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2008-10-23, 09:20 PM
Well, I have a favored character who I wished into 100 equal 1st level selves way back, so I could enjoy his company for a while longer (I have so far played about 8-9 of them + their original whole self). He is an elf, who is usually a CN psion (although there are a few variations, but all are psionic in one way or another), and I guess his average philosophy could best be described as: "Sometimes you have to do what's funny, instead of what's right. :smallbiggrin:"

So, what about your beloved character(s)?

2008-10-23, 09:51 PM
Daveon Salieri (Exalted LG Human Paladin/Student):
"Personal philosophy? It's hard to put into words, ya know? I guess...it's all about doing good by others. Sounds cheesy, I know, but happiness is something to be sought, and to help others seek. Sometimes this means being a friend or a mentor. Sometimes it means settling an argument. Sometimes it means smiting the hell out of something. All of it's important."

Rin of Fairhaven (CN Changeling Duskblade):
"Believe in yourself and put your all into everything you do, and you'll win. Unless it's against me, then I'll win, because I always put my all into everything, and I'm a total badass."

Tara Severn (Magical Girl)
"Fighting is fun, but not fighting is better."

Fireblade (Superhero)
"Ice powers suck."

2008-10-23, 09:55 PM
My character(NPC): An ancient and immortal phoenix who has lived for 5000 years, and is still not paranoid enough about most things, as well as being a happy go lucky comic. Basic Philosophy: "Life is too short to take seriously"/

A character in a game that I was GMing: A monk with black market connections that can only speak in proverbs with the highest skill being "improvise weapons"(not D&D, its a skill based game). Basic Philosophy: "The octopus must not save his ink for later or else there will be no later to use the ink. However, the octopus that wastes ink on the minnows has none left for the shark". Translated into non-proverb: "Never hoard what you can easily replace, if you can't be careful in its use"

2008-10-23, 09:55 PM
I'll admit, I don't have any one character I've loved more than any other. Perhaps it's perpetual DM syndrome at work, but I have at least 6 or 7 characters (PC or NPC) I really really enjoy because I have built up a back psychie for each one. With that, I always have a blast playing them, as DM or as a player. Examples:

Pascal, PC LE Cleric of Hextor. Follows orders from above. Casts Commune daily. Few other rules. Power is everthing. This means that walking into a little town with a nondenominational temple ends in the local priest tortured until they convert.

Malebranch, PC CG Cleric of Sharess. Spends more time in whorehouses than at prayer, or if you count multitasking he does both at the same time. Pleasure and freedom that hurt no one are valuable above all else. Drinks constantly. Woe betide anyone he catches slaving or worshiping a power of that dominates.

Tom, PC CE Fighter. Farmboy that looks like Mickey Mantle before the booze. Enjoys hitting people in the head with a sledge hammer. Not so bright.

Silus, NPC/BBEG NE Awakened Rat, Wizard and Lich. Searches for a way to make his children be smart enough to talk to him. Will do anything to reach this goal.

Romney Mentharion, NPC?/BBEG NE Vampire Beguiler. Runs, from the shadows and out of town, the most powerful noble family in the kingdom. Out of town, he plays the part of that lost noble child who drinks too much and sleeps all day. All who meet him think he's an idiot scion. Treats his allies well. Richly awards sucess in those that serve him. Never goes after those that 'might' cause trouble. They have to actually cause trouble first. Always, always, always works through proxy if possible.

I think this is probably part of why i have perpetual DM syndrome...

2008-10-23, 10:00 PM
Graham Grayson: CG Swashbuckler

"If it can be done, it can be done better with style."

or just before his death to a save or die...

"Damn it! I hate Nightwalkers!"

2008-10-23, 10:02 PM
Lasher (champions, agent of Primus) Not on *my* Watch.

Corric Roderan (LG Fighter). When it becomes a threat, I will kill it. Not before. Evil is always a threat.

Jonathan Rogers (NWoD Mage, Moros) You only live once. Ok, twice. Three times if you are really unlucky. So make the best of it and live a little!

2008-10-23, 10:21 PM
A Wizard/Bard/Loremaster that I've never had the chance to play yet: "The best thing in life is to be a part of some great tale. Maybe I'm just a bit player or maybe I'm the hero, and maybe the end will be happy or maybe it'll be bittersweet, but I want to make it a good story, one that will let the reader know there are good people in the world, and that will inspire them to act well in their own tales." Sappy, I know ;)

2008-10-23, 10:33 PM
Henry Y'G, LE Lizardfolk Rogue - "Etiquette is paramount. Petty crimes like cannibalism damage an individual, but impoliteness damages society. Of course, the conscientious cannibal will refrain from the practice while in mixed company..."

Aurinak, CE Drow Warblade - "....bloody pompous elves... I say LCBomb the pansy-ass bastards... now gimme s'more of that Thudrud..."

Quicksilver Rat, CG Human Rogue - "Watch and learn, young one. I've had my time in the sun, and if you watch how I handle this twelve-pin reverse Bolgarian tumbler, you may just have yours. Now, the fifth lesson for today is never to steal anything the person can't afford to lose. Your reputation is more important than your life, and both are in jeopardy if you do that. The truely legendary thief takes the art, the gems, the decadent things with more symbolic value than real worth. They won't get you the top dollar, sure, but if money's your goal, go into white collar crime. No, this is about prestige...."

