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2008-10-13, 03:03 PM
The following information about a recently ascended demigod named Xesek is presented in the format of deity descriptions from Complete Divine. Xesek is vile to the core, and parental discretion is advised. With that said, I present...

Demigod (Chaotic Evil)
Xesek is a vicious and sinful demigod who was cursed with eternal hunger and lust by the goddess Scahrossar*, his former patron while a mere mortal cleric. He is greedy and selfish, encouraging his followers to take what they want from whoever has it. Power should be abused, teaches Xesek, and if someone other than you has power, he should have it wrested from him to prove his unworthiness. Xesek appears as a massive, bloated human, his massive bulk suspended from chains in his Abyssal stronghold. His vileness knows no bounds, and he advocates murder, theft, gluttony, cannibalism, and rape.
Portfolio: Gluttony, greed, hedonism, lust, sin
Domains: Envy, Evil, Gluttony, Greed, Hunger, Lust
Cleric Training: Clerics of Xesek are recruited either from the downtrodden, who desire to take power from those above them, or from corrupt nobles who wish to stretch the limits of their influence. Initiates partake in secret rituals, often massive orgies where participants dominate others through rape and cannibalism. After many of these orgies and sacrifices, initiates are taught by a high-level cleric to take the magic and power that Xesek has given them and use it to satisfy their vile passions.
Quests: Xesek and his sadistic clerics sponsor any effort to satisfy one’s lust or hunger, as long as it is at someone else’s expense. His followers kidnap people for cannibalistic feasts, take over small towns to devour crops and livestock, and dominate powerful individuals to improve their own positions.
Prayers: Prayers made to Xesek are few, since by their nature his followers do not want to be subservient to anyone. When prayers are made, they often reference some base desire. For example, common prayers begin “I hunger for power,” or “I lust for strength.” Most end with “Xesek, grant me your eternal passion so I may sate my craving.”
Temples: Most temples to Xesek are abandoned slaughterhouses or underground shrines. They are hidden away from the eyes of normal citizens except in the most vile of communities. Wherever they are, altars are stained with food and blood, torture equipment lines the walls, and vicious orgies are commonplace, more often than not ending in sacrifices.
Rites: Any ceremony important to Xesek features a massive feast, often with the main dish being a former sacrifice. At funerals, Xesek’s followers pay tribute to the deceased by consuming his corpse and gaining his strength. The clerics eat the body, but they believe the soul is devoured by Xesek.
Herald and Allies: Xesek has a nalfeshnee with 5 levels in barbarian as his herald. His allies include succubi, vrocks, and normal nalfeshnee.
Relics: For now, no known relics of Xesek exist. As his power grows and more mortals commit sin in his name, an object may eventually be blessed by Xesek and turned into a relic.

*Scahrossar: Information about Scahrossar is presented in the Book of Vile Darkness. She is a sadistic goddess known as the Mistress of Exquisite Pain. She is the sister of Olidammara, but this secret is known to very few.

Xesek made his domain on the 1,063rd layer of the Abyss after his ascension to godhood. I will be posting his stats and information soon in the format from Deities and Demigods. If you have any thoughts or comments, please let me know!
Also, Xesek is not meant to offend. Like the content in the Book of Vile Darkness, Xesek is an example of a truly evil foe. His cultists are among some of the most base and vile human beings. If you prefer a game with a dark side, or you want to give your players an enemy who they will love to hate, Xesek and his cultists are good choices.

2008-10-13, 04:34 PM
Doesn't sound too unspeakable compared to many evil entities. He reminds me a lot of Y'Golonac of the Cthulhu mythos:


You haven't mentioned what he looks like...

2008-10-13, 11:35 PM
Yikes, I guess he kinda does, just fatter and with a head.

Xesek appears as a massive, bloated human, his massive bulk suspended from chains in his Abyssal stronghold.

Well, I had that. I just figured having rape in his portfolio made it a little more dark. It takes alot to impress these days.

