View Full Version : AGAIN???

The Giant
2003-11-13, 09:22 PM
Yeah, we were down for the night yet again. Believe me when I say alternatives are being looked into for moving the site to a more stable server, though our budget is close to nil. Thanks for your patience, unless you have been impatient, in which case, :P

2003-11-13, 09:24 PM
I seem to be under constant onslaught by an apparently inept but destructive hacker. They're attempting to install a rootkit on my maching, but failing to finish the job. I'm gonna have to take the server down for another rebuild soon to repair their idiocy.

Sorry for the inconvenience, all.

2003-11-13, 11:02 PM
What wonder's one reaps when advertising one's site on the world wide web.

Wear your "My site got hacked and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" with pride. ;D

2003-11-13, 11:19 PM
What would the monthly cost be of keeping the site up on a separate server?

While my budget is tight, $10 a month is within that for me and I'm sure some others here. Maybe we could chip in and help out.

The Giant
2003-11-14, 12:41 AM
Thanks Dan...once Ray looks into what our options are and what the cost is (I have no idea myself), maybe I'll set up a donation system.

2004-08-07, 02:18 AM
maybe I'll set up a donation system. Howdy. Long time visitor, first time poster. Thought it made sense to bring the subject back up and point people that way to keep the "side" ad free:


I also think its a great idea to give out 'freebies' such as the wallpaper- works for Public broadcasting. ;)