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2008-10-21, 08:22 PM
This is a homebrew campaign setting. Its an idea of mine i have had for awhile. Some of it came from Lord of the rings, other parts came from my mind.

Civilized Races:
Dwarrows (Plural Dwarf)
Half-men (Halfling)


There are 2 subspecies of Dwarrows, Mountain Dwarrows and Pit Dwarrows.

Mountain Dwarrows, as their name specifies, came from the mountain and settled in their birthland. They mine the inside for precious stones, jevels (jewels) , etc.. When mining all the men go out with their picks and hammers. They have an area where all the dwarrows sleep, a giant pocket in the mountain most of the time called Great Halls. Some dwarrow families moved to the surface and discovered agriculture from Men that they meet. They then started the process of agriculture with mining.

Pit Dwarrows came from the mountains but hated the stuffyness of it. Moving out with the agriculturists, they found farming to be boring and easy, like mining. They started exploring more and more of the land when they stumbled on a giant pit cave in the forest.

i will post when im done so you can start discussing it, if its important pm me. theres still alot of work that i need to do on it

2008-10-21, 08:51 PM
maybe another race other than the traditional LotR races? It'd make it much more interresting(unless thats what you want). But I like the idea how you split the dwarf in two. Except what happens with the pit? If you need ideas maybe its the crosspoint of the forest and caves. a frave. Or maybe a under ground mushroom forest(myconids anyone?) where they live?

Anyway those are just the few suggestions off the top of my head, I would keep thinking about any changes to the races, or even more races. I think that would help.

2008-10-21, 09:09 PM
myconids anyone?

Woo! Myconids!

That...would be awesome as a player race *begins typing the idea. And Cackling. Evilly*

2008-10-21, 09:25 PM
actually there are other races that i need to put
they are the uncivilized races:
orks (orcs)
trols (trolls)
Tinkerers or Burrowers (Gnomes)
Nols (Gnolls)
Hobs (Hobgoblins)
Jotun (giants)

probably more to add to that
i also may add a couple more civilized races later on

and for the pit dwarves they will be venturing into a steampunk era
they will start making guns cannons and stuff of that sort and venturing in towards that stuff

but i dont want to give it all away now :smallbiggrin: that would spoil the surprise