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2008-10-02, 09:24 PM
Hi all, this is my first post here!! I would also post this on Wizards, but the forums are down :( Anyways, here's my newest creation:

Spirit Within Template
A monster or player with this template has a guiding spirit within them, whether it is good or evil, which wishes the host to remain alive and "happy". This spirit can manifest itself during times of duress in the host in order to either aid the host or use the host to advance its own agenda. This manifestation makes the host exponentially more powerful, but the spirit is in total control of the host's body, although the host can learn to control the spirit and use it in times of need.
Creating a Spirit Within:
This template can be added to any corporeal creature.
Size and Type: The creature's type changes to Outsider (native). Do not recalculate anything.
Speed: The creature's speed is unchanged unless in released form (see released form special ability).
Armor Class: The creature gains a +2 untyped bonus to their AC, as their spirit changes fate to protect them.
Special Attacks: A Spirit Within retains all their special attacks and gains the following special attack.
Channel Spirit (Ex): In times of extreme duress, the spirit may take over the body of the host in order to aid the host or advance its own agenda. Extreme duress can be anything you discuss beforehand with your DM, but specific examples could include: when an ally drops to O hp or lower when you have line of sight to them, etc. One situation that is always included is when the host drops to 0 or fewer hp. When one of these events occurs, the spirit within breaks free and takes over the host. This 'transformation' is called 'released form'. When in released form, a Spirit Within gains a +2 bonus to any 2 abilities of his choice and a +4 bonus to one of his other abilities (these choices are made at character creation and cannot be changed). Also, the Spirit Within is treated as a character of his class level +5 in all of his classes for the purpose of determining special abilities. If the Spirit Within does not have class levels, he instead adds +5 to the DC of all special abilities he possesses. In this form, his health is increased by 1.5x (meaning if Aang, a Spirit Within, had 24 hp before Released Form, he has 36 hp in Released form). Other special abilities may be added to the Released Form through the use of feats with the [Spirit] descriptor or the Powerful Spirit prestige class. This form lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3x the host's Con modifier. After the Released Form ends, the host is fatigued for a number of rounds equal to the time spent in Released Form.
CR: ??
LA: +1 or +2

Spirit Within Feats:

Arcane Fury Spirit [Spirit]
Prerequisites: Arcane caster level 10th, Spirit Within
Effect: While in Released Form, add this special ability:
Arcane Fury (Ex): While released, a Spirit Within can fire off spells much more quickly than normal. While released, the Spirit Within can cast one additional spell per round, plus one for each 5 caster levels beyond 10th.
While not released, the Spirit Within gains a +5 bonus to Spellcraft checks.

Godly Spirit [Spirit]
Prerequisites: Divine caster level 15th, Spirit Within
Effect: While in Released Form, add this special ability:
Divine Power (Ex): While released, a Spirit Within can maximize and double all numeric effects of all spells he casts.
While not released, the Spirit Within gains a +5 bonus to Knowledge (Religion) checks.

Vital Spirit [Spirit]
Prerequisites: Base Fortitude Save +5, Spirit Within
Effect: While in Released Form, the Spirit Within gains Fast Healing equal to their character level divided by 3. While not released, the Spirit Within gains a +3 bonus to Fortitude Saves.

Weapons of the Gods [Spirit]
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (Chosen Weapon), Base Attack Bonus +5
Effect: While in Released Form, the weapons wielded by the Spirit Within glow with spiritual energy, adding an effective +3 enhancement bonus to his weapon, which can be added as either a general enhancement bonus or as abilities. While not released, the spiritual energy latent within his weapons grants him a +2 bonus to attack rolls.

Thanks all for looking (hopefully PEACHing) I will be adding some new feats soon (hopefully). Could specifically use some help with the LA...Any Thoughts??

2008-10-04, 08:32 PM
No thoughts on LA?? Anyone?? Please?? I would like to run this template by tommorrow or so and would like any input people will give me. (On the other hand, shameless bump :smallsmile: )

2008-10-08, 06:33 PM
Oh come on people, no thoughts at all? I could really use some help with this LA though. Please leave some comments. Bumpidy-Bump

2008-10-08, 06:36 PM
"Inherently awesome" is a hard thing to balance (and LA is already a crapshoot.) Then add in that this is a purely reactive ability in a game based around being proactive, mostly. It's hard to judge.

2008-10-08, 06:45 PM
Seems cool, but I have a question for you regarding the Channel Spirit ability.

You note that it automatically kicks in if its host reaches 0 hp, but they don't receive any more hitpoints. Instead, any hitpoints they do have are increased by 1.5.

1.5 times 0 is still 0. Unless the character has Die Hard, or a similar ability, they'll take a partial action and then pass out.

You'll need to give the Spirit Within some kind of healing ability (Regeneration 2 maybe?) or a healing spell (Cure Moderate Wounds?) if you want it to be able to function in this way.

EDIT: On further consideration, I'd probably set up the mechanics like this...

Spirit Within (Template)
This template can be applied to any humanoid, hereafter referred to as the Host.
Type: Changes to Outsider (Native)
Size: Unchanged
Armor Class: Add a +2 unnamed bonus to AC
Saves: Add a +2 unnamed bonus to all Saves

Channel Spirit (Ex): This ability activates when the Host is either in grave mortal danger themselves, or becomes highly emotional. The Spirit Within then boosts the Host and provides them with guidance and assistance to survive whatever trauma they are undergoing. The Host gains a +2 Bonus to 1 Physical stat and 1 Mental stat of their choice. In addition to this, they are healed as if they had rested overnight.

This state lasts until either the Host goes unconscious, dies, or the danger passes.

The Channel ability is stressful on the body of the Host however, and if he survives the encounter, he immediately drops to 0 hitpoints as the Spirit extracts its toll on him.

2008-10-08, 09:05 PM
Thanks for the replies! Holy cow, I didn't even think about the HP issuse. Thank you so much for bringing that up! I guess it should be "rest overnight" or a fast healing ability (maybe 3) for when under 1/2 hp. hmm deserves more thought...