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2008-10-03, 08:41 AM
So, Current campaign, PC's are part of an Inquisition, and they are up against a conspiracy of wizards called "The Circle of Enlightenment". A pair of senior inquisitors have been up against the Circle for a while, and are hunting down it's leadership while the PC's thwart the circles schemes in a city.
Anyway, what I want to give the PC's is a Book of notes the other inquisitors made on the Circle in their decade or so going up against it. Specifically, I want quick profiles on Circle agents. These won't be "A list of Circle agents who are going to show up in this campaign", This is "A List of Circle Agents who Inquisitors Ringfounder and Lythandris have information on".Alot of them won't show up, and alot of people who DO show up won't be on this list.
Remember, though this is a conspiracy of mages, they make use of a decent number of non-casters as well. Here is an example

Code Name: The Gambler
Race: Probably Human
Spellcasting Type: Probably Beguiler
Position in Circle: Unknown, but has been seen in command role on multiple occasions.
Main Role: Command.
Notes: Has a high familiarity with Inquisitorial practices. Is very good at manipulation and aquiring dupes and minions through both magical and mundane means. Often uses alternate Identities. Has some method by which he summons Outsiders and Fey, potentially Via "The Devils Gambit".


Code Name: Marcus Rorik
Race: Halfling
Spellcasting: None
Position: None
Main Role: Assasination
Notes: Not actually a member of The Circle, merely a very skilled assasin who they make frequent use of. Probably knows very little about the Circle itself. Very skilled at physical infiltration.

There is the basic format, I'm looking for any ideas from you people. I want alot of these. Feel free to leave information as "Unknown" as Ringfounder and Lythandris found only mentions of them in captured communications, though they would have applied a name (Even if it's just a number) to them for identification purposes. Oh yeah, and the setting is industrialized.
@v Perhaps, except that one of the players is a kingdom hearts fanboy of massive proportions, with a special focus on Organization XIII, so I'll try to avoid basing things on that.

2008-10-03, 09:07 AM
Here's something for ideas: Organization XIII (http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Organization_XIII#Ranking)
If you have Kingdom Hearts 2, you could use Jiminy's Journal as a baseline for them.

I doubt that's what you're looking for, but when I read your description of the Wizard Order... Organization XIII was the first thing to pop into my head.

2008-10-03, 09:29 AM
Here's a fellow I'm using on my campaign (if you're playing on my campaign, Dead Memories in Coimbra, BUGGER OFF the rest of the post :smallamused:)

Code Name: Mr. Boxes
Race: Halfling
Spellcasting: Suspected yes
Position in Circle: Unknown - not command, but suspected high
Main Role: Information gathering and relaying, recruiting and manipulating dupes
Notes: Always appears sitting or standing atop a pile of boxes, which eventually disappear as mysteriously as they appear, after he wandered into their middle and disappeared himself. Friendly. Mentions he has a great many deal of "friends."

I'm using the guy above as an alternate form of the devil viscount Beleth that appeared in Dragon 365. His plans are veeeeeery mysterious, and he often appears to make deals with the PCs, often concerning the exchange of favours or information.

The Bushranger
2008-10-03, 09:52 AM
Here's one for you

Code Name: Shrike
Race: Human (enhanced??)
Spellcasting Type: Psion
Position in Circle: Unknown?
Main Role: Hired enforcer
Notes: Appears to be used as a catspaw by the Circle to eliminate wizards who step out of line. Is known to have an intense dislike for casters and to carry a Magebane sword.

2008-10-03, 11:19 AM
Name: Egan Raddock

Code Name: unknown

Race: human

Spellcasting Type: Sorcerer, infernalist, suspected charm specialist

Position in Circle: Not precisely known, but he has been seen with several high-ranking leaders.

Main Role: Purveyor and financier.

Notes: Raddock is a businessman who owns realty, loan contracts, two shipping companies, and a number of factories along the poor side of the river. His knack for securing contracts with ludicrous terms is the main reason we suspect him of specialising in charm spells. He is known to have associated with at least one devil, a remnant of his late father's work in demonology. He has tried to distance himself from his family's reputation and may no longer work with infernal beings. Raddock is fat and polite, but as good with a sword as he is with magic. Very dangerous if provoked, relatively harmless if left to his business.

Urgent: Do not apprehend Raddock. Command intends to allow him to continue operating in the hopes of catching his higher-ups at his office.

