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Solo 8
Angel of Protection Level 14 Soldier
Medium immortal humanoid (angel) XP 1,750
Initiative +10 Senses Perception +9
Angelic Presence Attacks against the angel of protection take a –2
penalty until the angel is bloodied.
Angelic Shield aura 5; enemies treat the area within the aura as
diffi cult terrain as long as the angel’s angelic presence is active and
the angel is within 5 squares of its ward (see below).
HP 360; Bloodied 180
AC 25; Fortitude 23, Reflex 21, Will 22
Saving throws +5
Action Points 2
Immune fear; Resist 10 radiant, resist 10 fire
Speed 8,
Glaive (standard; at-will) ✦ Radiant, Weapon
Reach 2. +15 vs. AC; 2d4+ 6 damage plus 5 radiant damage.
Blasphemous Word (minor; encounter) ✦ Psychic
Close burst 5; targets enemies; +13 vs. Will; 1d8 + 3 psychic
damage, and the target is dazed until the end of the glabrezu’s
next turn.
Chaos Word (minor; recharge 6 )
Close burst 5; targets enemies; +13 vs. Fortitude; 1d8 + 3
damage. This damage bypasses all resistances.
Arcane Fury (free, when first bloodied; encounter)
The corrupted angel teleports 8 squares, recharges its blasphemous word
and chaos word powers, and makes a blasphemous
word orchaos word attack.
Fiery Blades (minor, usable only while bloodied; at-will) ✦ Fire
Until the start of the corrupted angel’s next turn, the corrupted angel’s weapon deals fi re damage and attack the target’s Refl ex
defense instead of AC
Alignment Any Languages Supernal
Skills Insight +16, Intimidate +14
Str 20 (+13) Dex 14 (+10) Wis 16 (+11)
Con 18 (+12) Int 11 (+8) Cha 13 (+9)
Equipment plate armor, glaive

And his mount as he lost his ability to fly as part of the corruption process.

Lesser Nightmare Skirmisher 8

evil creature. Although it superficially resembles a shadowy
black horse, a nightmare is intelligent, carnivorous, and cruel.
Nightmare Level 8 Skirmisher
Large shadow magical beast (mount) XP 350
Initiative +12 Senses Perception +12; darkvision
HP 94; Bloodied 47
AC 21 (23 against opportunity attacks); Fortitude 21, Reflex 20,
Will 19
Resist 10 fire; see also hell’s ride
Speed 8, teleport 8
Hooves (standard; at-will) ✦ Fire
+13 vs. AC; 1d8 + 4 damage, and ongoing 5 fire damage (save
Hell’s Ride (while mounted by a friendly rider of 8th level or
higher; at-will) ✦ Fire, Mount
The nightmare’s rider gains resist 10 fire.
Hooves of Hell (standard; recharge 5, 6 ) ✦ Fire
The nightmare moves up to 8 squares. Each square the
nightmare leaves is filled with fire to a height of 10 feet until
the end of the nightmare’s next turn. Any creature that hits the
nightmare with a melee attack during this move, or that enters
one of the flaming squares, takes 5 fire damage.
Alignment Evil Languages —
Skills Endurance +19
Str 20 (+12) Dex 17 (+10) Wis 12 (+7)
Con 22 (+14) Int 5 (+3) Cha 14 (+8)
Nightmare Tactics
A nightmare uses hooves of hell to cut off its victims’ escape,
and then batters and burns enemies to death with its hooves.
It makes good use of its high speed and teleport ability, preferring
hit-and-run attacks and choosing victims who are far
from the help of their companions.
Nightmare Lore
A character knows the following information with a successful
Arcana check.
DC 20: Steeds of the night, nightmares are named for the
terrifying dreams mortals suffer who live through an attack
by one or more of these hungry predators.
A nightmare is a terrifying creature of the Shadowfell.
Although it superficially resembles a black horse, it delights
in spreading fear before it closes in for the kill. In particular,
the nightmare enjoys allowing its victims to think they’ve
escaped before surprising them with one last deadly attack.
Nightmares sometimes gather in small herds that behave
like pack of wolves, complete with a taste for human flesh.
They hunt both the Shadowfell and lonely roads of the world
by night, devouring any traveler they come across.
DC 25: A nightmare will submit to being the mount for a
more powerful evil creature, but that creature must defeat the
nightmare in combat, and through might alone, make clear
that service is the only alternative to death.
A nightmare extends its resistance to fire damage to its
rider. According to legend, particularly powerful nightmares
can also carry their riders to and from the Shadowfell.
If killed, the nightmare’s flames gutter out, leaving a mane
and tail of ash that quickly disperses.

Mando Knight
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It's kinda hard to read. I'd suggest separating the lore from the rest with an extra space and putting the powers' and stats' names in bold.