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Psionic Dog
2008-10-02, 06:56 PM
I sense a distinct favoritism for grid maps than hex for pvp play, and realized I have never seen a hex-based area play map.

First, is there any particular reason for this trend?

Second, since I had a little spare time, I created a generic hex-based area. Any comments on if it is good bad or ugly?

Dark green is the outer wall, DC 30 climb or like. Large brown dots are 15 ft tall pilers, DC 15 climb, that could provide cover. Small brow dots are thin pillars 10 feet tall providing a +2 circumstance AC bonus. The Big Red spot in the middle is VIP seating, blocks line of sight for 15 vertically and line of effect for at any elevation.

Edge of Dreams
2008-10-02, 07:16 PM
My 4e D&D group uses hex maps for all outdoor and natural underground combat because movement feels more natural on hexes (no pesky diagonals). For indoor and man-made environments we use squares because humans tend to build things with lots of right angles, so it feels more realistic.

Every few sessions we have an arena fight on a hex grid about the size of yours. It's pvp, which is interesting, but there's no terrain, just flat ground. I'll have to talk to my dm about adding some obstacles to liven things up a bit.