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Heskan da snipa
2008-10-13, 10:05 PM
Im making a campaign, obviously. however i need some help with ideas.

Here's what i have so far:

The players play the part of evil, are the best in the army, and start at level 5. the king tells them that there has been some magical disturbance at a castle a couple miles from town. The players then have time to prepare in the city. they then go to the castle to find the disturbance.

the inside of the castle is so dark that the players can only see about 3 or 4 squares in front of them even with light. The players fight through 4 rooms and have the chance to pick some items, which i need help figuring out what they'll get. the get to the final room where they are met by a boss. a level 5 wizard and 2 iron guardians. turns out the wizard is actually the king working for the good guys and plotting the downfall of evils greatest warriors.

once the players defeat the wizard he uses his magic to send the players back in time to the middle of a battlefield in the middle of a battle. they fight their way to the end of the battlefield, with an increasing amount of minions as they go, and fight another mini boss. a level 1 ranger with 4 guards. i have no clue about what these guards will be.

after the battle the players go to a near by metropolis and discover what magic was used and who can reverse it. turns the wizard had found a why to basically immortality. they find this wizard before he starts working for the good guys and convince him, through a skill challenge, to send them back to the future. If succeeded, the players are taken back to the future to a city that is completely different from what they left.

in history, the bad guys lost that battle. however they went back and changed it. i have no clue on how the city is different i just no it is. they can explore the new city or go straight back to the castle which is still standing there and was also the mages tower they visited in the past. only now it is in shambles.

they go back to the room where they fought the wizard to find him sitting on a chair on a floating piece of land surrounded by a magical shield. this is how he protected himself from the affects of the time change. he knew the players were coming so he set up a surprise.

when the players enter the room the wizard says, "I knew you were coming, so i made you a gift" and summons the players former selves before the trip to the past. the players then have to defeat themselves. once a player kills his former self he absorbs it and gains some power. once all the former characters are destroyed the characters then have the power to pierce the shield and kill the wizard with one powerful blast of magic. after this there's a big flash of light and there back in the castle before the time travel and everything is back to normal. however the king has gone missing and no one remembers anything about what had happened, except the players.

Thats all i have. it seems a little short and obviously not complete. if anyone has any ideas on how to make it better. im open for suggestions.

2008-10-13, 10:12 PM
Dear gods PARAGRAPHS MAN!!!!

I cannot decipher your wall of text!!!

Hahaha, good thing I already know you're plot. I'm still killing your character's mom, by the way. Just playing a barbarian now.

Heskan da snipa
2008-10-13, 10:14 PM
its late and i just wanted to get it all down, i wasnt focusing on being neat.

2008-10-14, 04:01 AM
The mirror match (PCs fighting their earlier/alternate selves) can feel like a DM cop-out if not done really well.

Oh, and if you're doing a time travel game watch out for paradox potential; players love wrecking causality nearly as much as they love wrecking the DM's plans. Put the two together - recipe for disaster.

PS: Don't be scared of it; it wants to help.