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Innis Cabal
2008-10-09, 10:01 PM
Fluff to come shortly. This is not an original idea, just a conversion. PrC to come with it as well.

Mushi are the most pure form of life, not animal, not plant, but something different all togather. Both in the heavens and deep somewhere within the very world are streams, the first The River in the Vaulted Heavens, the other the Life Stream. These grand rivers are the source of all life, and the source of many of the mushi that inhabit the world. It is to be noted common people can not in fact see these strange creatures, only those strong of spirit, or those somehow "cursed" can see them. Most are completly harmless to human and animal life, though there are some that can not live in the same area by merit of their position in nature.

While their forms vary, most commonly appear as floaters. Presented here are several


The Living Hand
This Mushi infects the left hand of an individual, and its form has yet to be seen. It has no known way of removal though its effects are mostly harmless. Once infected( some say by birth) the infected can bring to life anything written with his left hand as inky creatures. They have 1 hp and 1 AC on creation.

The Eye Dark
This Mushi dwells in the eyes of a victim, causing them to gain the Light Sensitivty ability. The ability slowly removes the creatures eyes, leaving only dark holes. These Mushi come from the Life Stream, and those looking to long into it are infected. The only way of removal is by exposing the infected to moon light, the hated enemy of the Eye dark. The eyes then exude a thick luminous liquid in a torrent, where in a heal check must be made to remove it.

The Un
The Un appears as a snail like, lightly glowing creature that feeds on sound. It has been known to live in the ears of humans and animals if food is in short supply. This habitation causes a deafness effect in the infected. They can be removed with hot salt water and an appropriate heal check.

The Ah
The Ah is a brother(or sister) mushi to the Un, living off the silence the Un create. They, like the Un are known to inhabit human bodies, the ears to be exact, and habitation of both an Un and an Ah can happen, resulting in strange horn like growths. The removal of an Ah is easy, popping when they are assaulted with sound, the most common way of such is to place your hands over your ears, the tendons and muscle movement making enough noise to kill them.

Fleeting Dream
The Fleeting Dream reside in the pillows of sleepers, effecting the dreams of the sleeper. This effect is quite powerful, exhibiting prophetic dreams. The truth is darker though, the dreams actually being re-created in the mortal world by the Fleeting Dream. This is up to the DM how it manifiets, and can be very powerful, ranging from biblical plagues to bountiful harvests. The longer an infected dwells with the Fleeting Dream the stronger the re-creation of dreams, and the more powerful and destructive these dreams become. Cutting the pillow results in a slow, withering death for the infected. There is no known cure for this Mushi.

The Water Worm
The form of the Water Worm is indistinct, often obscured by the water it travels with. The mushi attempts to move to any water source, where it then dwells until returned to an earthy location, to repeat the process. It absorbes water on the way, and often times appears as a wandering mobile swamp as it moves through its journey. Any human drinking the water infected with a water worm gains an unquenchable thirst, drinking as much as they can, as often as they can until their body desalinates and the infected dies. There is no cure for this mushi.

The Inhaled Dew
This Mushi, named only recently, appears as a beautiful purple flower that dwells in caves. This flower is very short lived, living exactly a day. If a human is present, the pollen is then drawn into the nasel passage of the host, imbedding itself there in, and drawing the human into its life cycle. At every new dawn, the host dies, aging rapidly, exhaling new spores to be breathed in, recreating the cycle of birth and death. The only known cure of this mushi is to remove the spore before the next dawn, requiring a heal check.

Rainbow Snake
One of the simplest mushi in the mushi world. The Rainbow Snake appears as its name implies, a twisting rainbow. Those who come into contact with the Rainbow Snake becomes connected for a time, seeing the snake at odd and random intervels, before it leaves. The infected forever search for the beautiful lights, dying of dark depression. There is no cure for this mushi.

Thousand Sea, Thousand Mountain
This is in fact a mass of thousand mushi, which travel from the mountain to the sea, and live together for a thousand days, before becoming a massive single mushi. This creates a dense fog where ever the creature’s are, and after the thousand days, the form of the single mushi becomes that of a giant centipede. Any boat caught in the transformation are caught in a time sink, the full thousand days of the merging, exiting when the new mushi is born. A survival check is required every thirty days to make sure the boar and crew are alive(DC 40). Otherwise, the mushi itself is harmless to humans.

