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2008-10-20, 06:37 PM
Well, here it is:

Tabra Ballosin doesn't remember his past. All he knows is that he woke from unconsciousness one day next to the corpse of a giant monster, and that he has powers over magic.

What he also knows is that whenever he enters a fight, a different person battles in his place. Known only as "The Lamenter", it is an utterly amoral creature, caring only for the next fight, in contrast to his own, pacifistic one. He believes it to be the soul of the monster, living on through him.

The truth is a bit more complicated. You see, the Lamenter is the original personality of Tabra, although it would very much like to believe it isn't. What's more, although he looks and thinks like a human, his form is actually a lie-both to the world, and himself.

Tabra was originally a monster, a member of a powerful race that had no name. Unfortunately, despite their peaceful nature, a greedy wizard decided to kill them, hoping to win fame and glory by destroying the "horrible creatures". Using a dark ritual, he took control of Tabra's sister, turning her against her friends and family. Tabra, not knowing of her identity at the time due to the wizard's illusions, was sent to destroy her. When the battle was over, the sadistic wizard revealed her identity to her brother, hoping to break his spirit in hopes of gaining a new slave. It worked, but not in the way the mage had anticipated-instead of succumbing to despair, Tabra entered into a violent rage, destroying every living thing within the mountains of the confrontation in a storm of magic, including the wizard. Unable to accept the fact that he had killed his own flesh and blood, his mind fractured-his calm nature became embodied in the flesh of the young human whose body he had unconsciously crafted, and his thirst for battle and memories became embodied in the Lamenter. It was here that Tabra, in his new form, had awoken, sleeping next to the body of his sister.

So, what do you think?

I had originally based him on Fei from Xenogears, mixed in with a bit of Cloud Strife, though I guess he ended up a bit like Lucy from Elfin Lied.

2008-10-21, 11:50 AM
What, 63 veiws and no reply?

2008-10-21, 11:53 AM
Cliche, but fun, and there's nothing wrong in cliches if done well. Indeed, he does remind me of Fei Long Wang Fong Wong.

Be warned, though - such characters tend to steal the spotlight if their different personalities start to run wild and/or become a plot point.

2008-10-21, 12:06 PM
I've had an idea like this, but it's mostly humorous instead of serious like yours.

Basically, it was a Dragonborn Feylock. I wanted to explain why a Dragonborn would bond with a fey, and came up with this:

Garsh was always greedy for power. He was also lazy, and desired an easy path to power. He studied tales and rituals speaking of gaining power from powerful Feywild creatures, and one night stole away from his caravan to cast a ritual. It was designed to call up a powerful creature of the night and bind it to his will - for a price. The fey he called up agreed to a pact, as long as Garsh gave her "a place to stay". When he agreed, the fey disappeared. Then he heard her voice out of his mouth, and she moved his arms.
He regretted that rash decision almost immediately, after learning that his fey patron in his mind was no lamia or fey queen but a nymph who had heard his call and responded. A polite, charming as well as alturistic nymph. The greedy, vengeful Garsh hated the nymph, but he had agreed to give her a place to stay and he couldn't break the oath.
Now the foul, cruel Garsh wanders the lands with the kind, virtous nymph sometimes taking over his body. Those he meets are often shocked by his sudden personality changes...

I still think yer idea's interesting, however. Good luck playing him.

2008-10-21, 12:07 PM
Sounds cool. Like Tengu said, it could be labeled as cliche...but then, what isn't :smalltongue: ? It's certainly a different take than anything even close to those lines that I've run into.

Plus, FWIW (which isn't worth much, but still...) it's sure as hell a lot more inventive than any of my characters :smallbiggrin:

2008-10-21, 01:29 PM
Not too bad.

Perhaps to emphasize the split nature, either personality can use a different pact, assuming the DM would allow it. It's not mechanically overpowering (I think), and would do well to flesh out the character.