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2005-04-28, 08:04 PM
I really hate to be the one complaining about this sort of thing, but it's been quite a while since the last contest finished.

I know Mr. Burlew and everyone is rather busy, but I don't see it taking that much time and effort to set up the rules and parameters to a new contest.

Please correct me if I'm wrong. If not, let's get a contest rolling for all those crazy innovative gamers out there. Woohoo!

2005-04-28, 11:55 PM
I too want a new contest, but asking Rich to construct one given his current state of affairs would be asking a lot.

However, I would like to suggest something. Suppose we could put someone else in charge of the contest. Lets say that the overall winner of the previous contest, designs the next contest. I'm pretty sure that is someone had the creativity and know-how to create a winning entry, he could certainly construct a great contest. Also, the person who creates the contest could not participate in the one he created. This prevents one super creative person from winning each and every contest, and allows others to have a chance at winning.

It's just a suggestion, but I would like to get the ball rolling on the next contest as soon as possible. With new members joining each day I'm sure there's got to be some undiscovered talent lying around somewhere.

How does that sound?

2005-04-29, 02:38 AM
Why not have the other mods in control of the contest section take on the responsibility of choosing a contest and laying out the rules. If all the pressure wasn't on the Giant then maybe we could have a couple contests running at the same time.

I think some problems would arise if winners of previous contests had control over the next contest. Like could the winner participate in the next contest they created? If so, there is a risk of winners catering to themselves when creating the new contest. Also the pressure of thinking up of a new contest idea might discourage people to submit their idea in the first place.

How about the mods choose the contest and the winner of the previous contest has a say in the specific rules and parameters for the next contest with the mods.
That would give winners more of an active prize than just the monthly title.

2005-04-29, 06:32 AM
Those interested in another contest may wish to look at my reply on the contest board.