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2008-10-06, 12:13 AM
So, having been bored to tears and ticked that the original MotUH was so hard to qualify for without taking a hefty LA, I REDUX!'d it so that most characters with even a glimmer of a magical bent could take it. I also reworked a few of the abilities (Copyright and all). Tell me what you think.



Watch your step.

Telekenesis. Swords. Throwing people for fun. Sound cool?


Feats: Iron Will
Skills: Spellcraft, Autohypnosis or Knowledge (Arcana/Psionics) 18 ranks, Sleight of Hand 9 ranks
BAB: +10 or higher
Special: Must have once been effected by a high level force effect or spell (including Telekenesis). Also, must be able to manifest powers/cast spells, SLAs, use an innate supernatural ability or have a magical heritage.

Class Skills
The MotUH's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concentration (CON), Craft (INT), Intimidate (CHA), Jump (STR), Knowledge (Arcana) (INT), Profession (WIS), Spellcraft (INT) and Sleight of Hand (DEX).
Skills Points at Each Level: 2 + int

Hit Dice: d8

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+2|Telekenesis, Force Throw

+2|Mental Warrior

+3|Phantom Army

+3|Warrior's Insight

+4|Telekenesis at will, Mental Storm[/table]

Weapon Proficiencies: A MotUH gains no additional weapon or armor proficiencies.

Telekenesis: At 1st level, a MotUH gains the ability to cast Telekenesis as a SLA with a CL equal to her Hit Dice. She may use this ability once per encounter and additionally once per day per level of MotUH she has. Using the Violent Thrust ability does not end the casting as it usually does but a MotUH cannot use it more than once per encounter. At 3rd level, she may use the Violent Thrust ability every 1d4 rounds. At 5th level, she may cast Telekenesis at will and as an Extraordinary ability.

Force Throw: You can throw things with force. In addition to the three abilities granted by Telekinesis, you may focus all of your energy on a single object or creature, hurling it in a direction of your choice. Objects deal damage at the DM's discretion while enemies must make a Will save (DC equal to 15 + your highest mental ability modifier) or be thrown up to fifteen feet per MotUH level and take 1d6 falling damage per five feet thrown upon landing. A successful save halves the damage and the forced movement. This ability may not move more than 50 lbs. of items per CL. You may not use this ability more than once per casting of Telekinesis.

Mental Warrior: A MotUH can kill you with her mind. At 2nd level, she may use Telekenesis to weild a weapon by focusing on it as a standard action each round. The weapon must be one either weilded by the MotUH, a willing ally or unattended. Treat the weapon as if the MotUH were weilding it normally except as noted below
BAB equals the MotUH's character level
Use the MotUH's highest mental ability modifier (or the relevant casting ability's) in place of the Str modifier.
The weapon cannot flank opponents.
The weapon does not provoke AoOs.
The weapon cannot make full attacks but can make AoOs.
While using this telekinetic ability, the MotUH cannot use any other available telekinetic ability (like Violent Thrust.)

Phantom Army: A MotUH can raise an army of weapons to fight with at the cost of accuracy. As a standard action each round, she may telekinetically fight with a number of weapons equal to half of her Hit Dice. As she cannot concentrate fully on each of them, she must split her BAB up between them however she wishes but must spend at least 1 BAB point on each weapon. For example, a 15 Rog/3 MotUH can telekinetically fight with up to 9 weapons. She must divide her BAB up amongst all nine to do so, granting each of them a severly diminished chance to hit. Each weapon must be within fifteen feet of one another but may share spaces.

Warrior's Insight: At 4th level, the MotUH can control mind-weapons much more effectively. A telekinetically weilded weapon may make full attacks and weapons with a BAB of +10 or more may flank opponents.

Mental Storm: As a swift action, a MotUH can evoke a Mental Storm. All objects weighing less than 10 lbs. per CL beging whirling in a cyclone around the MotUH, damaging enemies while avoiding allies. This whirlwind of detrius adds a +5 deflection bonus to the MotUH's AC and deals 2d6 force damage per round to all enemies within 10 feet. The Mental Storm lasts indefinitely as long as the MotUH spends a swift action to keep it going.