The Heavy Fruit
The Heavy fruit is a bud of the Life Steam, growing in regions heavily tainted by the powerful almost cancerous growth of the Stream. If a person eats plant life grown from this region, a large, tooth like growth appears at the roof of the mouth, falling out on its own. If this is planted with the next harvest, it is certain no matter the conditions of the soil or years weather the next harvest will be bountiful, and will always produce a Heavy Fruit. The price is any single person planting the Fruit will die, and can not be brought back to life by any means, becoming one with the Life Stream.

Cloud Eater
The Cloud Eater is a strange mushi, dwelling in the water of clouds. The mushi can control temperatures, and often times falls to earth in the form of hail or snow, then borrowing into the ground, where it freezes itself until it is reawakened by water. While almost always benign to human life, it is possible for these mushi to fuse with stone or earth, and become processed with metal weapons or stonewear, even buildings. When water comes into contact with these mushi, they become a misty cloud, any inhaling the mist begin to freeze to death. The only way to cure an infected with this mushi is to keep them warm and get them to higher ground immedialty, where the Cloud Eater will begin feasting on the colder air, and leave the host. This requires a knowledge (Mushi) check(DC 35)

Bed Straw
The Bed Straw are known as the Mountains Roots, acting as the eyes and ears of the mountain for a Mushi Shi who is able to utlize them. With a successful knowledge(Mushi) check a Mushi Shi can gain Tremor sense while on the particular mountain the Bed Straw reside.

The Dark Ocean
The Dark Ocean is a strange, dark mushi that feeds on smaller weaker mushi. It is a nocturnal mushi, hiding in daylight in the shade of trees. Creatures dwelling near the Dark Ocean lives in dire peril, as its “sister” mushi is incredibly lethal to human life. Humans can also wander into the Dark Ocean as it comes out to feed, which appears as a dark mist in the air. If you can recall your own name, it is possible to walk out of the darkness safely. If you cannot remember your name you must allow the Dark Ocean to devour a single eye, the mark of all creatures that dwell near the Dark Ocean. Continued exposure to the Dark Ocean will convert any living to darkness. Remembering your name requires a DC 20 int check.

Illuminated Fish Made Flesh
The Sister of The Dark Ocean, the Illuminated Fish Made Flesh converts all excess energy of the Dark Ocean as it eats into light. This light is powerful enough to slowly render anything within to darkness. This mushi appears as a bright glowing eyeless ocean. It is this mushi that makes the Dark Ocean even more dangerous. Being bathed in this light is very harmful, and only directly avoiding it can save you from its effects.

False Hair
This Mushi appears as a single long thin white glowing strand, devour light, dwelling at the tops of trees and other high places to gain the light they need to survive. One of the eerier tendancies of this mushi, when it cannot gain enough light, is the use of fresh corpses. They move inside the dead body, animating it. This corpse has no stats, and 10 hit points. It then sprouts from the back of the neck during the day, usually unnoticeable in a creatures hair. Sadly, removal of the creature does nothing to aid the infected.

The Lodger Bamboo
A parasitic mushi, the Lodger Bamboo takes the natural step of a bamboo grove, infecting its single root system, living off the communal grove. Though while it is a parasite, it gives the grove the power of life, creating a thicker and stronger grove, thus creating more food for itself. It also has a strong mythical power, impregnating human women with children, which are apart of the grove as well. The child is born in a bamboo shoot, and even if they die, they will regrow. Such hybrids must live off the sap of the bamboo to live. The sap also has special controlling properties, even capable of controlling humans who drink it. Killing the Lodger Bamboo slays all who have lived off its sap for even a short period of time, and will in turn kill the entire forest it is connected to.

False Breath
This mushi appears as a glowing white butterfly, a dead flower petal or a cocoon depending on the cycle of their life, live in cold climates where spring ends early. The aroma of this mushi is such that it can raise hibernating creatures from slumber, and create a spring like environment for a short duration. It then feeds off the life energy of the creatures, placing them back into a deep slumber, awakening them in the actual spring when they “bloom”. This can effect more then simple animals, and only the bloom of the mushi can awaken a creature from its slumber. While in this slumbered state, the creature does not age or require food.