Lina Alesia, LG Human Healer - "Do no harm, neither by action nor inaction. That is the whole of the law."

Tankli, LE Dwarven Defender - "Stand your ground. Though the nine hells be arrayed against you, stand your ground. Those that fail are mere chaff to be burned on the altar of your will."

Zenia, LN Grey Elf Psion - "I'll do what I must, but if you value our bond do NOT ask me to go back into that stinking sewer! I swear, it's like you enjoy wallowing in filth. Well, I suppose it'll cause even more trouble if we don't get that artifact back... but you owe me a day at the spa for this!"

2008-10-23, 10:33 PM
With the right lies, you can get anywhere in life. I happen to believe this to be true in real life as well, but I consider it cheating (and dislike said cheaters immensely), so it's not my RL 'main philosophy'.

2008-10-23, 10:36 PM
A Wizard/Bard/Loremaster that I've never had the chance to play yet: "The best thing in life is to be a part of some great tale. Maybe I'm just a bit player or maybe I'm the hero, and maybe the end will be happy or maybe it'll be bittersweet, but I want to make it a good story, one that will let the reader know there are good people in the world, and that will inspire them to act well in their own tales." Sappy, I know ;)

Not sappy at all.

Makes me want to steal that idea for one of my 100, since they all take ranks in Craft: (Painting) and have a habit of drawing funny scenes in the games (that happen to others) or heroic scenes (usually revolving around him). A bit too much of a tweak from a tale I guess, though.

2008-10-23, 10:43 PM
Quicksilver Rat, CG Human Rogue - "Watch and learn, young one. I've had my time in the sun, and if you watch how I handle this twelve-pin reverse Bolgarian tumbler, you may just have yours. Now, the fifth lesson for today is never to steal anything the person can't afford to lose. Your reputation is more important than your life, and both are in jeopardy if you do that. The truely legendary thief takes the art, the gems, the decadent things with more symbolic value than real worth. They won't get you the top dollar, sure, but if money's your goal, go into white collar crime. No, this is about prestige...."

Dude, I wish I could have played in the game he was in. Just seems like an epic character.

How did he classify as xG, though?

2008-10-23, 10:43 PM
Nirako Corbasi: "As a servant of The Uncaring, it is my sacred duty to ignore your opinion of my methods."

2008-10-23, 10:51 PM
Nyx- Low-level elf rogue
The only competent character in the party saves them all again

That wasn't entirely true of course, the barbarian and the monk were just as useful.

2008-10-23, 10:57 PM
Lina Alesia, LG Human Healer - "Do no harm, neither by action nor inaction. That is the whole of the law."

This same group contains my character, Akavi, a LE changeling sorcerer.
"Suffer no fools, never get complacent, and don't sign anything you don't understand."

His dream job is to negotiate Faustian pacts.

2008-10-23, 10:58 PM
Heh, I had an arrogant bastard that I wanted to play that thought along those lines to. Although in many areas the others were more competent. Never got to play him, which is a pity, since I actually had some general plan(becomes less of an arrogant bastard as he grows to realize that the other people in the party are competent.)

2008-10-23, 10:59 PM
Human NN ranger/barbarian/druid:
All life is equal. It is valuable, but not very. Protect it in the mass, but end any particular life that inconveniences you. It is acceptable to kill an aristocrat for his armor or a deer for its skin, but not to hunt either to extinction.

Well, that's what he said his philosophy was. He did an amazing job of rationalizing decisions to not harm intelligent beings which were no immediate threat to him. He also claimed to be largely dispassionate, but was filled with rage underneath.

That was a very fun character. It's too bad the campaign didn't last.

2008-10-23, 11:00 PM
"All life is just a contest to see who'll give up first - you, or the universe. I ain't losin'."

-Finn, TN Swordsage

"The ten-thousandth time you jump off the building to see if you can fly, you can."

-Diaval, CN Warlock

"The oak will indeed break where the reed bends, but I do not wish to be a reed."

-Herem, NG Dragon-Fire Adept

2008-10-23, 11:15 PM
Dude, I wish I could have played in the game he was in. Just seems like an epic character.

How did he classify as xG, though?
Well, thing is he's actually retired. In his heyday he was The Quicksilver Rat, CN thief extraordinaire, but now he lives (or tries to live) a quiet life with his pets, away from civilization. As Quicksilver, his goal was to build up this legend around himself, and achieve immortality that way. To him it was a game, and he'd only go after the "fair targets", like a masterpiece on special display. But as Sam Cobblerson, arthritic old man.... well, his priorities have changed, and he wants to do something positive before the end. He still thinks status symbols are fair game for stealing though, but makes sure any students who seek him out know not to steal anything actually important. I tried to get that across, but I ended up going for flavour over clarity. Ah well.

This same group contains my character, Akavi, a LE changeling sorcerer.
"Suffer no fools, never get complacent, and don't sign anything you don't understand."

His dream job is to negotiate Faustian pacts.
....yeah, that's a perfect quote for Akavi! And I heard he has a minion now?

2008-10-23, 11:28 PM
Bort, Neutral Good Half Orc Cleric of Pharasma.
"To help the others is, as you say, the highest good."

2008-10-23, 11:50 PM
I guess my favorite character was Humble Pie, went by Hum. He was a Zenythri Monk who started out LN, emphasis on Lawful. His backstory was that he came from a Lawful plane, but was curious about his Material Plane ancestry, so traveled there. Wandering around, learning about this fascinating chaotic world, he picked up what he could here and there, and would constantly hum to himself (Perform: Humming). Thus he became a Bard.

