapon’s Strength and Dexterity scores become 0.

Weapon Proficiency: The sentient weapon automatically gains proficiency in its’ own weapon type.

+4 racial bonus on Intimidate and Disguise checks

Automatic language: Common - Bonus Languages: Any, save secret languages such as Druidic. The Sentient Weapon can speak as a normal person, their voices reverberating from whatever "hilt" they possess.

Sentient Weapons have normal class HP, and a hardness equal to their class level. However, they are vulnerable to Sundering like normal weapons. The Mending spell can stabilize a Sentient Weapon into one whole, if flimsy, piece, though it cannot be healed through Cure Spells. Casting Heat Metal on the Weapon allows it to “forge” itself anew, renewing its’ HP and Hardness as if it had been repaired by a skilled blacksmith.

Possession Wielding: Sentient Weapons are unable to act on their own for some time. To compensate, when held, they have the ability to Possess a willing humanoid host, of an appropriate size to wield them, 1/day as a full-round action. Whether they achieve the control through trickery or an actual benevolent agreement, this effect lasts 1 day or until the Weapon releases control by its’ own accord or through unconsciousness. For the duration, the Weapon’s attributes, Hit Dice, class abilities, and other stats become the host’s as if the sword itself were that person.

The wielder retains all memories of what transpired during the Weapon’s control, during which they feel a carefree, euphoric sensation on the level of a narcotic; this can become addictive. After the Weapon’s control is lifted, the host must make a DC 15 Will save in order to throw off its influence and discard the Weapon permanently – after rejecting the Weapon, any further saves to throw off the Weapon’s control gain a bonus of +1. This effect is cumulative.

Should the Sentient Weapon be used by someone who will not willingly join with it, but still tries to use it to aims not of its liking, the Sentient Weapon and the user make opposed Will checks. If the Sentient Weapon's roll is greater than the user's, the user's current action is halted and the user is stunned for one round. If the user's is greater, the action goes unimpeded. In the event of a tie, the user takes -4 to the action they try to use the Weapon for.

The Sentient Weapon is able to be magically enchanted. All enchantments made on the Sentient Weapon have their prices reduced by 20% and take 1 day less to apply.

At 4th Character Level, the Sentient Weapon gains an automatic +2 enhancement bonus.

At 8th Character Level, the Sentient Weapon’ enhancement bonus increases to +3.

At 10th level, the Sentient Weapon gains the Self-Wielding ability, allowing it to magically conjure for itself a phantom body which gains the same benefits as a willing host would. This body appears as a slightly opaque silhouette of varying color of a male or female human, and can also wear armor. This ability lasts 1 day, is usable 1/day, and the Weapon can still use its daily Possession ability should the phantom body be destroyed.

At 12th Character Level, the Sentient Weapon’s enhancement bonus becomes +4.

At 16th Character Level, the Sentient Weapon’s enhancement bonus becomes +5.

At 20th Character Level, the duration of the Sentient Weapon’s Self Wielding ability becomes unlimited, allowing the Sentient Weapon to stay active for long periods of time without having to use its other Wielding abilities.


Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

2008-10-01, 09:18 PM
This sounds a lot like the Swordians from Tales of Destiny. I like the idea :D Keep up the good work!

2008-10-02, 01:27 PM
I just imagine running a game with my group along these lines. 4 ancient warriors fighting some bad guy, and to defeat him they must sacrifice their bodies for their final thingy. They are able to transfer their consciousness into their weapons, but lose their memories.

I'm writing the campaign right now!

Texas Jedi
2008-10-02, 01:40 PM
This sounds cool but what about ranged weapons? Are their ammo sentient as well or just the weapon? If so then they would automatically should get a returning enchantment on them.

2008-10-02, 02:40 PM
This sounds cool but what about ranged weapons? Are their ammo sentient as well or just the weapon? If so then they would automatically should get a returning enchantment on them.

The weapons themselves are sentient, but ammo is not. Though if you had both a sentient bow and sentient arrows, you'd have something like Deadeye Deegan and the Longshots over in the Gaming sidebar.

Texas Jedi
2008-10-02, 02:57 PM
What about smaller weapons that need dexterity to use effectively like daggers, and rapiers? I would think they would get a bonus on their dexterity and a minus to their con.

Bulkier weapons like polearms, two-handed swords, and maces could get a +4 con and a -2 dex.

2008-10-02, 04:40 PM
that is all

2008-10-02, 04:43 PM
What about smaller weapons that need dexterity to use effectively like daggers, and rapiers? I would think they would get a bonus on their dexterity and a minus to their con.

Bulkier weapons like polearms, two-handed swords, and maces could get a +4 con and a -2 dex.

This is a good point, though the reasoning behind the attribute penalties is the fact that, as weapons, they don't move a lot like most humanoids, and in fact they don't have many moving parts, if ANY. Not exactly dexterous by themselves. The penalty was actually higher, until a friend of mine convinced me to tone it down.

Still, you could always rule that dexterity based weapons switch Con and Dex changes if you wanted to. No harm in it, after all.

Realms of Chaos
2008-10-02, 05:28 PM
I don't know about you, but I would hate to take this as a race for a number of reasons.

1. the moment I am unattended, my constitution becomes 0, meaning that I die.
2. My hit points never increase.
3. I am perpetually reliant upon another character.
4. I am unable to manipulate items.