2008-10-03, 03:59 PM
ooh, these are good.
Keep em coming!

Fax Celestis
2008-10-03, 04:16 PM
Code Name: Peregrine
Race: Halfling
Spellcasting: Everyone else's (spellthief?)
Position: Research and acquisition
Main Role: Data and material acquisition
Notes: Extraplanar (?) female (?) spellthief (?). Lots of uncertainties on this one.

2008-10-03, 04:19 PM
Code Name: The Macula
Race: Unknown
Spellcasting: Assassin/Wizard
Position: "Whip"
Main Role: Enforcement
Notes: Suspected to be a male, definetely not human. Has some arcane skill outside of assassin magic.

2008-10-03, 04:27 PM
Code Name: Twik
Race: Probably Human, Infernal-touched
Spellcasting Type: Warlock, Hellfire Warlock
Position in Circle: Mid-ranking operative, deals primarily with issues that need to be showy and destructive, but has been known to handle subtler problems.
Main Role: Fire-Support, "Cleaner"
Notes: This agent's appearance is completely unknown, most likely due to the Circle applying heavy obscuring magics before his deployment to aid in misdirection. It is expected that the number of incidents attributed to him are probably many times what is on record.

2008-10-03, 05:29 PM
Here's a medic and an enforcer. Since the council is wizards, I'd figure they'd have to outsource.

Code Name: 'The Doc'
Race: Half-Elf
Spellcasting Type: Cleric
Position in Circle: Low/Minimal (Suspected None - Outsourced?)
Main Role: Medic and Interrogator
Notes: Is the conspiracy's Medic, the circle is bound to come to blows sooner or later, and Doc is to patch them up. With his knowledge of anatomy, and alleged liberal use of harmful spellcasting (like Inflict/Harm) in the right places, Doc is a surprisingly good interrogator.
Has allegedly made several pacts with daemons, and is impervious to most mundane weapons. Approach with caution.

Code Name: Brick
Race: Half-Orc
Spellcasting Type: None
Position in Circle: None - Dupe
Main Role: Enforcer
Notes: Known to go into psychotic rages at the drop of a hat. Has been incarcerated many times - escaped (or been 'broken out') every time. Tends to cause a massive disturbance and property damage while the Circle does what they have to do whilst local law enforcement is otherwise occupied.
Used to be a good man. Suspected Mind-Control.
Do not apprehend unless forced to. Brick is known as a reliable contact with a severe weakness for alcohol. Will talk. His intelligence about his organization is usually correct. Allow for inefficiency from alcohol.

For extra-special fun. Crack open Races of Destiny, and make a duo of a Menacing Brute, and a Scar-Veteran. Extra points if the Menacing Brute's name is 'Tiny'.

2008-10-03, 06:50 PM
Codename: The Strategist (T.S.)
Race: Half Elf
Spellcasting type: Diviner
Position: Augur
Role: Planning
Notes: Has been seen many times, but has teleported away each time. Knew we were coming each time.

2008-10-03, 07:24 PM
Here's one to be used as a mysterious one:

Codename: The Redhaired (not circle designation).
Race: Uncertain, appears human.
Spellcasting type: Unknown if any.
Position: Unknown, suspected high.
Role: Unkown.
Notes: This individual, a red-haired woman always wearing a dark-green cape, has been spotted together with other suspected higher-ups in the organization on several occasions. Is always observed from a distance. Nothing is known of her role within the Circle. On all occasions she has been seen there has appeared to be heated discussion among the suspected fellow conspirators.

2008-10-03, 07:26 PM
Codename: The voice
Race: Unknown
Spellcasting type: Unknown, probably wizard
Position: "Resource acquisitions"
Notes: A haunting voice that commands seemingly random individuals to commit crimes and deposit the valuables in seemingly random locations, from which someone collects the items, delivering them to known conspirators. Apparently mind control spells and some kind of ghost sound like effect are used, but none of the incidents have occurred near enough a skilled inquisitor for further details to be found on the exact nature of the spellcraft.

2008-10-03, 08:22 PM
These are awsome. Thanks!

