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2008-10-24, 02:28 PM

As per the title, I need a build. NPC Gestalt Pixie Warlock//Swashbuckler. I wrote him into my session for the night, and it just dawned on me that the PCs would probably try to attack him. I don't have my books at work right now, and I won't have time to build him. Please save me from being hosed.

He's Kringle, a low ranking officer, with mental control of a group of monsters called Smear Pawns. He is a showboat (swashbuckler) who has sold his soul to a great evil for power and prestige (warlock). He focuses on his Glaive, and likes to make quick, shallow strikes.
The PCs are only level one, so, he can't be super-deadly. He'll end up being cocky and offer a deal. "I'll give you one minute to run, to make this more interesting. If you escape, you live. If I catch you, your lives are mine. :smallamused:"

So... yeah. Something decent, but not over powered, please. I need the actual build...not just the tips. I'm sorry!

2008-10-24, 02:41 PM
Pixie is already CR 4, and you want to add a class level on top of that? Gestalt, no less? Yikes. Yeah, let them have a shot at running.

2008-10-24, 02:54 PM
Does LA take up one side, or both sides of Gesalt in your game?

2008-10-24, 03:02 PM
It'll take up one side. He's not meant to kill them, and there are 5 possible options I have written to this one option of them going crazy and trying to fight him. I don't plan on him initiating the combat, but I don't want him to just dodge around. Let's use the LA on one side and the swashbuckler on the other.

2008-10-24, 03:10 PM
If it takes its +4 LA next to its class levels for Gestalt, then it doesn't even matter that it is gestalt unless you give it more than 4 class levels. If LA is taken separate or taken half on one side and half on the other, then it will matter. I'd just make him a Swashbuckler 1/ Warlock 3// LA +4. Remember its first class level replaces its one racial hit die. Pixies get Weapon Finesse for free anyway, so I'd skip Swashbuckler and maybe instead give him a Rogue level, a Rogue can be played as just as much a showboat as a Swashbuckler. A big problem with Eldritch Glaive is that it's not Finessable. Pixies have an extraordinarily high Dex but an abysmally low Str, so I'd make him focus on flying and using Eldritch Blast from a distance rather than wielding an Eldritch Glaive.

Pixie Rogue 1/ Warlock 3
Size/Type: Small Fey
Hit Dice: 4d6+12 (29 hp)
Initiative: +5
Speed: 20 ft. (4 squares), fly 60 ft. (good)
Armor Class: 22 (+1 size, +5 Dex, +1 natural, +3 armor, +2 shield), touch 16, flat-footed 17
BAB/Grapple: +2/-2
Attack: Eldritch Blast +8 ranged touch (2d6)
Full Attack: Eldritch Blast +8 ranged touch (2d6)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
SA: Spell-like abilities, special arrows, Eldritch Blast, Invocations, Sneak Attack 1d6
SQ: Damage reduction 11/cold iron, greater invisibility, low-light vision, spell resistance 19
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +8, Will +4
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 20, Con 16, Int 16, Wis 12, Cha 19
Skills: Perform (showboat) +9, Move Silently +9, Listen +5, Spot +5, Bluff +17, Intimidate +11, Diplomacy +14, Sense Motive +8, Knowledge: Planes +8, Concentration +8, Escape Artist +10
Feats: Dodge, Weapon Finesse, Flyby Attack, Ability Focus: Eldritch Blast
CR: 7?
Treasure: MW Studded Leather, +1 Mithral Buckler
Alignment: Neutral Evil?

Invocations Known: Entropic Warding, Beguiling Influence (both always active)

Greater Invisibility (Su)
A pixie remains invisible even when it attacks. This ability is constant, but the pixie can suppress or resume it as a free action.

Spell-Like Abilities
1/dayŚlesser confusion (DC 15), dancing lights, detect chaos, detect good,
detect evil, detect law, detect thoughts (DC 16), dispel magic, entangle (DC 15),
permanent image (DC 20; visual and auditory elements only). Caster
level 8th. The save DCs are Charisma-based.

Detect Magic at will, caster level 3.

I'll tell you right now, the only way a low-level party can beat this is if someone hits him with a Glitterdust, and he doesn't dispel it. If he catches up to them, he should start out with an Entangle, then blast away invisibly to get sneak attack damage. With his high AC, SR 19, Entropic Warding, and invisibility, there's no way they can beat him. Just make sure the encounter starts out with him already flying, he wouldn't want someone to get the drop on him with an unexpected grapple.

2008-10-24, 03:13 PM
Eldritch Glaive is so finesse-able. Weapon-like spells are considered light weapons. It's in the complete arcane, at the very beginning of the spell section. (I think it's in the PHB, also...But, I dunno where.)

2008-10-24, 11:26 PM
Eldritch Glaive is so finesse-able. Weapon-like spells are considered light weapons. It's in the complete arcane, at the very beginning of the spell section. (I think it's in the PHB, also...But, I dunno where.)

"Weapon Finesse: You can treat touch spells as light weapons and use your Dexterity modifier (instead of your Strength modifier) on your touch attack rolls with such spells."

I always viewed Eldritch Glaive as though you were wielding a Glaive, which is not a light weapon. I guess you could have the option of not considering it light and use Power Attack with it, or consider it light and use Weapon Finesse. I'd still just make this guy fly around invisibly and use Eldritch Blast normally, with Flyby Attack so they can't pinpoint his location.

2008-10-25, 12:40 AM
With Eldritch Glaive (I assume it's the one which lets you eldritch blast via a melee weapon), it's finessable if the weapon is.

The Glyphstone
2008-10-25, 12:55 AM
That's Hideous blow. Eldritch Glaive is actually useful, as it turns your blast into a physical melee weapon with a 10ft. reach.