View Full Version : [3.5] Help with a bard/swiftblade BBEG

2008-10-09, 07:34 AM
I'm creating a bard 7/swiftblade 6 BBEG for my campaign and would like help to make it a challenge for my players. He's focused around melodrama, being a kind of genre-savvy card-carrying villain.

My players are:
Group 1: Half orc fighter 7 (schythe wielder, happens to have wings)
Human Fighter 8
Elf druid 7 (wildshapes into bears a lot)
Human cleric of Obad Hai 7

Group 2: Kobold psion 3/wizard 3/cerebremancer 4
Half orc fighter 8
Changeling druid 8

No ToB
Most others available.

2008-10-09, 11:55 AM
So you're looking for Feats and Gear? Or strategies?
Are the two groups going to encounter this villain at once or seperately?

The first suggestions that come to mind when I think "Swiftblade":

Enter Swiftblade with Expeditious Dodge from Races of the Wild. It's a much prettier feat than the normal Dodge and it's a much better fit for a Swiftblade. Be sure to take Elusive Target from Complete Warrior--it's a great defensive feat, you already have the prerequisites down and it allows some very stylish maneuvers. As far as stylish maneuvers are concerned, Combat Panache from PHB2 also has some pretty slick options that will probably fit nicely with a charismatic villain. Snowflake Wardance from Frostburn lets you add Charisma to damage rolls with slashing weapons at the cost of a Bardic Music use.

As far as gear is concerned, Slippers of Battledancing from the DMG2 let a character add Charisma to attack and damage rolls with one handed weapons as long as they move 10ft or more in a round, as well as a few other nifty benefits.