The more he learned about the world and the more people he met on the Material Plane, the more he came to hate the place, as its stench of Chaos grated on him. Things were far too disorderly here. He decided that it... had to go. That was when he came across an old Ur-Priest, who mentored him up until he slaughtered his teacher, assuming his mantle.

From that moment on, his goal in life was to destroy everyone and everything in the Material Plane, one by one or in bunches, including all the gods, and hopefully then retire to his plane of Law where he could rest in peace.

He was, of course, Chaotic Evil by this time.

My other favorite character is Kragh, the Feral Minotaur Forsaker. Maybe I'll get into his backstory later. It's quite extensive.

2008-10-23, 11:51 PM
Matthew, LG Human Fighter... "The world is basically a bad place... full of bad people doing bad things, and stupid people doing worse things and nothing you ever do will change that one bit. There are no real heroes and no one would write a song for you if you were one... HEY! Are you listening to me? Yeah, that's depressing, if you wanted to be cheered up you wouldn't be asking me about philosophy. But here's the thing: just because this world is the pits doesn't give you an excuse to be as bad as everyone else. Never waver in doing what is right, what is just for everyone, or you're just as bad as the rest of the world, and you may as well jump off a cliff for all I care."

He was a town guard... with a halberd.

2008-10-23, 11:53 PM
Lord Vanick (NE Human Death Knight ex-Paladin 9/Blackguard 10): "In my life, I knew of nothing but fear. Fear of failure... fear of laxness, or even the smallest blemish of my soul. Now, I am soulless, at peace, and yet I do not forget my Oath: I shall leave you in peace, too."

Finn Connors (CE Human Rogue 3/Fighter 4/Assassin 1):
"I never pretended to be noble, or principaled, or any of that ****e. But I'll tell you what I am... I'm a free man! Which of you bloody cowards could say as much? One day of going where I want, and doing what I want, I'll gladly take over a hundred years as anybody's bootlick."

Finn is probably my favorite PC I've ever played. Vanick started life as a Paladin PC, but after I took over as the campaign's DM he left the party, only to return later as a Death Knight. The quote from Finn is an (inexact) repetition of what he said on the gallows with a noose around his neck (don't worry though, the party saved him.)

2008-10-24, 01:00 AM
"No matter what crimes you commit, no matter what kingdoms you annihilate, no matter the people that you slay in your mad quest for power, I will never stop hunting you, and you will never best me in a fair fight."
-Hextoler Alier Abakaar, NG Elven Conjurer 5/Master Specialist 10/Archmage 5, to the Dragon of the Vault (long story)

"No mercy!"
-Kelvan Kinslayer, NE Human Knight 3/Wizard 7/Abjurant Champion 10

These are the two characters that represent me best, of all the myriad of characters I have.


2008-10-24, 07:50 AM
"Be nice, tell the truth, and trust people. You should treat everyone else like you'd want them to treat you."

- Niriel Amastacia, NG (Naive Good) sun elf enchanter/loremaster. Amusingly, ended up outliving everyone else in the campaign.

"I'm just passing through. I care about myself, my pack, and the natural order. Remember that, and we'll get along fine."

- Ran Saneseph, TN Druid. Doesn't generally start fights, yet has killed more sentient creatures than his Intelligence score can count, due mostly to their failure to grasp that a Medium-sized creature with a dog is not necessarily an easy target. He considers this to be natural selection in action.

- Saph

2008-10-24, 07:59 AM
There's no weapon more powerfull then a sharp tounge and a quick mind, and no pursuit more worthwhile to follow then having fun with both.

Mystral Cloudshine, CN Air Mephling Bard, Member of the Sensates.

Be free of chains, of fear, of anger, of greed, of love and of sanity.

Servash Ellarnis, CN Cleric of Akadi

2008-10-24, 08:03 AM
I don't think I could express Nara's "basic philosophy." I think Nara would need to write an entire holy book...

2008-10-24, 08:16 AM
Never really thought about my characters' philosophy, but I am particularly fond of my GMing philosophy - "Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions."

2008-10-24, 09:34 AM
My illusionist gnome's confused outlook of "Are your real? Do you find yourself wet when you swim? Perhaps you feel differently about it."

or perhaps my dwarf

"In a pinch and need a weapon? Here's a krueller"

The latter came from an accident in his act of pity.

2008-10-24, 10:05 AM
In their own words:

"I think. Um. People should be, should maybe be nicer. To other people."
-Margana, NG Spirit Shaman.

"The highest duty, the only duty, is to ease the suffering of others."
-Gloria, LG Quori spirit, possessing Margana.

"A disciplined mind recognizes the opportunity for personal intellectual advancement inherent in all novel experiences. Contrastingly, the inquiries of a simpleton are proportionally purile. Like that one. That was a stupid question. I will answer it slowly and then you will leave me alone."
-The Professor, LN Quori spirit, possessing Margana.

"<smell-of-burning-leaves> <right-knee-flexes> <memory-of-dawn> <elbows-itch>"
-Mittens, CN Quori spirit, possessing Margana.

