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2008-10-22, 05:34 PM
Minor introduction
I'm adding houserules to DnD3 in order to create something that will eventually be a d20 system suited to my needs, even if it no longer resembles the system it was built upon. I hope to eventually create a file that contains all the material needed to play it, but that is far from done.

Down to the houserule, I dislike the way skill synergies are done, both in that they are sometimes abusable (diplomacy) and that they are very rigid. Because of this, I propose that if one can justify how training in a particular aids the attempt, one can attempt a skill check against a DC set by the GM, success results in a +2 bonus on the end result, failure depends on the skill. The DC should be in line with what is attempted.

Example 1: Diplomacy (Using the Giant's diplomacy rules)
The players are in the mayor's hall, trying to convince the mayor that he needs to send a messenger to an allied city to alert them of the movements of the goblin tribes to the west.
Mayor: So, why should I send a messenger?
Wizard has previously made a knowledge(history) check to recognize the danger.
Wizard: The movements these tribes are remarkably similar to the movements of the tribes involved in the Goblin War.
DM rules that this is a vital piece of information in convincing the mayor, granting a +2 bonus on the final check.
Bard: In addition, the goblins have gained access to a few enchanted trebuchets, giving them considerable power.
As the bard is lying, this is a bluff check vs. the Mayor's sense motive, the bard fails, making the Mayor suspicious and making this a -2 penalty.
Fighter: Thing is, if the Goblins don't kick your arse, we will.
Intimidate check succeeds, giving a +2 bonus.
Rogue: Really, it'd just be in your best interest to send a messenger, worst comes to worst, you'd be seen as someone who tries to warn his allies of potential threats.
Diplomacy check is rolled, at a final modifier of +2

Example 2: Balance
A rogue is going to travel past a frozen river. He uses his survival skill to find a suitable log to place over the first part of the river (+2 for the length of the log), near the other side of the frozen river, he jumps to cover the last part of the distance (not making the check any easier, but shortening the distance, at the cost of slipping over immediately if the final distance isn't made)