View Full Version : Server Downtime

2004-01-29, 01:30 AM
I will be taking my web server down for a configuration change tomorrow, Friday, 1/30 around Noon.

I expect it shouldn't be down more than an hour.

2004-01-29, 11:58 PM
I started 10 minutes late and finished 15 minutes early....yay me!

Thank you for your patience (you were patient, weren't you?)

2004-01-31, 04:44 AM
I attempted to be patient. Don't know if I succeeded or not.

2004-01-31, 05:12 AM
Yeah, I had to pitch my tent someplace else for that hour. I was about to post something but luckily realized that the server would be down . . . then I forgot to come back and repost whatever it was.

Oh well :-/