"No one can force you to do anything. That's the key. All this talk about people 'pushing you around', it only works if you let it. You are letting him be strong, and you are letting yourself be weak. It's. Your. Fault. Decide to be strong. Decide to do what it takes. And above all, never tolerate weakness. Not in yourself, not in your friends, not in your enemies. If you see weakness, crush it."
-Mr. Crabs, CE Quori spirit, possessing Margana.

Duke of URL
2008-10-24, 10:44 AM
Character: Trevor Nightshade, CN Human Warlock
Philosophy: Trevor Nightshade, CN Human Warlock

The ultimate in chaotic neutral, Trevor has one and only one guiding principle: act in the best interest of Trevor. Somewhat vain and arrogant, he still is quite a charmer (not to mention a womanizer), though he has no compunction at all to keep secrets or tell lies if it's to his advantage; at the same time, he won't do either if it's not to his advantage.

His general attitude toward groups is that he can be (and usually is) a "team player" since he is more likely to achieve his goals with the assistance of others than on his own, and to that end, he will be friendly and helpful. At the same time, he would turn on them in a heartbeat if offered a better deal -- and he's smart enough to recognize the far-reaching consequences of his actions, so a "better deal" truly needs to be a decision that benefits himself in the long run before he'd consider it.


Character: Grish, CN Half-Orc Rogue/Fighter
Philosophy: "Oh look, a ship. Let's board it and see if they have anything of value."

2008-10-24, 11:15 AM
"Save deeds that vex my person, do what thou will."
- Arthellis, neutral eladrin rogue (who finds it hard to believe that anything outside the Fey is real)

"This day, live." (in the sense of "experience", not "survive" or "let live")
- Olthgi (Korradun Doldadrun d'Kundarak), neutral dwarven fighter

Winged One
2008-10-24, 11:59 AM
"Some people are useless except for one thing. For me, it's fighting. People like me should do our best to be useful to someone who matters. What we want isn't important. Why we- Ow! W-what was that for? Um, of course yours is better; I didn't come up with it!"
-Achille Aloat, NN human warblade, delivered in a monotone until Rin of Fairhaven (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5162839&postcount=2) punches him in the face for great justice.

"It's my 'duty' to help them? **** you! I do things because I want to, or because I think it's a good idea. That's the only reason, and you should consider yourself lucky that you haven't pissed me off enough that I don't want to do it anymore."
-Maddock, CG human binder

"I'm bored. Want to go do something fun?"
-Za, CN changeling rogue

"People are born either good, evil, or neither. They can never change that. No matter how much they want to..."
-Eztli Hart, CE human warblade

"I'm so glad I'm not a person. That morality stuff doesn't make any sense at all."
-Human Mimicking Construct #4, LE "human" warmage(proposed replacement character)

2008-10-24, 05:03 PM
Marshall Nethren (human paladin of Jergal):
"The world is fading. This cannot be prevented, it can barely be slowed. Some day, everything on Toril will be dead. Not undead, dead. The only way to live with this knowledge is to understand that it is an opportunity. If the last survivors are upright and virtuous men who help each other, this world will be a paradise in the last days, before those last few go on to the true paradise. It is my duty to make sure that those who would make this world a hell instead of a heaven do not survive long enough to do so. Everyone will die, but I must make sure the evil ones die first."

2008-10-24, 05:54 PM
Phrenias, Miraluka Jedi/Soldier
Personal philosophy: I'm Crazy!!!!!!!
* addressing a prone guard. " I caaan seeee yoooou! I know just what you need! flying lessons!" * then tried to use move boject on him*
He's a character im playing now in a SW Saga camapign, who's literally crazy, so.. good times!

2008-10-25, 01:35 AM
Uther Ungart, permanently enlarged Dwarf Fighter: "Serve and Protect my people."

Garlen Fartravel, halfling ranger/rogue/barbarian/paladin-of-freedom/crusader (lots of room to multiclass in 27 levels of 3.5): "I hate goblins. Look at my brand new armor, it already has goblin blood on it :smallsmile: Come on, team, let's go kill some goblins!"

Nathaniel Graythorne, immortal aasimar sorcerer/fatespinner: "you do not win the war by hating your enemy more than he hates you. You win the war by using your resources more effectively than he does and accomplishing your goals while foiling his. If you must be brutal to be effective, do it, but don't be brutal just because you're angry."

Thorgrim Stoutbeard, dwarf cleric (4e): "some call me Thor. Some call me Grim. Some call me Stout. Me mom, she calls me Beard. I'm here to heal your hurts and shine Bahamut's glory everywhere."

Cas Corin, minotaur barbarian/poet (4e): "your blood holds the deeds of your past, and the deeds of your future. If I choose to shed it, only one of those will be erased. If I stay my hand, do not make me regret that choice."

2008-10-25, 09:27 AM
"I don't particularly like you people. Most of you are scum, and some of you are worse. But today, we are on a mission against an even grander evil, and I sincerely hope most of you die while killing it. I'm taking rear guard." - Var Valenti, LG, Paladin.

2008-10-25, 09:58 AM
"I light the candle, that others need not curse the darkness" -- Scholar Wilhelm the Learned, a LN Human Archivist who acted like a Paladin with a focus on exterminating Aberrations.