Notes on The Circle

The Circle utilizes a Cell-based organization that makes it very hard to track down. They recruit by contacting a potential member, usually somebody who already leads a smaller, somewhat similar organization (Leaders of death and demon cults, or leaders of wizard and sorceror groups that for various reasons don't want to be registered and monitered by the Inquisition) or occasionally an accomplished caster who has already shown tendencies towrds breaking or bending the rules. They will usually approach them through intermediaries, asking for favors that will be rewarded. A certain magical item to be studied, a certain local official to be eliminated, things like that. These tests are both to test the competance of the potential recruit, and their willingness to defy the Inquisition. If they are found acceptable, they will be contacted Directly, usually VIA magic, and asked to join The Circle. If they do, the circle gives them knowledge and power needed to advance their cause, in exchange, they are asked to use this power to further whatever goals the circle has. They can also make requests. If the recruit has followers, they are rarely told what their master has joined, if they are told, they know nothing more than that it is an order of magi known as "the Circle".

Organization: Little is known about how the circle is organized, but it appears to be seperated into three parts, the Inner, Middle, and Outer Circles.
The Outer circle consists of members who primarily act independantly of the rest of the circle. Usually they have an independant goal and see the Circle only as the means to an end. Because outer circle members rarely have anywhere to go, once identified they are usually cut off from the Circle itself and eliminated. There are exceptions however, as occasionally members with more general goals have been able to escape and start working elsewhere.
The Middle Circle consits of members who work primarily for the Circle directly, often they go and direct the activities of Outer circle members. The goals of The Circle are Unknown, but the Middle circle primarily works to further them. Because The Inquistion dosn't know any Inner Circle members, and outer circle members are rarely able to act again after being identified, Almost all Circle Operatives identified here are part of the Middle Circle. Either that, or outside mercenaries that the Circle frequently uses. It is, of course, possible that these notes do include some Inner Circle members that we have yet to positivly identify as such.
No members of the Inner Circle have been caught or identified, all we know is that they know the true goal of the Circle. They never act directly. The usual method is for them to give orders to a member (or members) of the Middle Circle, who then use Outer Circle members to carry them out.

Note: it is often assumed that The Circle has an overarching goal, however, this is not neccessarily true. A large amount of evidence points to it being nothing more than an organization of mages working together in order to increase their own power. Either way, though captured members and documents both give evidence towrds there being an overarching goal, they have shed no light on what it might be.

That Said..

Codename: The Recruiter
Race: Appears to be human (See below)
Spellcasting type: Likely Wizard. Has been known to use Illusion, Divination, and Transmutation magic.
Position: Middle Circle, other than that, Unknown.
Role: Recruitment.
Notes: Has never actually been seen, However interogation of captured members of the Outer Circle has revieled that they were all contacted by a man identifying himself only as "The Recruiter". The Recruiter often appears suddenly in areas the potential recruit thought to be secure. They say they come from "The Circle of Enlightenment" and invite the potential recruit to join. When pressed for answers prisoners often found they couldn't remember what he looked like. It is suspected he uses Enchantment magic to make people forget his appearance. If they do remember anything, it is often only a few details. By using the details that show the most consistancy between reports, we deduce that he is a middle aged human of about average height and weight with a slight elvish accent and brown hair turning to grey. However, there is a high possiblity that there are multiple such "recruiters", as some prisoners have insisted that they were recruited by a young human woman or a wrinkled old goblin. A corrupted shaman insisted that he was recruited by a battle-scarred ork.

mabriss lethe
2008-10-03, 09:32 PM
Codename: The Heretic(s)
Race: Human or Human-like.
Spellcasting: Unknown. He/they seems to posess access to a wide array of abilities, none of them easily defined. (think Binder.)
Position: ground level operative
Role: Instigator.

Notes: A number of peasant rebellions, skilled labor strikes and social breakdowns can be laid at the heretic's door. No one really knows his true face, or if the Heretic is the same being every time. From notes taken from his public speeches, he appears to be a bitter man with a scholarly bend, most likely a defrocked priest. The pattern is the same regardless. He enters an area, talks the masses into a frenzy and then departs in the ensuing mayhem. He always appears in areas of heavy Circle activity. It seems his primary goal is to create a cover for removing operatives and sensitive operations from compromised areas.

2008-10-03, 09:39 PM
Code Name: Nowhere Man
Race: unknown
Spellcasting Type: Probably wizard
Position in Circle: Unknown, but has been in contract with many outer ring and middle ring members
Main Role: Transportation and communication
Notes: Nowhere Man has not been seen often, but his voice is said to be unmistakable. He is said to be in charge of most of the organizations teleporting and magical transportation of goods and personnel. His voice may ring in someones head before a portal appears to take them to their next destination and in many cases law enforcement who ambush a group of the orginzations cell, then the members may call out 'Nowhere Man, get us out!' and either they start to vanish or a portal appears for them to escape from. Attempts to trace the destination of these teleports have failed. It is suspected that he may also employ invisibility spells.

