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2004-11-02, 04:02 PM
I find it a little disconcerting that we are unable to discuss voting and politics here. I understand the reasoning, I think. I assume it is either because political discussion can make people feel like they hate someone they've hardly known because of the candidate they may or may not support or it is because it is seen as a distraction from gaming conversation.

I'm not sure that it is that great of a distraction, so I am assuming it is the former. (Yes...I know what happens when you assume.)

This bothers me because, well, it is election day in the U.S. I, personally, would be interested in hearing who the folks on this board support. I wonder if there are trends in gamers and computer users and roleplayers and the rest. I can understand avoiding political discussion as a moderator and as an administrator here, but I don't understand not allowing discussion amongst the Pixies and Dwarves of the playground. lol

Anyway, not expressing political viewpoints or anything like that. I would hope that everyone here of the legal age goes and votes (and that you realize that not voting is no longer the political statement it once was). So...in that aspect I am making an encouragement and recommendation.

I guess it's too late now that it's election day. But I'd hope that in another four years we could actively and openly engage in some political conversation. Even if it was only for a short time before the elections. It's been my experience with the gaming community that most within it are intelligent, opinionated folks capable of expressing viewpoints in a serious, well-thought manner. Whereas, the same is not so true of many other "communities." lol

That's enough of my ramblings. I hope this is the proper forum and that I have not really broken any rules.



2004-11-02, 05:04 PM
I wonder if there are trends in gamers and computer users and roleplayers and the rest.


As a moderator of a D&D message board that does allow political discussion, I can tell you that there really are no trends - we get all sorts of varying opinions on things from the far right all the way to the far left.

If you're interested, you're welcome to stop by. It's the Nifty Message Board (http://azure.bbboy.net/niftymessageboard).

As to why this particular board doesn't allow it, I can only guess. My personal experience (again, dealing with stuff from Nifty) is that once you allow posters to share the "real world" believes about things like politics, religion, etc it changes the whole dynamic of the board. Some people hold grudges, and that carries over to other places. Some people will discount opinions of other people, because they disagree with them on a topic. There is definitely periods of increased animosity, and it makes for challenging moderation of the boards. You have to enforce your CoC while being certain you aren't imposing your beliefs on the boards. Just a hunch - I'm guessing Rich doesn't want to deal with all that here. :)

2004-11-02, 06:33 PM
I suppose. Still...I think it'd be a good thing when election time rolls around to allow for political discussion. Perhaps make those off-topic conversations allowed for a short period of time. Instruct moderators to remain neutral (and note that those participating are unlikely to become moderators after taking a stance) and go from there.

Anyway...just my wonderings. Not that it matters all that much at the moment. We are drawing very near to the end of election day.


2004-11-02, 07:04 PM
It's clear that this is an important need to you. However, it's not a need that the Giant desires to fill. As Zherog points out, there are other places where political discussions are welcome.

The Giant and I have been around gaming message boards for many years, and I can safely say that I've rarely found these conversations remain civil or constructive for long. When you add the potential for anti-american sentiment from overseas coupled with american nationalism, these things tend to degenerate quickly.

We're also going to assume that not as many poster's here are as interested in these discussions as you are. We'd like to keep this a gaming centric board.

I'm also going to ask you not to expound on the importance of voting here, as well. You may not agree, but that's as political a discussion as whom to vote for, and considered off-topic.

2004-11-06, 08:14 PM
Posted by: RawBearNYC Posted on: Nov 2nd, 2004, 11:04pm We're also going to assume that not as many poster's here are as interested in these discussions as you are. We'd like to keep this a gaming centric board.
I share Cleb's opinion that when the threads are leaning towards it we should be able to talk about politics, religion etc.
Know what you mean about arguments breaking down though. I spent enough time playing in Blizzard communities to see that many gamers are also morons.

2004-11-10, 05:24 PM
Hadn't checked on this topic in a few days. Nice to see some who agree with me, Dainbramage.

I have no intention of furthering this on. I just hadn't read the two responses to mine since I'd posted this here.

I was unaware that there were members of society who still viewed "not voting" as a political statement. lol I thought society had moved past that.

I enjoy this site quite a bit. The active member population is by no means small, but not as large as some of the other message boards. I've enjoyed my short stint here with these folks. I've found you all to be very intelligent and, in most cases, capable of formulating words into sentences and expressing your views.

I understand keeping political, religious, and other such controversial conversation to a minimum (or completely irradicating it, rather). But at important times (i.e. major elections) I suppose I personally thought it would be an interesting idea to place a forum aside for the conversation. Keep the mods active and neutral on the issues (the downside to being a mod...if you wanted to get involved anyway). After the election is over, allow a few days to discuss the results, and then end the forum. I understand keeping it civil and whatnot. That's what mods are for. We'd know that outside that forum it's off-limits. Which leaves those that don't want to be involved an easy way to avoid it - Don't click there! lol

Anyway, I apologize if this was upsetting or wrong for discussion. I find it rather disheartening that I was forced to worry about being disliked for wanting to engage in political discussion and having the thread locked, despite having posted in the proper forum and obeying all of the rules.

Obey the laws of the land...even when fighting against them.


The Wise Assassin

2005-02-25, 07:27 PM
Thoreau had both good and bad points in Civil Disobedience...it just depends on which end of Transchendentalism you want to sit at. I think the best part of it as a life-philosophy is that no matter what, if you find out you were wrong, you can change and its like you were never wrong...Sorry, just wandering off in though there.

Seriously though, I have seen political and religious discussions completely split apart people who, before, were very good friends, and not online. I'm talking face to face, solid friendships. Its just not something I see this site wanting to deal with because of the fact that it is attempting to be "game-oriented". In the end, I guess it comes down to agreeing to disagree in an agreeable manner.