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2003-10-22, 08:23 PM
Well, lookie there. My computer ran out of Hard Drive space. Sorry all. Got some space back, and gonna shuffle things around this weekend to make MUCH more. Unfortunatley, we've likely lost the posts that were affected. It's all in the learning process.

FYI, If you should ever see this happening again, please stop posting. Maybe I should talk Rich into a web host that actually backs up the site.

The Giant
2003-10-22, 08:41 PM
Yeah, in case anyone didn't notice, some threads got wiped out because the server couldn't save the new version when someone posted to them. Thus the Yankees thread got killed.

If anyone posts to a thread and it accidentally gets wiped out like that, send me an email immediately: [email protected] Thanks.

2003-10-23, 10:31 AM
Or maybe I'm not a Yankees fan. Nah, i don't really follow football anyway.