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2005-04-29, 01:54 PM
I'm seeing a problem with how the board operates, one which is getting worse towards the end of each month, and worse with each passing month.

The monthly main comic discussion thread has been growing by leaps and bounds, and accumulating vast numbers of posts. The April 05 thread is now over 50 pages!

By itself, this isn't a problem, as the posts are divided up into pages....but the problem comes when someone goes to make a new post in that thread.

When you post, the board provides you a convenient, handy scroll-through that lists every previous post in the thread from the first one on down in cronological order.

With 55 pages of posts, it takes a long time for the reply page to load, and a lot of resources, which delays the system for every other user on the board elsewhere.

Is there any way to change the board settings to reverse the previous-post order (most recent first) and cut it off at only a page or two of message instead of listing them all?

Failing that, would the moderators consider going to a Weekly thread for discussing the comic, rather than a Monthly thread, in order to cut down on the uber-long threads and the huge load hit that it places on the server?

Just some food for thought.

2005-04-29, 09:04 PM
a good point there.

Myself, i have not had any problems, but that is probably because I have a very good ISP, but I can see where you are coming from.
I know little about YaBB, but from what i have seen, it doesnt seem as customizeable as the mods would like, but if not, a weekly thread would suffice!

2005-04-30, 04:01 AM
This has been mentioned and suggested several times over the past year....I can't recall -why- they aren't doing it, but I think it's something about having to do far to much work for what it's worth.