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2008-10-23, 03:31 AM
The idea is pretty simple, but I'm here to outline the rules:

1) The feat chain must be exactly four feats long.

2) The first feat must have prerequisites requiring BAB no greater than +4, skill ranks no greater than 7, and ability scores no greater than 15.

3) The second must have prerequisites requiring BAB no greater than +9,
skill ranks no greater than 12, and ability scores no greater than 17.

4) The third must have prerequisites requiring BAB no greater than +14, skill ranks no greater than 17, ability scores no greater than 19.

5) And the fourth must have prerequisites requiring BAB 15 or higher, or skill ranks 18 or higher, or ability scores 20+.

6) As a feat chain, each higher feat in the chain must require each lower feat in the chain. (Duh! ;) )

SO! I'll get us started, shall I?

I - Deceitful Defense
Prerequisites: Dodge, Bluff 4 Ranks
Benefit: You may add your charisma modifier to the Dodge AC granted by your Dodge feat.

II - Sense Treachery
Prerequisites: Dodge, Deceitful Defense, Sense Motive 9 Ranks
Benefit: Enemies you have targeted with your Dodge feat take a penalty to the following skills when used against you equal to 1/2 your ranks in Sense Motive: Bluff, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Sleight of Hand, Tumble.

III - Confounding Concert
Prerequisites: Dodge, Deceitful Defense, Sense Treachery, Bluff 15 Ranks
Benefit: You may declare two enemies the target of your Dodge feat at once. If those foes are flanking you whenever one of them misses you it instead attacks the other flanker using the same attack roll, but against the new defender's AC. The attack gets a +2 bonus and deals sneak attack damage equal to 1d6/5 ranks you have in Bluff.

IV - Mind Boggler [Tactical]
Prerequisites: Dodge, Deceitful Defense, Sense Treachery, Confounding Concert, Bluff 18 Ranks, Sense Motive 18 Ranks
Benefit: The Mind Boggler feat grants you access to three special tactical maneuvers.

Open Book: Whenever a foe misses you with a melee attack you can make a Sense Motive check as a free action opposed by your opponent's Level Check (1d20+HD), to which he adds his wisdom modifier. If you succeed you can detect his surface thoughts as the spell Detect Thoughts.

Baffling Blow: If a foe missed you with an attack last round you can make a Bluff check as part of an attack action against that foe against your foe's Level Check (1d20+HD) to which he adds his wisdom modifier. If your check succeeds the foe is confused for 1d4 rounds.

Sharp-edged Mind: If you dealt damage to a foe last round with an attack you are protected as if by Mind Blank for this round.

2008-10-23, 04:08 AM
Deceitful Defense is ridiculously overpowered.

Basic Runecraft (Item Creation)
Prerequisites: Craft (metalworking) 4 ranks, Scribe Scroll
Benefits: You can create runes. They are functionally identical to scrolls, except in that any creature can use them so long as their base attack bonus isn't less than the spell's caster level and have Constitution equal to 10 plus the spell's level. Only spells with a range of personal or touch can be used when creating runes.
Additionally, dwarven characters with Basic Runecraft can cast with runes using their caster level instead of their base attack bonus. They can still use their base attack bonus if it's higher.

Dwarven Runecraft
Prerequisites: Basic Runecraft, Craft (metalworking) 8 ranks, Spell Focus (any)
Benefits: A character with Dwarven Runecraft can imbue the spells in their runes with the benefits of the Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus feats if the spell is of an applicable school of magic.
Additionally, dwarven characters with Dwarven Runecraft may use their primary spellcasting ability (if any) rather than their Constitution score to cast spells with runes. They can still use their Constitution score if it's higher.

Advanced Runecraft
Prerequisites: Dwarven Runecraft, Craft (metalworking) 12 ranks, Extend Spell
Benefits: A character with Advanced Runecraft may Extend the spells in runes they craft without increasing the spell level. If the craft a rune with the Persistent Spell metamagic, the adjusted level is reduced by 1.
Additionally, dwarven characters with Advanced Runecraft may cast spells with runes even if the spell doesn't appear on their spell list, or appears at a higher level.

Master Runecraft
Prerequisites: Advanced Runecraft, Craft (metalworking) 18 ranks, Spell Penetration
Benefits: A character with Master Runecraft can imbue the spells in their runes with the benefits of the Spell Penetration and Greater Spell Penetration feats if the spell has a range other than personal.
Additionally, dwarven characters may craft runes for spells of any range, and no longer suffers aging penalties. Old penalties remaing, bonuses still accrue, and the character still dies when their time is up.

2008-10-28, 04:39 PM
Prerequisites: Improved Trip, Str 13+, BAB+3
Benefit: An enemy successfully tripped by you must make a Foritude save against (10+your BAB+your StrMod) or be dazed for 1 round.

Tendon slash
Prerequisites: Smashdown, BAB+7
Benefit: Any damage dealt by you to an opponent in the same round reduces his size bonus or bonus for multiple legs by the same amount. You can trip opponents more than one size category bigger than you as long as their effective size bonus does not exceed +4.

Prerequisites: Tendon slash, BAB +12, Str 17+
Benefit: Any time you deal more than 25 points of damage with a melee attack against a prone enemy he must make a Fortitude save to avoid being dazed as if you had tripped him.

Prerequisites: Pindown, BAB +17, Str 19+
Benefit: When attacking a prone opponent you may choose to impale him. An Impale attack is a full round action that ignores the first 15 points of DR and deals double damage. The attack uses your highest attack bonus.
This is a melee attack and thus benefits from the Pindown feat.

2008-11-23, 01:14 AM
Partysan, I like those, I don't know how I've missed them for this long! I should get around to designing the Int feats I planned for warrior types.

2008-11-23, 07:57 PM
Side Step
Prerequisites: BAB +1, Tumble 5 Ranks
When attacked in melee by an opponent adjacent to you and there is open 5ft space adjacent to you, you may make a tumble check opposed by a bluff or intelligence check, which ever is higher. If you succeed you move into the space and take half damage, but if you fail you take full damage and are forced prone.

Improved Side Step
Prerequisites: Side Step, BAB +4, Tumble 8 ranks
You have honed your skills at avoiding enemy blades, you gain a +2 insight bonus on tumble checks related to the side step feat.

Jumping Dodge
Prerequisites: Side Step, Improved Side Step, BAB +6, Tumble 12 Ranks
When making a tumble check with the side step feat to avoid enemy damage you may, instead of moving next to your original location, move up to 10 ft if the path is clear. All attacks of opportunity provoked by this get a +3 bonus to attack rolls because you are not paying full attention, failing this attempt causes you to move 5ft in the intended direction, take 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage and land prone.

Legendary Leap
Prerequisites: Side Step, Improved Side Step, Jumping Dodge, BAB +8, Tumble 16 Ranks
When using the effects of Side Step, Improved Side Step and Jumping dodge you do not take any damage on a successful attempt.