Code Name: Sister Grimm
Race: human lich
Spellcasting Type: either wizard or dread necromancer or cleric
Position in Circle: Unknown
Main Role: Information gathering and necromancy
Notes: Sister Grimm attained lichdom long ago and has maintained an unsettling fascination with death and corpses. She has quite a bit of inquisition training but her method of extracting information from someone usually involves killing them and then casting 'Speak with Dead' on their corpse. If she has a group to interrogate she will usually ask her questions politly and if anyone lies then she kills them and then forces their corpse to tell her the true answer. She retains much of her original flesh in a pale state except on her fingers and the around her teeth and jaws... which gives her a jarring perpetually grinning appearance. She moves by hovering about a foot off the ground, silently gliding along and most manipulation he does is tone through the use of mage hands created through her Hand of the Mage amulet and she speaks though telepathy. It seems she is concerned about the wear and tear that movement has on her undead form. She is responsible for creating many of the undead used by the Organization and its suspected that many people killed, captured, or otherwise get on the wrong side of the organization may end up as an experiment or raw material for her projects.

Code Name: M
Race: Human (possibly augmented and persuing the Renegade Mastermaker prestige class)
Spellcasting Type: Wizard or artificer
Position in Circle: Unknown
Main Role: Magic item production and equipment
Notes: A skilled magic item enchanter and conjurer, M is deemed to be among the top most talented crafters on the planet with the skills to craft masterwork versions of any weapon or item known and to create replicas virtually indistinguishable from the originals. His knowledge of alchemy and poisons is unmatched and the sheer imagination with which he creates his magic items leaves many in wonder. Many of the top members of the organization have magic items specially crafted by him and their troops wield arms and armor created by a mass of Unseen Crafters he conjures in his secret factory. He has been linked to several attempts to steal or examine artifacts or famous magic items or constructs.

Pie Guy
2008-10-03, 10:33 PM
Codename: Carol
Race: Human
Spellcasting: None
Position in Circle: Secratary
Main Role: Filing
Notes: Seen with circle members frequently. Do not kill, has valuable information.


Codename: "Fire"
Race: Unknown
Spellcasting: Wizard, probably
Position in circle: Unknown
Main Role: Evidence Destroyer
Notes: Witnessed occasionally at arson sites. Some remaining objects indicate Circle involvement. Do not approach. All investigations thusfar have ended with charred remains of investigators. Treat as hostile at all times.

2008-10-03, 11:53 PM
Feel free to leave information as "Unknown" as Ringfounder and Lythandris found only mentions of them in captured communications, though they would have applied a name (Even if it's just a number) to them for identification purposes.
Now I can't resist this, can I?

Code Name: 47
Race: Unknown
Spellcasting: None
Position: Unknown
Main Role: Assasination
Notes: Every hired killer and assasin knows stories of some supreme assasin whose preferred method is setting up lethal accidents or "natural deaths" for his/her/its victims. Not using any magic whatsoever is one of the main motifs of these stories. Whenever someone important dies of natural causes or an accident, rumors of the mysterious assasin start creeping around in the criminal circles. While most everyone considers him/her/it to be mere myth, some faint traces unearthed by inquisitors seem to imply that an assasin with a similar modus operandi is sometimes employed by the Circle. Even the most paranoid of inquisitors were skeptical at first, but a number of agents looking into this particular assasin who had reported some progress in their cases have all died of sudden health problems and freak accidents.

2008-10-04, 10:59 AM
I was actually thinking of using Agent 47 anyway. One of the PC's is an assassin based of Altair, and So I wanted to throw in Agent 47 for an assassin-off.

I may modify some of these, the idea is that I want the PC's to know I could use all of these. For example, I love the idea behind The Heretic, though I might change him to a bard because I don't have whatever book binders are in.

Ive already introduced a molotov cocktail throwing Circle agent, originally he was just a minion of The Gambler, but I may make him "Fire" as mentioned above, although I think I'll rename him as "The Arsonist"

2008-10-04, 11:32 AM
Real Name: Baer Shieldbanter
Code Name: The Tinker
Race: Dwarf
Spellcasting/abilities: Confirmed Artificer
Rank: Unknown
Role: Special weapons supplier, blacksmith, enchanter
Information: A dwarven artificer living and operating in the merchants area of town. Has been seen trading and conversing with several assumed members of the circle. Unconfirmed whether he is actually a member or even aware of the circle's existence or if he is indeed a full member. Possible lead towards circles supply routes. Recommend further observation.

