View Full Version : [3.5] I think we just turned our friends into D&D Characters

Random NPC
2008-10-21, 03:39 PM
So a friend and I were talking, and out of the blue we decided to stat each other and our close circle of friends, giving us races, classes and everything. All of it related to our real life personalities, hobbies, quirks and physical and mental aptitudes.

So here it is. (Eberron style)

My friend
True Neutral Shifter Cloistered Cleric
Domains: Knowledge, Community, Travel
Religion: None

A shifter that travels the land studying the behaviour of different communities. He theorizes that the divine power Cleric have in the world is more related to the community they belong to than the actual Gods. He gets his divine powers from that ideal that communities have more power.

High wisdom, relatively high charisma and intelligence. Poor physical stats.

Why?: He's a psychology major. He leans towards amorality and loves to study people. He's also agnostic.

Lawful Good Elf Generalist Wizard

An elf that likes the Arcane. A lot. Likes every single aspect of it. The elf would spend days reading and reading different things, some of them have nothing to do with Arcane. He has a Raven familiar who constantly picks on him and would more than likely leave him in the middle of the battle. By the way, my friend doesn't know Vaarsuvius, and I think he sees me as a Lawful Good version of him.

High Intelligence, relatively high charisma and wisdom, higher than average strength and constitution, poor dexterity.

Why?: I'm a Bioengineering major and according to my friend, I visit wikipedia more than I should and I do read a lot on many things and I consider myself to have broad knowledge on many things.

.... More to come: House of Sivis Gnome Bard, Halfling Ranger and a Dwarven Monk!