View Full Version : Savage worlds, avatar style!

2008-10-09, 05:22 AM
I know there is already an avatar d20 system in the making here on the forum, and they have done quite well. However I was wondering what would be needed to play avatar with the savage worlds system. I think that getting a list of powers/bendings would be useful and getting down what sort of edge bending is. Ie, what sort of drawback does it have on a 1 on the roll.
Anybody in for working in on this a bit? Any suggestions?

2008-10-09, 05:53 AM
Powers quick list:
Barier; earth and water, fire should have a variant that doesnít stop but damage. (like the armor description in the revised rules) the trapins for earth should be left behind.
beast friend not used. Or an avatar power.
Blast all should be able to use this.
Bolt everybody should have this.
boost/lower I donít think this would be used. Or Perhaps Part of the "golem" form?
burrow earth bender, clearly.
Burst I think everybody should be able to do this.
Deflection Kind of a main air power.
dectect not used, or an avatar power.
dispel breaking bending is something often done.
Elemental manipulation I think all the benders should get this one free, or an adoption of it.
entangle earth and water.
environmental protection Fire and water, perhaps air.
Fear not used.
Fly Air, requires glider.
Healing (greater) water, big plus of water.
Invisibility donít think so.
Light fire, but all fire powers should produce light.
Obscure water, earth (dust) perhaps air?
puppet water, blood bending.
quickness Not used.
shape change not used.
Smite Fire empowering unarmed combat. (fire daggers)
[speak language[/b] avatar power?
Speed Air.
Stun Air. (suits them well, big area but non lethal.
telekinesis[ /b] Air, water only water and earth only earth?
[b]teleport would make a nice avatar power but not used.
Zombie Not used.

Since players would want to start having a few powers I would say that a 3 starting powers type arcane background would work best. But they have the On a 1 you are stunned rule. Tough this is expectable I wonder how setting correct it is. Are there examples of benders overdoing it and lowering their defences because of it?