Code Name: Ender
Race: Elf or half-elf. Probably elf
Spellcasting: Probably wizard. Seen to favour evocation and illusion magics.
Rank: Unknown but believed to be a mercenary.
Role: Unknown. Likely Assassination
Notes: Has a tendency to drink and throw spells around. Does not appear to hold much respect for the circle. Do not underestimate. He has shown to be incredibly intelligent despite his brash nature and may become extremely dangerous if cornered. Recommend negotiation.

2008-10-04, 11:56 AM
Code Name: Shadow Puppeteer
Race: Half-Elf
Spellcasting: Cleric
Rank: High non-command position in Middle Circle
Role: Intelligence, information logistics, special operations
Information: Female half-elf, rarely found without her husband/bodyguard (see Shadow Knife). Controls a large number of incorporeal undead, which she uses as spies, messengers, assassins, and the like. Highly ambitious and proud, she has on occasion contacted Inquisitors with intelligence on superiors that had committed some perceived slight against her, leading to the capture and/or elimination of these superiors and her subsequent promotion. Her information is generally reliable, and current policy is to allow her to continue operating in the hopes that she will eventually betray an Inner Circle member to the Inquisition.

Code Name: Shadow Knife
Race: Unknown, possibly half-elf
Spellcasting: Minor, possibly divine
Rank: Intermediate non-command
Role: Bodyguard, enforcer
Information: No individuals other than Shadow Puppeteer are believed to have ever seen the actual appearance of Shadow Knife and lived, as he continuously cloaks himself in magical disguises. While his skills are primarily stealth-oriented, he should not be underestimated in direct combat, as he is both well-equipped and a skilled and vicious fighter. Be very wary if you believe yourself to have encountered Puppeteer alone, as Knife may be concealed nearby, ready to strike if provoked. He is fanatically loyal to his wife, and has a tendency to eliminate anyone he sees as a threat. Do not underestimate him, as he usually holds several abilities and/or magic items in reserve for emergencies, and is far more resilient against most forms of attack than his appearance or profession would suggest.

2008-10-04, 05:03 PM
Code Name: One and a Half Axle
Race: Gnome
Spellcasting: Some sorcerer
Position: Outer Circle Counter-logistics
Main Role: Sabotage (rogue)
Notes: Refuses to kill, but the go to guy for sabotage and demolitions. Quick, discrete, timely.

Code Name: Roulette
Race: Half elf or elf
Spellcasting: Fatespinner
Position: Unknown
Main Role: Support
Notes: Always seems to be present for at all Middle Circle meetings but I've never heard her speak (mute?), and no one who seems to know her is willing to say who she is or what she position is.

2008-10-06, 08:59 AM
Nice. I like these, keep em coming.

2008-10-06, 01:27 PM
I thought of more, so I'll keep it going even though it is kind of a double post. These are guys that I used in my campaign.

Code Name: Idor
Race: Probably Human
Spellcasting: maybe some cleric, probably not
Position: Bodyguard for Middle Circle
Main Role: Defensive Bodyguard {devoted defender, or something like it}
Notes: A master of defense. Always seen with magic adamantine full plate and two magic adamantine shields. Seems to have many other spell-enhanced defenses and always standing in a defensive posture even when no threat is imminent. When there is, Idor is unflinchingly loyal to his charge and willing to take a blow for the charge.

Code Name: Ixinne
Race: Probably Human
Spellcasting: maybe some artificer, probably not
Position: Bodyguard for Middle Circle
Main Role: Offensive Bodyguard {most power comes from magic items more than it does from training}
Notes: Always seen paired with Idor (are they siblings? lovers? or simply partners who work well together?). Ixinne is literally covered with death traps. Some are mundane, others are single-use (slow reset, or small number of uses) magic items, but all are offensive attacks that can be triggered with a deliberate movement on part of Ixinne. She is often seen in very stiff positions for this reason. There is a rumor that Ixinne serves unwillingly, but is held hostage by some of her traps (who has the control?). Traps have been observed to include springloaded weapons, explosives and blades, acids, poisons, constricting objects, and even crackles of lightning.