Suggested changes:

give the creature the construct (living) type

If I were you, I would give the character normal hit points and a hardness equal to their class level. Furthermore, instead of just getting enhanced, I would make the level progression abilities so that I could get by on my own.

At 1st level, give a land speed of 5 feet (basically flailing around to move, although it may take a -4 penalty to all attack rolls made while so moving).
At 2nd level, a mage hand at will.
At 4th level, tenser's floating disk at will (only 1 at a time)
At 6th level, fly speed of 10 feet (poor)
At 8th level, improved mage hand (or was it greater mage hand) at will.
At 10th level, fly speed of 20 feet (average)

Lastly, I would give it an ability so that magical enhancements made upon it cost 20% gp and 1 day less to create.

2008-10-02, 06:25 PM
Yeah, CON should probably be unaffected by being unattended. Theoretically you could have it change to '-', but even would be a very weird solution that would need a VERY good crunch reason behind it...

That said, I have had ideas about playing a minor artifact suit of armor for years...

2008-10-02, 08:48 PM
Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it.

Con no longer goes to 0, I'll take Draco's 20% cost on enhancements advice (unless you meant a 20% discount, not a cut to 20% :smallredface:) and the hitpoints/hardness has been adjusted.

As far as reliance on another character, that was kinda what I was going for flavor-wise. The Mage Hand and Disk abilities make sense, as does the ability to flop around slowly, but the whole idea behind this race is that, at first, it's a kind of symbiotic relationship: It confers upon whoever wields it the abilities of its class - it gives power in exchange for mobility and a chance to do something besides sit there.

I wanted being able to wield oneself to be an achievement you worked for and celebrated (because now you don't need that meatbag following you) and at the same time, still remaining true to the whole idea of being a literal living weapon.

If nothing else, Leadership can net you a constant follower, so you'll always have a body to use. :smalltongue:

Realms of Chaos
2008-10-02, 11:58 PM
Just had some time to really look over the race again and take a good look. this is how I interpret the ideal form of this race, although my ideal and your own are most certainly different.

Living Weapon
Construct (living)
Speed: 0 ft.
Abilities: Con +4, Dex –
Hardness: A Living Weapon has hardness equal to its class level.
Weapon Traits: Although living, a Living Weapon can be sundered just like any other weapon. A Mending spell can return all component pieces into a single piece but the casting must be followed by a Make Whole or Heat Metal spell in order to restore the enchantment.
Automatic Proficiency: A Living Weapon is always considered proficient in its own use.
Automatic Languages: Common – Bonus Languages: Any nonsecret.
Influence Wielder: A Living Weapon has a certain amount of control over its wielder. As an immediate action, a Living Weapon can impose a +2 bonus or -2 penalty on any single attack roll made using it.
As a full-round action, a Living Weapon can grant its wielder the use of one of their feats that their wielder meets all prerequisites for until the end of the encounter.
Once per round, a Living Weapon may either make a full attack using the limbs of its wielder in place of its own nonexistent mobility or make a disarm attempt against its wielder.
Enchanted Weapon: All attack rolls made using a Living Weapon gain an enhancement bonus to their attack and damage rolls equal to one fourth of their class level.
Furthermore, all magical enhancements take 20% less gold and 1 less day to add onto a Living Weapon.
+4 bonus on all intimidate checks and Disguise checks made to pass off as a normal weapon.


Despite all odds, you are able to move about
Prerequisites: Living Weapon
Benefits: Roll 3d6. You gain a Dexterity score equal to the result. In addition, you gain a movement speed of 5 feet.

Using your newfound mobility, you can float through the air
Prerequisites: Living Weapon, Mobile
Benefits: You gain a fly speed of 10 feet (poor).
Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Each time it is taken, increase the maneuverability by one degree.

Independent Attack
Using your amazing mobility, you are able to attack even when not wielded.
Prerequisites: Living Weapon, Mobile
Benefits: A living weapon may make attacks and full attacks on its own even when not wielded. All such attacks take a -2 penalty, however, due to a lack of coordination.

Deep Connection
You have a deep connection to your wielder
Prerequisites: Living Weapon
Benefits: Your wielder gains a +4 bonus on will saves against charm and compulsion effects.
You may communicate telepathically with your wielder.

Manipulate Objects
Despite your lack of limbs, you can affect the world around you.
Prerequisites: Living Weapon
Benefits: You may use Mage Hand at will as a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to your class level.

Control Wielder
You can take over your wielder if necessary.
Prerequisites: Living Weapon
Benefits: Once per encounter, you may attempt to override the will of your wielder, requiring them to make a Will Save (DC 10 + 1/2 class level + Constitution modifier). If they fail, you gain control over their actions (although you may not make them take suicidal actions). However, each round that you remain in control, the wielder is entitled to a new saving throw.
Special: the bonus granted by the Deep Connection feat does not apply to saves against this feat.

Changes Made: I took away dexterity altogether as you aren't going to need it for when you attack and you can't move anyway. I added make whole as an additional way to "revive" the living weapon. rather than controlling the wielder, I figured that helping allies or harming the attempts of enemies to use the Living Weapon was enough for influence. I simplified the abilities gained over the levels as well. Lastly, instead of automatically gaining movement, either at high or low levels, I made a series of racial feats that amounts to the same main effect.