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2008-10-16, 06:12 PM
I had an idea for a game were the 4 players would pick between and archer a melee and 2 casters (devine and arcane). Then at the end of a boss fight one of the player would get a set of armor and weapons. I thought about it and this is what I came up with:

Arcane caster: Robes of the magi and staff of the magi
Melee:Blet of str gloves of str and the mual that makes them stack
Devine caster:?????

As you can see I cant think of any thing for the other 2 classes. So any help as to making a full set of item made for the class it self would be nice.

Thanks in advance.

2008-10-16, 06:42 PM
Problem is that the any magical bow or belt of giant strength will never match up to the staff of the magi, which is an artifact. It's incredibly powerful and way outmatches any simple STR bonus. You might want to scale down the Wizard's stuff a lot more, because they're already incredibly powerful without them.

Keld Denar
2008-10-16, 06:55 PM
Um...yea, ditto on the Staff of the Magi. Artifacts are kinda....well....artifacts. Typically not something you want to hand out to players unless you are VERY careful about it. It might lead to item envy if you give one player an artifact and all the other guy gets is 60k gold worth of medium magic items.

That said, check out the back of the Magic Item Compendium. There ARE actual item sets, and some of its pretty cool. There's a sorcerer set, the phoenix set which would be good for a melee or archer type, a two weapon fighting set, a monk set, and a bard/marshall set, and a number of different things which could be appropriate.

Worst case worse, make up a set. Think about some qualities that the character would like, or that would help shore up a weakness, and then fill a couple body slots, tack on the abilities, and make sure that the most powerful abilities are the "set bonuses".

2008-10-16, 07:01 PM
Despite being a minor artifact, the Staff of the Magi is not actually all that powerful.

2008-10-16, 07:22 PM
Despite being a minor artifact, the Staff of the Magi is not actually all that powerful.

It still would be compared to a +5 bow or a Belt of Giant Strength +8.

2008-10-16, 07:30 PM
What level?
Item of +8 to their main stat(Wis, Str, Int, Dex), with an additional +2 to Con built-in.
For the archer:a quiver that has space for 10 unique(unenchanted) arrows. It has an infinite supply of those 10 arrows. Those arrows are enchanted when fired with an fair number of effective pluses.
For the Melee:a Legacy Weapon, without the costs and with better benefits. See the homebrew forum for specifics.

2008-10-16, 07:58 PM
They would be about 15 maybe? WHEN they fight the final boss. starting at 5-6 but they wont get this stuff till 10-12ish.

2008-10-16, 08:13 PM
So awesome at 12 and still the best at 15. Go with +6/+2 items for everyone, and a special magic item.
Archer:Quiver of Endless Light. Infinite supply of arrows, each dealing 1d6 Electric/Frost/Fire, also is Holy. 5 slots for "special" arrows(mundane ones that are replicated by the quiver), which you can draw 10 of per day.
Fighter:Depends on personality. I'd say unless he has Weapon Focus or the like, give him an Exotic Weapon that automatically grants proficiency, that gives access to a Martial Maneuver(with the Swordsage recovery mechanic), and has a bunch of cool pluses. If I knew the character, I could be more specific.
Arcanist:Depends on favorite spells/schools, but an item held in his hands(think 4e implement) that gives a boost to his favorite spells(+2 to DCs, free Spell Shaping, or similar) as well access to a couple spells that fit thematically from others' lists that he doesn't need to copy into the book would be nice, and lets you customize it).
Divine:Again, depends on the role he plays and the spells he likes. Can't help here, other than saying make sure it feels different from the Arcanist(maybe Armor or Shield).

2008-10-17, 03:37 AM
Item synergy combos:

Mage: Helm and Wand of Lyrden the Spinner (from WOTCs free "Ivid the Undying" download)
Cleric: Mace and Talisman of <some dude> (from WOTCs free "Ivid the Undying" download)
Fighter: Belt of Giant Str, Gloves of Ogre Power + Hammer, Dwarf Chucker (for great Thor-ish win!)
Archer: Quiver of Ehlonna + Bad-ass named bow (to make Legolas cry)

Avoid Legacy Weapons if you can, they're a trap.