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2008-10-18, 07:03 AM
False Face
Level: Wiz/Sor 3
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 round
Range: Touch
Target: One humanoid corpse
Duration: Permanent, but see below

This spell enables you to copy the facial features of a dead humanoid you touch. The only restriction to this is that the corpse must be fresh (False Face is only effective if used within 10min/level from the targetís death), the same size as you, and it has no effect on destroyed Undead. The face of the target corpse is distorted, destroyed, and cannot be used to create a disguise with False Face again. In fact, the deceased is no longer recognizable by his facial features. You wear the face as you would a grim mask, and your voice changes to match that of the target for as long as False Face is in effect.

You do not gain any sensory abilities (or disabilities) associated with the new face. You retain your hair, too, as well as your height, bodily appearance, and skin tone (which shows even on your new face). As long as the spell is in effect, you gain a +10 bonus to disguise checks when attempting to impersonate the humanoid whose face you copied.

The False Face serves as an effective disguise though it radiates a magical aura of necromancy. Spells that detect or banish illusions have no effect on this disguise; the False Face is not illusionary. It may be reversed with Dispel Magic, and you can end the spell by ripping the mask off (a standard action). Another individual can also remove the disguise in a similar way, whether by the caster's will or against it, if the wearer of the False Face is bound, held, or otherwise helpless.

You may have up to one False Face spell per three caster levels active at the same time; the one cast last is always the face that appears to viewers. If it is removed, destroyed, or dispelled, the preceding casting of False Face takes effect.

Finally, the False Face is considered an item that may be affected by spells that have a chance to destroy equipment, like Fireball, at the DMís discretion.
The material components are a piece of rubber and a small mirror, both of which are consumed during the casting.

Thoughts? I am interested in the following:
1. Spell level
2. Range: is that Touch, or Personal? Target is one dead humanoid, or You?
3. Clarity of the text
4. Bonus to Disguise checks?
5. Anything else I haven't covered

2008-10-18, 09:27 AM
I would say yes to Disguise bonuses.

Zeta Kai
2008-10-18, 12:16 PM
I like this spell. I think it's unique, interesting, & powerful in certain circumstances. I agree that it should grant a +10 bonus to Disguise check to impersonate the person who face you've co-opted. I would also impose a -4 Disguise penalty (combined with the normal +10 bonus, for a net +6 bonus) to impersonate a person who gender &/or race is not your own.

BTW, how did this spell come about? Why did you create such a spell, Firkraag?

2008-10-18, 01:24 PM
Dug up an old 2nd edition sourcebook with Necromancer spells and it had something similar. Then I thought of Orochimaru.*

A bonus... +10 to disguise checks, +5 (easier to remember half bonus, I think) at DM's discretion (other than gender, race would also matter... Like a human wearing an orc's face).

The problem is that it depends on the situation, so DM adjustment is needed. I am thinking that even a skeleton (lich) could use it to add a living face on its skull - add a heavy cloak and hood and you've got one convincing "person", but without the hood, it's not going to fool anyone (maybe it'd make them throw up).

(*Also, my current PC mage has banned Illusion.)

2008-10-18, 03:03 PM
we already have penalitys disguising as a different race/gender
i think +2 10 is to little, with disguse self a first level spell you would get the same effect only better. however you could make it so that if you tries to detect the alingment of the one who wears the false face, you must succed on a will save or see the one that the guy you took the face from had. (written more clearly)

2008-10-18, 03:59 PM
It should give some kind of disguise bonus, unless you don't want the spell to have any mechanical effect. Something along +10 as others have suggested sounds appropriate.

2008-10-19, 04:49 AM
we already have penalitys disguising as a different race/gender

Ah! Of course!

+10 disguise it is, then.

2008-10-23, 10:56 PM
3rd level is far too high for what little this spell does. As it stands, it should be a 1st-level spell (and one not likely to be used, at that). I suggest making the benefits more interesting.

For starters... Perhaps the spell prevents speak with dead from working on the corpse. Perhaps it grants the ability to fool some (or all?) divinations into thinking the caster is the deceased creature.