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Inhuman Bot
2008-10-11, 07:02 AM

So, I'an playing an IK campaign, and wanted to know if the swashbuckler class was very good mechanicly, and rpwise, for an IK game.

The background is that we're a special millatry unit for Cygnar (Emphises on special), and run missions for them such as scouting, and delivring items of importence to their officers.

The party consists of:

A Ios elven ranger who loves guns, and was exiled from Ios. (He uses a long rifle plans on multiclassing into rifleman)

A caspian human cleric of Morrow. (this guy hates powerbuidling with a fiery passion, so no need to worry about overpowerdness here, too much)

A human rogue, whose insane and belives aliens exist. (Plans on multiclassing into Pisstolier. He)

A gobber bodger.

The DMpc, a gunmage and a fighter.

My old charcter, a favores soul of Cyriss, who may or may not stay with the unit.

I will type more when it isnt so early.

Tempest Fennac
2008-10-11, 07:28 AM
It's mainly seen as a 3 level dip-only class due to the Insightful Strike ability being the only skill which is that great. The Daring Outlaw feat allows the Grace ability and (I think) Sneak Attack to stack if you're taking Rogue levels as well.

2008-10-11, 12:32 PM
I had a swashbuckler3/fighter1/dreadpirate1 in IK, it worked really well, since mechanika makes it dirt cheap to wield multiple magic weapons, and for long ranged i had a few harpoon guns, and 2 wrist mounted harpoons.

It's good as a regular fighter, but if you're gonna be piratey like i was, might wanna take lots of ranks in swim. I did, but had the mistake of wearing breastplate and a great coat, got exploded off the ship and shot a harpoon into the hull so the character didnt sink. Failed ALOT of swim checks, and ended up a corpse tethered to a ship. They pulled up a dead captain. :(

But yeah, it does work well, but i wouldnt go more than 3 levels.

2008-10-11, 09:33 PM
Swashbuckler is a good fit with IK, particularly when multi-classed with something else like rogue and given a suitable back ground from a place such as Five Fingers or such.
As to how many levels - as many as you want, Im not a fan of just dip in this class for X

A Chain Shirt, good Dex and a Armored Greatcoat should keep you safe, a Cutlass is a very themeatic weapon or since you have a Iosan you could try to get a hold of some Swordmaster weapons (if appropriate for the game - Lightblade, Thinblade, Courtblade) or try and track down a Nyss Claymore