View Full Version : The_Baron and "Guest" status

2004-12-21, 10:19 PM
I know the poster called The_Baron in real life. He posted a few times in November, then about Thanksgiving decided to take a break from the forum for a while. In the meantime, he changed email addresses/internet hosts.

He's tried to log onto the site, but it doesn't let him. If he has the system email his password to him, it will be going to his old email account where he can't get it.

We look at his old posts and they show him as only having "Guest" status. I know he had some problems with his profile - I watched him put in the profile information and hit submit (which is all I did) and the system seemed to accept it, but the next day it would be different (missing avatar image, or missing the quote under the avatar image, etc.) At the time, I assumed it would get straightened out eventually.

Can you tell me what the deal is? The last reply to him was sort of ambiguous too - like maybe he was banned. Was he?

2004-12-22, 06:18 PM
Yup, The_Baron was banned. He called the Giant juvenile. Calling anyone juvenile is a gross violation of the rules, and, like the Giant said, doing it to the owner of the boards is just extra stupid.

2004-12-23, 03:43 AM
Do you know that for sure, or are you just saying that's your opinion, given the posts?

2004-12-24, 11:15 AM
voice of a Moderator

The_Baron, was, in fact, banned from these boards for inappropriate behavior. If he feels his banning was unjust, he can contact me or Rich and discuss it.

We encourage all posters here at the Giant in the Playgrounds Games to read the "Rules of Posting" stickied at the of this forum.

Thank you.

2004-12-27, 09:48 PM
Looking back on some of his replies to topics, it seemed he just looked through things and skimmed w/o actually thinking ofwhat he was posting and how it would affect anyone. It seems he was more along the lines of "I know everything, and you know nothing" which is not a good way to behave. Is that why he was banned?

2004-12-29, 11:55 AM
No, that isn't a good enough reason to be banned unless you're abusive about it. The specifics of his banning, however, aren't really for public record.

We encourage everyone to read the rules of posting, however.