The Kagedama eats memories, appearing as a shadowy snake like image that runs across the ground. It is killed by sunlight, but can creep through shadows, into a human’s ears and deep into their brain where they devour the memories there in. An infected loses a single point of wisdom a day, and once it is reduced to 1, they slowly begin to drain intelligence, until it is at one as well. Once this has happened, the Kagedama devour the last remains of the scores, and move on. As this happens, the infected begin to lose memories, fist ones that happen seldom, such as visiting distant relatives, to more common place ones, until they eat your memory on how to breath. The only way to live with a Kagedama is to make new memories every day.

The Uro-San appear as small moving balls of slick almost wet hair. They hate being in open spaces, and has developed a strange power to “teleport” through a sub-space known only as the Uro Passage Way. Mushi Shi utilize these Uro by placing them in silk cocoons with a single hole, covered by a single prayer strip, there are always a pair of these, making it two per single Uro. Mushi Shi can place notes and mail inside, where they will teleport to the sister cocoon housed in special Mushi warehouses, where they can be sent to the right people. These cocoons do decay, and must be replaced.
The most dangerous aspect of these mushi is in their teleport ability. If a single one is trapped in a room, they will teleport when an open space is provided to get away from the open area, taking everything in the immediate area with them to the Uro Passage Way, where living things typically die of exposure. It is wise to leave all doors and windows open slightly, never shutting them or opening shut doors where Uro congregate.

The Tepangusa appears as a comet in the sky, though it act nothing like it. It feeds off of other mushi high in the sky, though when its food is scare, it can lower a long thin strand down to the earth to fish for mushi there. Sometimes humans can get caught by the “line” but are thrown back, those that do not die on impact remain stuck to the line, drifting always above the earth stuck between the two worlds of Mushi and Human, invisible to the human eye. Giving people a reason to return to the human world is the only way to cure their infection.

The Watahaki
The Watahaki is a predatory mushi, appearing as a puff of green fluff that moves through the world. They infect women almost always pregnant, killing the baby and fusing with its corpse until it has come to term, in which place it is born a glob of green protoplasm. After a week, the protoplasm grows into a human child appearing as the birth child. These children live for about 3 years, growing quickly before dying and releasing more spores into the air. If the host parents have taken in the child, the mother quickly becomes infected, accelerating the cycle. A main body also presents itself(though being a mushi remains invisible to the human eye) where the first “child” is born, fire being the only way to remove it, though the “children” will protect the parent body. The children also learn quickly, each new generation knowing what the last learned in their life

Dragon’s Maw
The Dragon’s Maw is a deep sea dwelling mushi, though they come to the surface, for what reason is not clear. They feed on mortal lifetimes, reducing all that they catch into embryonic “gems” that hatch a year after they are created, a fresh new born version of the creature being created. This creature retains its memories of its past life mostly. There is no defense against this mushi save avoiding it. They appear as large black tentacles with glowing blue orbs at random intervals.

The Yasabi appear as moving spots of rust, and feed’s on distinct sound. This Mushi is mostly harmless to creatures, though certain people can be born with their voice sounding much like the sound they feed off of. When they settle on a person, they slow their movement until they can no longer move. Salt is their natural enemy.

2008-10-10, 08:35 AM
It's a little confusing. Do the ink drawings have stats? What exactly are Mushi and these other things. Are they bugs? This looks interesting but it could use refinement.

2008-10-10, 09:32 AM
Avtually Mushi is a life form far from anything any human except the Mushishi know about.

And it is actually the subject of one of the single best animes that exist, Mushishi, besides this post might not make alot of sense in canse you have not seen the series...

Innis Cabal
2008-10-10, 01:17 PM
Fluff to come shortly. This is not an original idea, just a conversion. PrC to come with it as well.

Its not done. By a long shot. I just posted what I have

Yes, the ink creatures have stats. They have 1 HP and 1 AC. Nothing else.

2008-10-10, 01:47 PM
Thats so strange to read since Mus(c)hi is the german word for p*ss*...

Innis Cabal
2008-10-10, 06:38 PM
All of them are up. PrC to come soon.

Innis Cabal
2008-10-11, 09:55 PM
No thoughts? Hate or otherwise?