2008-10-25, 09:59 AM
Alex, Good (4th ed) Human Fighter:
"I can't leave someone who's in trouble. There isn't a choice. I mean, yes, I could put down this sword any time I wanted to. But I don't feel I really can. Everyone deserved to be helped, and every call deserves to be answered. So when I'm called, I answer. I wish that weren't true: I wish I could go home, make a home to go to, but I don't think I really can. Some days that terrifies me, and some days...I want nothing else."

and as direct contrast (though not that much, when I think about it)

Aurian, Unaligned (4th ed) Human wizard:
"The strong live, and the weak die. anyone who cannot help himself doesn't deserved to be helped. My goals will always, always come first, because no one's going to make them first. I believe that very firmly... So why am I always running back to save people? I think I'm a little bit too smart to be that stupid...and yet, here I go."

And in a third contrast,

Amira, unaligned (still 4th ed) human rogue:
"I always get what I want, and I don't want just any coward ruling daddy's lands after he's gone. I need a hero. If a hero isn't going to come to me...then I'll go and find him. :smallwink:"

7th lvl scrub
2008-10-25, 10:08 AM
Well,my two favored characters so far have been a Chaotic Good Human Barbarian in 3.5 and a Good Dragonborn Tactlord in 4e.

Both of them go by the same thing, "Being good is helping those who cannot help themselves, even if you have to dismember some people in the process."

2008-10-26, 04:04 AM
"There is no conflict between good and bad, but between bad and worse. There will be no peace, no harmony, no bliss as long as there are people with ambitions and and a way to realise those. The two basic emotions of all sentient beings are greed and fear, and everything else derives from that. So, don't bore me with your moral superiority or why you think you fight for the good cause. Just tell me who I should ill for you."
-Hadrian, the Bull of the seven Battles, mercenary

"There are only two great societies which are worthy to belong to: The honorable living and the honorable dead. Without honor, what differentiates us from the beast in the field? It is better to be dead than to be dishonored - you can only die once, but damnation is eternal. You think you are a warrior, because you can kill a man? If you are not ready to die for a cause you are not worthy to kill for it. Every man you kill means another widow or another orphan that dies in the winter without its father. There is deep sorrow for every dead on each side. Only if you can bear this responsibility, you are ready to bear this sword on your side. True superiority is not shown through cruelty but through mercy."
-Sir Dreagon "Longbeard", knight of the faith militant

2008-10-26, 04:38 AM
"Staying alive is your first priority. If you can't do that, make sure you're keeping someone else alive. If you can't do that, I hope your death was worth it."
Davhid, LN Scout

"Guilty until proven Innocent! No, I never said I was perfect, but, I can atone for that by taking care of the likes of you..."
Temdurin, LE Blackguard (under the impression that he was LG)

2008-10-26, 10:25 AM
"Mageek?" We don't need no steenking "mageek!"
Artemis Flintlock, CN pistoleer dwarf from 2ed Red Steel game.

There are two paths. One is easy, and that is it's only reward.
Marconis Wolfeson, NG Human Factotum and active worshipper of Fharlagnin

Rule One: Reconnisance and Preparation. Always. Rule Two: Cheat my people and I will pull your throat from your body.
Torque, LN Warforged Artificer and leader of (awesome) all-warforged party.


2008-10-26, 11:18 AM
I had this Half-Ogre character that I liked very much ;

Orthog, LE Monk, Messenger of Kelemvor. I played the character as he truly believed like he knew when death was coming for someone that he had just killed for example.

It's a traduction from french so bear with me ;)

"Death... An interesting concept. A concept every civilization tries to demystify and probably the only one that never will be. Every generation, every religion attempt to know what really happens when the Soul leave his trusty host. New life for certains, purgatory for others.

But let me tell you a secret. After Death, there is nothing. Emptyness, waiting for something that will never come. I am merely the messenger... - Orthog"

2008-10-26, 12:37 PM
I play little, because I'm an eternal DM. However, I have played a few characters:

Nayaire, NE Druid
"I am the alpha male of this pack. Would you dare to come against lions, little ant? That makes me... glad *ferocious grin*" (Nayaire divided the world in three segments - packmates, neutrals, and prey. He was also enormously proud, to the point he was lightning bolted regularly by gods when he told them to their face to shove the pretenses)

Shaiss of the Kashi, CG Orochi Ranger/Warblade/Avatar of Rage
I think I can just pull a quote of his, as it encapsulates much of him:
"I have learned many things on my travels. I have learned that much of what I thought immutable, of what I thought neccessary duty, was but a leaf to the wind. That what I thought steadfast tradition was only blindness.
However, there is something that I have not shedded. I am still one of the Kashi. I was trained to fight the traitor gods themselves, so that others wouldn't have to. You will not harm my friends, Reaper. Now ready your scythe, or face oblivion" (said to the overlord of the Death Reapers)

Taltha Oresia, engineer and support mage
"The world is full of new places to be discovered, of new things to know. Really, the world is simply a wonderful place. I, small as I am, just want to do my little part in keeping it like that"

Archpaladin Zousha
2008-10-26, 03:20 PM
Haven't gotten a chance to play real tabletop D&D much, but here's my characters and their philosophies on life.

Pelloth Umbralsun, LG drow paladin of Amaunator
"The colour of my skin does in no way diminish the radiant light shining in my heart."

(Pelloth was enslaved at a young age, and sold to an elf gang in Skullport that abused him until a paladin of Lathander rescued him. Since that time, Pelloth lived through the rough century following the Spellplague and now dedicates his life to the sun god, whom he knows will light his darkest hours like Lolth never could.)

