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2008-10-18, 02:52 PM
hi guys - just about to do a quick one shot with a friend over msn. Im pretty new to gurps, so don;t know much about equipment beyond what i;ve scene in gurps lite - EDIT - but i should mention the guy running it has a whole lirbrary at his disposal

what rifles would you recommend for TL8? Its sorta a covert entry/spy/special ops deal from what hes told me of the encouter he will run

i've got a little over 8200 to spend on a rifle, armour, knife and whatever else i like. I've got to get all the kit with that money.

any recommendations?

i was thinking maybe a g36 with a 4x optical scope, but i don't know how much it would cost

my stats are here (but not going to shuffle them around):

st 11
dx 13
iq 10
ht 10

knife +2
pistols +2
rifles +3
wrestling +1
camoflge +2
computer operation +1
hold out +1
escape +1
fast talk +2
stealth +1
tactics +1
search +1

acute vision +3
acute hearing +3
danger sense
night vision +3

and duty (almost all the time/extremely hazardous)

2008-10-18, 03:20 PM
Targeting is better than damage and the little recoil as possible is impossible is also very helpful.
YOur skill list is a bit shourt. Try to get some of the everyday skills such as cooking, current affairs, one hobby skill or two, first aid, etc. it will not only help but make the character more plastic and interesting. Get the necessary points from one or additional disadvantages such Sense of Duty for your friends and family, a code of honor (Soldier seems fitting) or Callous, Bloodlust etc. if you want to make your character meaner.
And a Gurps character without his five quirks is just incomplete.