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2008-10-20, 04:02 PM
True Dragonshape (Variable)
Sorcerer 5
Transmutation (Polymorph)
Prerequisite: Draconic Heritage Feat (3.5) or Draconic Bloodline (Pathfinder or Unearthed Arcana [Special]).
Duration: 5 Minutes / 2 levels
Casting Time: See Text
Material Component: None
Special Components: Spell Levels (See text)
Concentration, 1 check per round.

The Sorcerer, calling upon ages of ages of Dragons, and the fire in their blood, ready the spell and begin casting. Their blood heats up, feeling stronger, faster.

You call upon your heritage while readying this spell.
During the casting of the spell, choose a True Dragon.
You gain the Physical Ability scores, special attacks, size, space/reach, and Supernatural abilities of your new form. You do not gain spells or spell like abilities inherent to the dragon you shape into. Your own spellcasting prowess is subsumed for the duration of the spell. You retain your Mental ability scores. Any DC's of the special attacks, abilities, etc. of the Dragon use the new Ability scores.

You spend the 5th level spell to begin casting.
You then sacrifice a number of spell levels to determine the # of Hit Dice of the Dragon you take the shape of.
The Hit Dice of the Dragon cannot exceed 1.5x your Caster Level.
Your alignment must be within 1 step on either axis of the dragon you choose.
for Every 5 spell levels spent, the duration increases by 1 full round (Round up). The spell cannot be quickened, permanencied (even with 'Wish', Miracle, or Reality Revision), but can be Extended.
You must make a concentration check (DC = 5 + the number of spell levels spent) each round to successfully cast the spell. distractions, casting in melee, etc, all require extra concentration checks.
You cannot take 10 or 20.
If the spell fails, all of the spell levels are lost, and the caster is Dazed for 1 round.

Example: Aezetyr, Lawful Good (Caster Level 12) casts True Dragonshape to take the shape of a Silver Dragon. She chooses to spend the maximum amount of Spell Levels to acheive the most powerful dragon she can qualify for (18 HD Silver Dragon). She needs to spend a total of 18 Spell Levels to power the spell. She needs to spend 4 rounds casting the spell. On each round, She needs to make a Concentration check with a DC = 5 + the number of spell levels spent (23). If she fails the check, the duration to cast the spell is increased by one round. If she fails the check 2 times in a row, the spell fails. If she is distracted, she must make those Concentration checks also, with their own results.

2008-10-21, 07:36 AM
It seems too complicated.

2008-10-21, 09:09 AM
But fun. I think it seems fairly not-game-breaky, something a sorcerer could use for that heroic last battle.
Or the evil witch use when Prince Charming shows up to rescue the princess.

2008-10-21, 11:54 AM
r the evil witch use when Prince Charming shows up to rescue the princess.

Straight out of Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"... although Malefecent(sp?) MAY have had a version with a 1 round casting time, or even a quickened one...

The whole things screams "spellcaster goes nova", but since Sorcerers have more trouble with that due to lack of Quicken... sure, why not?

Let them have the free ranks that the dragon would have in whatever skills... and consider giving them feats to spend on Meta-breath feats etc...

Self-referencial question/comment: I think a GM should NOT allow anyone to change into a Wing Dragon using this spell, given that Wing Dragons are more powerful than their HD would indicate (even for a dragon)... of course since they have to burn a round or two preparing the battlefield with their BW (doing no damage), that might actually not be so bad...

2008-10-21, 02:08 PM
This is pretty awesome. I've always thought that Sorcerers need more 'wilder' spells unique to wizard spells.

While I'd normally consider a 'time to bring out the big guns' sort of spell, considering how few spells sorcerers have to begin with, it'll probably be used more often.

Not really a problem, I suppose.

2008-10-21, 03:41 PM
Its just such an awesome spell that I think its too powerful.

Perhaps it could be taken as an alternate level power. Then you'd have more to balance it with.