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2008-10-04, 10:33 PM
Hello everyone!

I'm trying to figure something out

There's a fantasy setting i've been working on for the last little bit, and i'd like to try it out with an RP here on the forums. Character-driven. Now, my favourite kind of RP is freeform, but freeform has the problem that it is not as stable as a structured system like DnD. However, freeform has the great advantage of simplicity. No dice rolls, no modifiers, no number crunching, just story telling. And that's why I like it. But I realize it's shortcoming.

So, here's what i'm looking to create: A system that offers the freedom and simplicity of freeform RPGing with the stability of a structured system like DnD. Ideally, it should be a system with minimal number crunching and dice rolls, but maintains structure and stability and doesn't need the constant attention of a GM to resolve all disputes.

Any suggestions, we're starting from scratch.

2008-10-05, 12:35 AM
Whenever a player wants to do something that they might not automatically succeed at, have them roll a d20 against a DC that you make up on the spot. Add or subtract a modifier based on that character's established traits. See if they succeed.

2008-10-05, 12:59 AM
There's also a very simple system called The Window somewhere on the web...all traits are represented by a die, from d30 (the worst) to d4 (god-like). Low numbers are better, obviously. It's simple and easy to run, and doesn't work badly for PbP games.

Zeta Kai
2008-10-05, 02:27 AM
I would suggest using Fudge (http://www.fudgerpg.com/fudge.html), with as complex or as simple as you want it to be, flexible yet minimally structured, & is a lot easier to play than making up your own system from scratch. If you don't have the discipline & determination to do what AstralFire is doing, then just use Fudge, & save yourself a ton of time & frustration.