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Texas Jedi
2008-10-16, 02:00 PM
I thought of these feats last night before going to bed because that is how my crazy mind works. If there all ready feats like this I am sorry because I haven't really kept up with DnD in several years.

Discount Magic

Pre: Spell Caster 10+ lvl, 18 main caster stat.

When you are memorizing spells you can move a spell one spell lower than it actually is. For example, you can fill a second level spell slot with a fireball spell. Damage is reduced by one dice (10d6 fireball is now a 9d6 fireball), the spells DC is also lowered by 1. If the spell has a duration it is lowered by one unit (minute, turn, hour) as well. If you cast spells spontaneously you can cast spells one level lower than they are with the same reductions as above. It takes a full round action to cast a spell in this manner.

Free Metamagic Feat Epic

Pre: Epic spellcasting ability, 20 main caster stat, the metamagic(s) feats you want to add to the spell.

When you select this feat you choose one spell from your spellbook, those you know to get a number of metamagic abilities added to that spell without increasing its spell slot. You can add one metamagic feat to the spell for every 10 levels you attain (rounded down). You must have the metamagic feat you wish to add to your spell. You can choose this feat multiple times and each time it applies to a different spell in your arsenal.

2008-10-17, 06:36 PM
Discount Magic: no. No, no no. There is no reason not to use this on every spell that doesn't rely on duration. There is really no amount of adjustments you can make that will allow you to take any spell and lower it a level, because there is no way to make sure every spell is going to be reduced by it. Unless you go through every single book printed, and even then there will be spells you can't make less effective with a general rule. If you want a certain spell at a lower level, for any reason, the best choice is to just ask your DM for a specific version with the adjustments you want.

Free Metamagic: usually metamagic is valued by spell level adjustments, so allowing X feats free doesn't mesh well. There's already the epic metamagic reducer, which reduces all costs by 1, and Arcane Thesis at non-epic, which reduces all metamagic on a specific spell by 1. You basically want Epic Arcane Thesis. I'd let an epic version reduce metamagic by 2 or 3 for all feats applied to the chosen spell, but it's really not a good choice for a feat, even without normal epic spellcasting.