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2008-10-07, 11:34 PM
Not actually homebrew yet, hence the Gaming section instead: I'm working on some stuff roughly equivalent to spells, and I need to balance some...not sure whether they're any good.

As to casters having a crappy touch attack, these are from PrCs which get a new type of casting, and one of them is based off Barbarian, so for the first two at least the caster would have a high BAB

1. Equivalent 3rd level spell: 1d4 Dex damage, 1d4 Con damage, requires a touch attack.

2. Equivalent 5th level spell: 3d4 Dex and 3d4 Con damage, requires a touch attack.

I'm probably gonna give them somewhat harsh material components, so that it'd be troublesome to cast them en masse and regularly.

3. Equivalent 5th level spell: summons a sword, treat as +3 longsword. Lasts 5 rounds or until dropped/dismissed. Needs touch attacks instead of normal attacks to hit (bypasses armor) and bypasses damage reduction.

4. Equivalent 3rd level spell: in a 10 ft. area, everyone takes 5d6 damage per round and can't act, but gets a DC 18 Reflex save each round, going down by 4 each time (to 14, then 10) to avoid all damage and end the effect.

5. Equivalent 8th level spell: Make a touch attack. They have to make a DC 26 fortitude save. If they make it, they take 5d6 untyped damage that bypasses DR and get -4 morale minuses to hit, damage, AC, and saves for a number of rounds equal to damage dealt. If they fail the save, they die, and have to make a second DC 26 fortitude save or it destroys their soul, requiring a Wish/Miracle then True Resurrection to bring them back.

6. Equivalent 2nd level spell: +20 ft. to movement speed. Lasts hours.

7. Equivalent 8th level spell: all unarmed strikes get +6 to hit and deal an additional 2d8 sonic damage. Lasts hours. (This is partially designed to balance monks).

Those are most of the ones I'm concerned about the balance with.

2008-10-08, 11:12 PM
No help with my balance? Cmon, I'm sure there are some comments to be made.