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2008-10-02, 09:10 PM
am participating in a real-life game this weekend. this is actually going to be my first time playing dnd 4th edition. i did up my char sheet as put him online as well. was hoping if anyone who is familiar with 4e a bit could see any major flaws in him. would appreciate it as ill be he only new guy to 4e at the table and dun wanna look liek the yim yock

2008-10-02, 09:38 PM
You have a +5 racial bonus to saving throws against poison. You'll probably want to mark that in the "Conditional Modifiers" field.

You might want to mark that your Second Wind is a minor action, too, if it ever becomes important.

How do you have a +7 to hit? Both weapons listed have a +2 proficiency, and you only have 18 Str.

You only have one Throwing Hammer. They don't come back unless they're magical, so don't lose that one.

2008-10-02, 09:57 PM
How do you have a +7 to hit? Both weapons listed have a +2 proficiency, and you only have 18 Str.One handed weapon talent.

Overall, solid build. Know when to use ToI, and you're golden.

2008-10-02, 10:13 PM
If your group has Adventurer's Vault, you really should have a Waraxe. Superior one handed axe, +2, 1d12, and Dwarven Weapon Training gives you proficiency with it.

+1 damage (1d12 is 1 more average damage than 1d10 :P) for free is good.

Personally, I'm a big fan of marking multiple enemies, so I'd probably take Passing Attack. But that's a personal choice, not a "you're a noob LOL!".

You are a noob though. Technically ;)

Good character all around btw. Ooooh also I'd lower the dex for more wisdom, unless you have anything you need dex for (reflex defense is basically made up for by a shield).

2008-10-02, 10:54 PM
thanks guys. and i will consider the wisdom thing instead of dex. sadly we dont have the vault. and im very relieved i didnt completly mess him up. i appreciate it. gratitude from this noob