Xesek weighs over 4,000 lbs, making it necessary for him to be suspended from a metal harness, as he cannot walk. His mouth is fanged, and his favorite tactic is to change his size and swallow his enemies whole; while in his stomach, their bodies and then souls are devoured by his eternal hunger. His time in the Abyss has deformed him, and his fingers are tipped with vicious claws. In his eternal hunger, he once bit off the tip of his tongue; when he talks, his angry, bellowing voice is slurred by his jagged tongue moving against his sharpened teeth.

I guess he's not that bad when you compare him with the likes of Tharizdun, for example, a being who plots the end of existence. Or other vile entities. I just normally run a pretty PG-13 game (language sometimes gets pretty bad :P) and I wanted a truly malicious being who cared absolutely nothing for the rights of others. Plus, the idea of a grotesquely obese glutton who craves sexual power over others and encourages his clerics to do the same struck me as disturbing.

2008-10-14, 12:35 AM
The metal harness thing suspending it from the ceiling sounds so... kinky.
Heres an idea: Why not make this god a holy gimp? That is, the most loyal followers of this beast pay homage to it by whipping it day after day. It enjoys pain so it has its followers torture it. Even when it is bound in chains, it is in control.

2008-10-14, 07:54 AM
........so you want it to be Slaanesh?


2008-10-14, 10:10 PM
Yeesh. That'd be even more disturbing, but very few of his followers are sadomasochists. Most, like Xesek himself, just enjoy inflicting pain and dominating others in any way, shape, or form.

Some other twisted examples of what a cleric or cultist of Xesek might do in the name of his god:

1. Break into the house of a noble, tie up the whole family, then proceed to rape and eat everyone one by one in front of one another. The longer they stay alive through being raped and eaten, the better.

2. Conquer a small town and steal food, crops, and livestock for eating while letting the village starve. Then eat the villagers that start trouble.

3. Summon succubi (or incubi) to tempt a good man (or woman) to a life of sin. Or do it yourself. Or dominate them with rape and torture and force them to commit horrible atrocities lest you bring them more pain and anguish.

4. Kidnap people and then proceed to torture, rape, and cannibalize them.

These are not generally happy people. Clerics of Xesek despise imposed order that hinders one's fulfillment of base desires. They particularly like targeting constables or local sheriffs, as well as particularly obnoxious guards, for torture and ruin.

Oh and as to what its followers/petitioners do for it on the 1,063rd layer of the Abyss: In the event that Xesek needs to get from point A to B, he usually has demons and petitioners carry he on a massive wrought-iron throne. They feed Xesek and grant him... other pleasures as he so desires. Most of the time this more disgusting task falls to succubi, as Xesek has very, very few female followers. However, Xesek doesn't really care who he gets to rape, since the act is about domination and control more than sexual pleasure.
Xesek's retinue hunts down food and drink to supply their lord's eternal hunger. This task consumes most of their time. When they're not busy doing that, Xesek has them expand his stronghold, building statues and towers all across the layer.

Also, I haven't posted his stats and such yet, but it should be noted that even though Xesek was once a normal human cultist of Scahrossar, the incredible amount of fat on his body makes him Large size, if you can comprehend how disgusting that must be. He has a variant of the Alter Size salient divine ability (from Deities and Demigods) which lets him enlarge himself up to 1,600 feet tall. The normal ability allows a god to shrink or grow, but Xesek can never shrink below Large size. Given his titanic girth, if he ever decides to do this, it gives him a diameter of roughly 2,700 feet. Therefore, at his biggest, he is over half a mile in diameter, and any would-be heroes attempting to end his life would probably have to start climbing his giant mountainous body of sweaty, greasy fat.

So anyway, more comments are appreciated. :) I like the feedback from people, and I hope you like the ideas. Thanks all!

The Glyphstone
2008-10-14, 11:01 PM
Not sure what kind of feedback you can give to a homebrewed god of Squick (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Squick) and/or Nightmare Fuel (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NightmareFuel)...

2008-10-15, 09:59 PM
ug, he is vile. He reminds me of Arazh in the Sparhawk series