Abellia Otumbar, U human warlock (infernal pact)
"People take one look at me and are either disgusted or curious. Either way, I relish the attention!"

(Abellia foolishly swore a pact with a devil who has made her fat instead of taking her soul. She's somewhat embarrased about this and though she's a decent person looking for genuine affection, sometimes she lets her hedonistic tendencies get the better of her, especially when she wants attention. More often than not this gets her in trouble.)

2008-10-26, 08:14 PM
Owen Dosier (Half-Elf Ranger)
"By any means necessary."

Troy (Halfling Assassin)
"Hey, I'm not a bad guy. If I pay you a visit, you probably had it coming."

2008-10-26, 09:53 PM
"If I feed, clothe, shelter, protect and educate all people, then mankind can advance freely and reach their true potential."

~Cael, lawful good baelnorn, with a poor understanding of human nature.

2008-10-26, 10:25 PM
Jonas "the Fire" (Bliss Stage (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BlissStage), Hedonist)
"The world is over, and even if we don't get killed by aliens, we'll fall into comas in a few years anyhow. Nothing matters, so why not enjoy the time we have?"

2008-10-26, 10:41 PM
Feng Al'Thok (Half-orc barbarian/frenzied berserker)

Upon introduction to new party member:
"Feng kill mean things, save little people. It not so bad. You heal Feng, Feng not let you get hurt. You hurt Feng, Feng wake up and you in pieces,"

He always was mystified at the end of battles...

2008-10-26, 11:08 PM
Cindar - one shot character - fire elf warlock
when asked if he was immune to fire
"Nothing is immune to fire. Fire is much too powerful."

Marcus - BESM character
"Who cares if they die? A life without freedom is meaningless anyway."

this character was very close to becoming the BBEG of the campaign (two campaigns I've done this in now). I still consider that game to be the best campaign I've ever been in.

Cassius -
"Anything worth doing is worth doing really quickly. That way you can get back to doing nothing. Which is the goal (doing as little as possible)."

His combat style was something along the lines of (from the tavern)
"looks like they're doing alright, I'll have another beer"
"hmm, they're not doing very good, looks like there is an opening over there"
*speed burst* *ninja vanish* *sudden strike* whirlwind attack*
Fight over.

2008-10-26, 11:17 PM
"Remember kids, only you can prevent forests."
-Smokey the Arsonist
City of Villains, Plant/Fire Dominator

2008-10-26, 11:25 PM
Khosan A.F., Lawful Neutral Gnome Monk/Duskblade (roughly)

"Good grief, can I retire yet? I don't want to fight the stupid owner of the flying castle or the denizens of that particularly hazardous-looking pit over there or that large pile of frost imps by the swamp or whatever the hell else it is this time."

2008-10-26, 11:41 PM
Maraklor, LN Dwarf Archivist
There is nothing more important then knowledge. Without it, we cannot survive in this world. For Knowledge I will go into the deepest depths that exist, and from Knowledge I will do what the world needs me to.

Ki-Set-Shydan, Cerean Jedi (KOTOR time frame)
Jedi's exist to keep peace in the universe. Their job is to end war, and protect the republic. Yet the Council does not do so, and Revan goes to far. There must be another way, a way to bring peace to republic. (This character later went on to join the Sith, with the goal of causing enough in fighting they couldn't threaten the world at large.)

Cek Rockamor, LN Dwarf Swordsage (In this campaign, Boatmurdered is actually in the campaign world, and most characters had memories of previous lives. Dwarves are also rather xenophobic.)
I fight to better myself and thats it. What is death? I'll simply live again, albeit probably as an inferior race. In this law, I find comfort, and in bettering myself, I can find my purpose.

And a soon to be played character in a 4E
Zanhoz, Evil Githyanki Artificer
Every service has a price. Even though I may be helping you today, on a different occasion, I may be against you. Eventually I will be the one to own the world, but until that day comes, you are my comrades, and thus, I have to keep you alive.

mabriss lethe
2008-10-27, 12:27 AM
Prince Gathin Brethweldir Vondershazden: CN Elan Psychic Warrior

"Don't you dare lecture me about right and wrong! I've lived and done things for which you'll never have a nameI. 've been the author of horrors and beauties both so great they'd shatter your mortal soul. No mortal ever had nightmares until after I went to war for my Queen. What we did was just. By the Sign! I've slain gods in my day and they still remember me with fear in their immortal hearts."

*Gathin may or may not have been his actual name. He'd been trapped in a sealed room for uncounted centuries, relying on his racial abilities and agelessness to stay alive. It was the name carved into the stones of his prison, maybe even by him at some point. He'd been in there so long that he'd forgotten his name Or as he put it "They took it from me when they bound me here." By the time he was released he was quite insane, constantly telling stories about a world that bore absolutely no resembance to the reality of the material plane.

Darius Concorran LN Human Cleric of Shadow.

"Seduce, Manipulate or murder. Build an orphanage, serve as a healer on the front lines of battle. I've had to do just about all of it at one time or another. Sure, I try not to be too much the bastard, but I'll do my duty. No one must ever seize the Empty Throne."

*In the game world, there was once a god of Shadows, but he was an insane reflection of the other gods, conjured from their collective nightmares. At some point, his own priesthood betrayed him, turning the power of his realm against him and scattering his essence into the Plane of Shadow. The priesthood retained its powers by treating the mutable stuff of the plane as a diety and it responded. now the cult of shadows stands guard against anyone who might seek to claim the dead god's power.

