View Full Version : Access problem

2004-11-10, 08:11 AM
I am the only one to have problems accessing the forum - I couldn't make it Monday evening nor Tuesday (at around 19:00, which means 13:00 forum time) ? :-/

2004-11-10, 11:54 AM
The growing popularity of the Order of the Stick is socking the hell out of my server. You'll find, on days when there's a new strip up, that things are going to slow down. Rich and I are talking about other hosting options.

2004-11-12, 06:14 AM
Dammit, that's everyday now :'(

Mabe I should'nt vote anymore ... No more vote, no more popularity, no more access problem ? 8) Uhhh. Can't ... Must vote ... Incentive addict too ...