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2008-10-06, 12:33 AM
its G.A.S.!!!

the project started out as something of a book i started writing. after posting it on a website, people started saying 'hey this would make a great movie' or 'hey this would make a great game', or mostly 'hey you suck!'

anyway i desided to flip everything up and turn the project into a sci-fi D20 base game. I love the classic D&D and really dont want to take away from that, but i want to try to apply it to the d20 universe where it looks and feels like a futuristic fantasy world, but not so unrealistic where players cant relate to thier characters. ive gotten world histories, country maps, world maps, races and a rough sketch on classes (im shooting for a barebones stripped down d20 system where i add in practacly everything thats missing except the rules). now ive never done something this massive before so im looking for advice and critics. id say my expirence with pen and paper is 90% D&D. Now i dont have much on me right now (just PCSd to hawaii and my books havent gotten here yet) but ill be sure to upload what i have in my project folder to the thread.

by the way, if you want to see an unedited version of the first couple chapters of the story which inspired the making of GAS, visit this link


as soon as i get my project book and all of my notes (as well as a reliable image hosting site to scan my maps and artwork) ill share it with you.

btw, hi im Turkey, im new here *waves*