Code Name: Mr. Brasteroff
Race: Gnome
Spellcasting: None
Position: Middle Circle
Main Role: Intelligence, Logistics, Financial support, and some Politics
Notes: Idor and Ixinne's current charge for at least the last two or three years. Mr. Brasteroff is the leader of a large crime syndicate and gambling enterprise. No one really knows how deep his network goes, as Mr. Brasteroff likes to play his games conservatively and also with the least information revealed as possible from the occasional defector. What is clear is that he is wealthy, connected to dangerous and skilled men, has access to an extended network of anonymous informants, and is rumored to have a hand in the local politics {What's local? Depends on where this was written}. Unfortunately, he has very little access to magical personnel, but does seem to believe the benefits of serving The Circle outweigh those of not having a hand in it.

2008-10-06, 06:44 PM
Code Name: The All source
Race: Human
Spellcasting: yes, exact powers unknown.
Position in Circle: Suspected to be leader of the western branch

Notes: Extremely deadly. Exact source of her magic is unknown, but was ordained in the Church Mystra (or Wee Jas, or other magic god). Known possessions include wand of fireball and other similar arcane tools. Suspected theurge.
Extreme caution is recommended even during passive observation of target. All plans for elimination must first include neutralization of partner and bodyguard 'The Chain'

Codename: The Chain
Race: Human
Spellcasting: None
Bodyguard and partner of 'the all source.' Impossibly quick warrior, wields a spiked chain. Suspected to have been a mid-ranking member of the Night Masks of Westgate (or other evil guild of your campaign). Recommended tactics for elimination: Separate from 'the all source' and take down from long range with large numbers.

notes: Make 'the all source' (I know its a dumb name...) a mystic theurge, or combo mystic theurge/ultimate magus. Multiclass penalties abound as a PC, but as a CR, can be extremely deadly. All the more so if 'the chain' is placed directly in front and used to prevent any PCs from getting into melee with the all source.

2008-10-07, 02:14 AM
Code Name: F*cking Jim
Race: Human, definitely
Spellcasting: none
Position: Middle Circle
Main Role: Loser
Notes: Seriously, who keeps on inviting this guy to the Middle Circle meetings? He doesn't seem to be particularly informative, or skilled in any trade. In fact, he frequently asks dumb questions, and generally gets in the way.

2008-10-07, 02:59 AM
Here's a few :

Code Name: Luren
Race: Human
Spellcasting: Cleric (Nerull)
Position: Outer circle
Notes: Luren is a mid-level cleric of Nerull, known to have taken on work under the Circle when it falls in line with Nerull's wishes. Specializes in summoning, particularly undead and demons, though he's shown some skill with the scythe. Notable is the belt of small skulls he wears, much like shrunken heads - these are custom-crafted items, created by taking the heads of those killed in Nerull's name and applying fell magic to reanimate them as shades of their former selves for a short time. Suspected to be one half of a team.

((Special information : These custom items are essentially 1/day "summon monster" items, using different monsters from what's on the spell list - but limited to what Luren has managed to kill and take the skull from. This can lead to a nasty encounter later on down the line, wherein if Lothos or Luren manages to fell a party member, that same party member may show up as part of Luren's personal retinue. Recommended build : Straight Cleric, or some sort of summoning PrC. Craft Wondrous Item feat is required for his summoning-items, which only work in the hands of a Nerull worshipper.))

Code name : Unknown (Real name : Lothos)
Race : Halfling
Spellcasting : unknown (Actual information : Spellthief + Asassin)
Position : Outer circle
Notes : Little is known about Luren's accomplice, aside from his small size and his deadly skill in combat. The little information gathered through Speak with Dead spells have told us only that he is a halfling, typically using two weapons, and deadly precision damage - and that he appears to have some ability related to hampering spellcasting.

((Lothos' actual build was something along the lines of either Rog3/Spellthief2, or Rog2/Spellthief3, if the latter gives 3d6 sneak attack. Feats include Two-weapon fighting and Master Spellthief. Levels past 5 are in the Assassin class, spells chosen primarily being ones allowing him to go undetected, or increase his movement abilities. He tends to shadow Luren, as both are followers of Nerull and are working to further his place in the world, and allows the cleric to be the face, while Lothos himself is the unseen artillery.

Lothos and Luren tend to work in tandem; Frequently before big battles, Luren will prepare at least one cure spell with the express intent of having Lothos steal it, just in case. He also loves stealing Chill Touch spells whenever he can, as they help a lot in hitting big, armored types.))

