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PePe QuiCoSE
2008-10-17, 02:52 PM
Out of curiosity, why was the rule of "4 Starting Sthicks, pick 3" made? Variety so as to not start with the same shticks every game?
So far i have almost always overruled this for games with mostly new people since it creates more confusion and takes some extra time when it can be easily avoided.

2008-10-19, 04:31 AM
I belive that it is a Variety thing.
But as we all know, you can bend the rules (change actually :smallbiggrin: ) and just take all 4 of them for each character :smallcool:

2008-10-20, 05:53 AM
Maybe it was for a small amount of variety. My house rule though is to start with six schticks; all four starting ones, plus two others. A variation we're thinking for next time is those two others are chosen for you as well - one that's a Boost to your main fighting Schtick, and one that encourages co-operation.

Complete list of who gets what is thus:
Belkar: 4 starting Schticks, plus Twin Daggers of Doom* and hmmmm there aren't any cards that encourage Belkar to help the other players.
Durkon: 4 starting Schticks, plus Thor's Hammer and Cure Assorted Wounds.
Elan: 4 starting Schticks, plus Xtreme Diplomacy and Bard Song.
Haley: 4 starting Schticks, plus Longbow and Secret Crush (no other options, really).
Roy: 4 starting Schticks, plus Greenhilt Sword and Creative Motivation.
V: 4 starting Schticks, plus Magic Missile and Buff Spell.

*The modified variant of TDoD where the boost is +2 Defense, not +1 Wounds against players.