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2004-12-10, 06:00 PM
The Buzz Comix link is getting pretty far down your opening page. If you intend to try to stay up at the top for longer, you might consider reposting the link in a future entry. I know that fairly soon, even an interesting one page comic won't be quite enough incentive to scroll down and search for the right link.

White Blade
2004-12-10, 06:13 PM
um you know its on the bottom of the comic pages you know.

2004-12-10, 06:45 PM
No, I didn't know that! Thanks.

I'm not a big fan of scrolling down. Most likely, I never scrolled down far enough to see it. LOL.

2004-12-12, 09:09 PM
It used to be at the top of the comic page, but rich wanted room for the book banner, so we moved it down. It's not that much to scroll down, and you'll likely laugh again at whatever comic is up :) Or, if you're serious about voting, bookmark it :)

2004-12-30, 01:28 PM

And now, Buzz tells me (for the last 3 days, in fact) that Rich is exceeding his bandwidth and it won't let me vote...

Is he still #1?

2004-12-30, 02:32 PM
Rich isn't exceeding the bandwidth limit, Buzz Comics is. And, we here in the Playground believe that it's all our fault. That the mass movement on our part ot keep OOTS at the top of the list has pushed Buzz Comics over the limit.

Of course, that means that noone can vote for anyone until after 1/1, so we're locked in the number one position. Another month to go!!!!

2004-12-30, 03:45 PM
You mean WE are responsible for that!!



White Blade
2004-12-30, 06:06 PM
Um actually Yeah, I think they'll boost Oots to the hall of fame early.

2005-01-14, 05:50 PM
I just tried to vote on the Buzz Comix link
but got diverted to
telling me the account was SUSPENDED!

2005-01-14, 10:13 PM
It's not just Richs "stuff" there - it's the whole thing. If you try to go to www.buzzcomix.net you get re-routed to:


and the page says the same thing. Seems to me somebody over at bcx didn't pay their bill this month. ;)

2005-01-15, 08:21 PM

looks like they've finaly paid their bill. They're back online. So, what're you waiting for? Vote for OOTS! ::)

Master of Dragons