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2008-10-15, 02:48 PM
Hey, all.

I'm looking for some premade adventures for D20 modern/future (particularly the latter). My searches of Google and GitP have come up pretty bare. Do any of you have any good resources you're willing to share?

Thanks in advance.

2008-10-15, 09:08 PM
If you find them, do let me know. Here's what I've turned up for d20 modern:

d20 modern adventures posted at the Wizards site (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20modern/oaa/full)

In the back of the Dark Matter sourcebook, there is an intro adventure.

One adventure was written by Bruce Cordell for Dark Matter using the Alternity system called "The Killing Jar" which I know some people have converted to d20 Modern.

I haven't found a single d20 future adventure, although there are probably a dozen Star Frontiers adventures that you could convert. Here are all the Star Frontiers modules (http://www.starfrontiers.com/modules/) - in pdf for FREE!!!

2008-10-16, 09:47 AM
Great, thanks.

Anyone else?

2008-10-23, 03:44 PM
No one? At all?