2008-10-27, 07:51 AM
Jade Manydeaths, ECL 12 [Should have been 30, but he died 18 times] NG Half-Elf Bard
"It isn't how many times you fall down - it's how many times your friends blame themselves for it and pay for the ressurection."

The Harbinger, ECL 21 10 Bard/10 Seeker of the Song NE Tiefling
"Peace is found only in churchyards and the empty void."

Jaden Blackblade, LG Female Human 20 Paladin/10 Shadowbane Inquisitor/6 Fighter/4 Rogue
"Justice without mercy is just vengeance.

Endeca Spellweaver, CG Female Arctic Elf Wizard 43
"Reality is subjective. Really, really, really subjective."

2008-10-27, 08:33 AM
"Be Excellent to Each Other." - said with a straight face by Perrilan, Violet Rank Keeper of Pride Phoenix, my avatar in the Immortal game universe, usually only minutes before unloading a 50 gallon drum of butt-kick on demonic forces threatening reality as we know it.

"I am the flame that cleanses corruption, the rain that nurtures the young, the scouring wind that batters the ships of the wicked, and bedrock foundation upon which the rightous may always find steady support. I am the arm that swings Gaia's mighty sword, and her armor against the arrows of darkness... and I am compelled by the planet herself to wipe your stain from this existance." - Orion Prime, Neutral Good Ranger 2 / Barbarian 2 / Spirit Shaman 12

Just Alex
2008-10-27, 05:49 PM
Dr. Charles Quinn M.D (7th gen Malkavian oWoD)
"Look, you get down to it, most of the world is just trying to get by. Your average guy is just gonna work, eat, sleep, have a little fun, and maybe get lucky and procreate. Some folks get lucky and get a little extra power, and it's their job to help out. Me? I can fix bodies and help minds. It's like Spiderman. With great power comes great responsibility and all that good st...
Holy crap! They've got Wii's in the store! Tell the Prince I'm gonna be late to the meeting."

Shosuro Ishii
2008-10-27, 06:16 PM
Leviticus, CN human Bard 6/Duelist 4, in Midnight:

'There is no sin so great as going through life as a pawn. A life where someone else is pulling your strings is a life not worth living. Make your own decision. Sure, they won't always be the best decisions, but damn it, they'll be yours, and no one can take that from you.'

Nicodemus, NE Half-Elf Rogue 6:

'I don't care about your country, I don't care about your holy war, I don't care about king. All I care about is my own hide, and I'll be thrown in the stocks again before I put my life on the line for someone else. My life may not seem like it's that's important to you, but I would be mighty upset if I were to lose it for something I don't care about. I've grown mighty attached to being alive.' That was an actual speech given to an officer basically asking him to go on a suicide mission. He likes to talk like that to seem impressive, but his actual personal philosophy is:

'If it isn't nailed down, it's fair game; If I can pry it off, they weren't trying hard enough'

Vladamir Estragon, Human Socrecer 4/Dread Witch 5

'I have seen the immutable void beyond the stars. I have seen that which can not be spoken off in a mortal tounge. We are the play things of the powers from beyond the stars. Nothing in our actions matter, nothing in out lives have meaning, and know this. I have looked into the abyss, and it has looked back at me, and I saw something that mortal eyes were not meant to look upon. You can not scare me, you can not deter me, and you can not hope to defeat me, for while my mortal shell may die, I have glimpsed the eternal.'

2008-10-27, 06:45 PM
Geger Danach, LE Shadar-Kai Assassin

"I only want what's best for my people. You humans, you elves, all of you... native to this plane, you're scum. You are like the insects inhabiting the carcass of our ancestral empire, and I would have you all gone. However, I am not unkind, and your deaths will be swift and your time on the godsforsaken wreck you've made of our world much longer should you assist me in cleansing it of this current dilemma."
(This guy killed Jarlaxle and dumped his nude, mutilated body in a Menzo thoroughfare to send the Bregan Daer'the a message, also.)

Agosto, preternaturally British M&M paragon

"Think of superpowers as weapons of mass destruction, since you're a human and don't really have a personal frame of reference. There's a political theory called 'hegemony' - means whoever has the most bang has a lot of clout in political arenas as everyone else is mostly afraid of exploding. Superheroism is a lot like this. Just being in a city, if you're high-profile enough, will serve to deter many petty criminals. The smart ones, they're counting on you to point your rockets elsewhere so they can get away with something right under your nose. So I punch them in theirs."
(Agosto, saying this, accidentally caused a rash of organisations and nations 'freezing' their supers to save them for a time of crisis. Whoops!)

2008-10-27, 08:12 PM
Elina d'Lyrandar (see my sig)
(She never actually said this, but she should have.)

"Strength? Whether it's physical or magical, why should I care? I have the Defiant Storm (her airship) on my side, so if you can get up two thousand feet, in the midst of a raging hurricane, while my forces bombard you with mundane and magical bombs, then we can discuss the matter further. Otherwise, you will succumb to Lyrandar's air power."

2008-10-27, 08:16 PM
"Live and let die." - Rose, CN Warblade.
What does it matter to ya
When you got a job to do
You gotta do it well
You gotta give the other fellow hell

2008-10-27, 10:18 PM
Dancing through Life. It's a translation from the ancient Asuran tongue. Why bother with anything that you don't enjoy? I'll learn, swordfight and wander my way across half of the continent in the service of Ioun, Kor and Razta'alin, doing good deeds and fighting evil.

