View Full Version : Seemingly silly question!

2004-09-24, 07:37 PM
Do you infringe copyrights if you use the EXACT same color as copyrighted material? (Same amount of R,G,B.. etc.) I'm guessing no, but I have to make sure.

2004-09-24, 10:13 PM
I'm not sure exactly what you're asking about and I'm no lawyer but I'm pretty sure you can't copyright a color.

2004-09-24, 10:15 PM

Whatever, screw the question, I'm going to assume that you can't copyright a color.

2004-09-26, 01:47 PM
Good assumption.

You use colors to make a picture the same ways you use letters to make a story. The story is copyrightable, but the letters arent.

RBG offers 16,581,375 different color options (255 to the third power). Now that seems like alot, but if you consider every color that every graphic designer in the world might use in a year, you're bound to have overlap.

You can even use, say, Citibank Blue on your commerical products. This is sometimes done to associate your products with someone else's reputation. Tho, the more ethically minded of us might look at you and say "huh".