You could also use one of my other pet characters, Sienna Reed...

Code Name: Red
Race: Human
Spellcasting: None
Position: None
Main Role: Informant
Notes: Red, as she is known to us, is a beautiful woman, with a natural penchant for disguise and infiltration. Identified fairly easily when not in disguise by her long red hair and confident appearance. She is an informant for the Circle, whenever they need to obtain information with which to blackmail targets that would be more inconvenient dead. Has expensive tastes, and few scruples - she has been known to use her feminine wiles to obtain what she wants - , and so has provided the Inquisition with some of the information found in these documents, for a price. If identified, she is not to be harmed, as she may yet be able to provide us with further information. She is suspected to have informants of her own, which lets her know where valuable information may be gleaned.

2008-10-07, 03:44 AM
Code Name: Flame
Race: Orcish
Spellcasting: Evocation and Enchantment based.
Position: Unknown
Role: Arsonist/Assassin.
Notes: Flame seems to be an orc who has mastered arcane magic. Our sources suspect that he is behind a number of arson attempts from the Circle. His prefured method is to dominate someone, and blame the crime on them. However, the victim, who claims to be guilty, soon dies in custody. We suspect arcane involement here as well.

DM info-Flame is a Sharakim (RoD 103) wizard. He has acess to a spell (I forget the name, it's in Exemplars of Evil) which causes someone to die when aprehended by the casters enemies. It can only be cast on willing 'victims', but hey! That's what dominate person is for!

Code Name: Kaitou
Race: Human-suspected shapechanger.
Spellcasting: Simple spells.
Position: Unknown
Role: Theif
Notes: Kaitou has been seen on numerous occasions, after theiving an item of some description. However, he seems to avoid combat, and has allowed himself to be captured rather than fight. However, he is extremely difficult to catch, and harder to keep catch of. The only spellcasting he's been seen is spellcasting to improve his elusiveness, making him harder to see, catch and capture. He also seems to be a brilliant duisguise artist, far brilliant than a human should be.

Winged One
2008-10-07, 09:55 AM
Hm... well, one of my characters seems like he'd be good for this.

Codename: Chase(confirmed as an alias)
Race: Human
Spellcasting: Unknown, capabilities are different in every encounter Status as binder confirmed
Position: Low middle circle
Role: Counter-inquisitor
Notes: Do not be alarmed if he suspects you as an inquisitor; seems to suspect everyone outside the circle and most in the outer circle as such. Shows signs of addiction to being bound to a vestige, goes berserk when exposed to anti-magic. Does not show vesitge's sign except to middle circle members and people he intends to kill.

2008-10-11, 04:37 PM
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Codename:The Brigadier
Race: Human
Spellcasting: None
Position: Suspected Middle Circle
Role: Combat Command and Tactics
Notes: Originally suspected to be a simple mercenary, the frequency with which he has been linked to Circle activities makes the Inquisition suspect that he is a member of the Middle Circle. He is a skilled commander and is often seen commanding mercenaries or troops recruited from the Outer Circle. It is suspected that he may be Commander Daniel Railman of the House Estor Infantry, who vanished under mysterious circumstances several years ago.

Codename: Jack Oats
Race: Halfling
Spellcasting: Factotum
Position: Middle Circle
Role: Scout (Of sorts)
Notes: The codename stands for "Jack Of All TradeS", which is as good a description of him as any. His purpose is to go into situations the Circle knows almost nothing about and investigate them, then report his findings so that the Circle can send in somebody more specialized.

2008-10-11, 04:56 PM
Code Name: Pop Piper
Race: Elf, or Half-elf
Spellcasting: Minor, possibly definitely bard
Position: Seemingly low
Main Role: Recruitment
Notes: Often enters towns ahead of circle activity, proclaiming to be a "rat catcher" before stealing away all the children of town.
Has not been seen in person, but may or may not be involved with slave and prostitution trades.

Note: This entry was composed by "Paranoid" Jenkins, so all information should be taken lightly.

Code Name: bnu-bnu
Race: Kobold
Spellcasting: None, or more than operative can comprehend
Position: Non-existant, or very, very high
Main Role: Unknown
Notes: Do not approach, do not think of, do not refer to in any way, oh god oh god, the darkness is clawing at my eyes while tiny elephants burn in my nose.
Run while the world burns.