And it will be... brilliant.

- Theiran ac Telecontar, holy knight, mage and bard.

2008-10-27, 10:28 PM
Brelaz Fireaxe (Dwarven Wizard):
"By Dumathoin, lad. If fire isn't working, you're not using enough!"

Bartholomeau Fledgington (Human Cleric of Tymora with Travel Domain):
"I can certainly mend a wound, for a proper donation to a servant of the lady of good fortune. And no, I definitely can't fly, you must be imagining things."

Kurzal Drong aka "Long Drong Goldtooth" (Dwarven dread pirate)
"It's not piracy if you're in the employ of a legitimate government."

2008-10-27, 10:55 PM
"Of course I trust you, if I didn't, I wouldn't travel with you. The fact that you are fey and I purchased a cold iron dagger the day after meeting you is purely coincidental."

"Come, sit with me and enjoy the stars. The fact that we may kill each other tomorrow doesn't mean we can't enjoy each other's company tonight."

-Nameless swordsage, NG swordsage

I know the NG thing is hard to believe, but he believed that power corrupted and that it was his task to protect the innocent from the corrupt. He had plans to kill/incapacitate anyone he saw (over level 3, anyway) if they turned their talents to evil, and made arrangements that if he fell to darkness he could himself be slain. In the meantime, he lived a poor life (95% of his wealth in one magic sword), slept in a lot, goofed off, and generally had a good time taking pleasure in the small things.

2008-10-30, 09:54 PM
A mix of characters from a variety of online and pen-and-paper roleplaying games.

Knowledge is power, thus knowledge of demons is power over demons. But when you gain power over demons, you must ensure that they do not gain knowledge of you.

-Aevylmar Sandarian, Master Demonologist

Life is a game, and I'm three moves ahead.

-Master Modular (Robotics/Traps Mastermind)

Never make an enemy you don't have to, and never let an enemy get away you don't have to.

Araeus Arantius, Eladrin Warlord

2008-10-31, 05:13 AM
It's funny, but most of my characters never really had any philosophical outlooks written down. rather, they just organically grew out of game play.

2008-10-31, 05:44 AM
Ibn al-Rashiid (TN Human Swordsage):
"Justice for my people."

Edge (CE Warforged Barbarian):
"Blood... Blood! BLOOD!". He was more than a little unhinged.

Abraham Harker (LN Human Warlord [Demented One's wonderful 3.5 one]):
"Duty before death and dishonour. Into the fray!"

Korrek Everfell (CG Half-orc Barbarian):
"Touch 'im again, an' I'll croak ya."

2008-10-31, 05:52 AM
Hmm, so many:

Unquestionably, first is Alexandra Osirrus (CG human rogue/paladin of freedom).
Sometimes victory is not wroth the cost of the soul.
Sometimes sacrifice is necessary to ward others from misery; sometimes the price of that sacrifice is very high.

Although even by the end she was quite the spitfire, even at one point where she denouced her own paladial order for not living up to her personal standards (later was reconciled), she was the most sincerely Exalted character I have ever RPed, and slowly became a celestial being and was declared a saint (albeit a bit of a controversial one) after passing from the mortal realm.

Kizara (NE->LN human vampire/wierd half-celestial thing cleric of Vecna)
None stand before me.

The most stupidly monty-haul and DM-fait power campaign I have ever participated in. It's also the longest running (level 1 to 25) and most memorable. Kizara bent to almost noone and was a being of infinate ambition.

Clarissa Heartsbane (LE-> LN Cleric of Zarus)
Clarity in purpose, focus in action, unmoving in conviction. All will be redeemed by my truth.
See me and know terror, hear me and know truth, head me and know clarity.

My most powergamed character ever, and DAMN was she good at it. When the rest of her party died from their own stupidity and she became a solo character, she began her assent to godhood and the restoration of the Lost Empire of Man. She also had unfaltering courage and a very paladial sense of duty.
Finally, cometfall is the coolest spell ever and there is no more stylish way of disposing of your enemies then dropping giant meteors on them. Bonus points for using DMM (quicken) to combine it with flamestrike and make giant flamming meteors, like I did :).

Xoana Antia (CG Half-Nympth elven bardess)
This Song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARNiv8MR4JE)

Also, she is alot less of a slut then her heritage would suggest, but is otherwise quite elven. More of a sassy cheerleader type. Professes in her arrogance to care nothing for the opinons or acceptance of others, and indeed runs completely roughshod over almost anyone socially. However, she is always trying to find her place in a world that will never truly have one for her.

La'krin Dralor (CN githyanki space pirate)
I hope you like fighting, cause I sure do.
I hope you like running, cause I like chasing.
I hope can run really fast, because my ship will catch you.

Possesing a very intimidating and heavily armored (although fairly lightly armed) heavy cruiser that had 6 very powerful engines, he would generally just bully people into handing over what he wanted. But when they didn't, he very gleefully rammed his giant dagger of a ship right into the side of their hull and boarded them. Eternally gathering funds for a mindflayer crusade (entire character build is focused solely on personal combat vs mindflayers and piloting his ship) that he never-quite-manages to go on, always feeling the need for more ships or fancier weapons first. :)